This Short Family-Friendly Hike To A Historic Fire Lookout Boasts Endless Views Of Lake Tahoe In Nevada

We love an easy hike with amazing views, and that’s exactly what you’ll get when you take on the hike to the Stateline Fire Lookout that overlooks Lake Tahoe. Starting in Nevada, the trail crosses the California-Nevada state line as it leads hikers to a historic site with sweeping, 360-degree views of the lake. It’s simply a must when visiting Tahoe, so be sure to add it to your list!

Straddling the state line and overlooking Lake Tahoe is a spectacular hike that’s easy, family-friendly, and boasts breathtaking views. It’s definitely one of must-do easy hikes in the Tahoe area!

Located on the north side of the lake at Crystal Bay, the trail is just two miles round trip and contains 305-feet in elevation gain, making it great for casual hikers and kiddos. Although the trail is entirely paved, there are some sections that may be too steep for strollers or manual wheelchairs.

To find the trailhead, take State Route 28 west and turn onto Reservoir Drive. Turn right onto Lakeview Drive and continue for roughly a half-mile until you end up at the forest service gate. Street parking is available, just be sure not to block traffic or homes in the area.

From the moment you hit the trail, you are granted with incredible views of Lake Tahoe and the forest that surrounds its shores. Believe it or not, the view just gets better and better as you continue right to the top!

Keep an eye out for the various signs that are located along the trail. They provide fascinating information on the history of the area, and one marks the exact spot where you’re standing on the state line.

Shortly after passing the Stateline placard, you’ll finally reach the site of the historic fire lookout. Built in 1936, the lookout was used to detect fires in the Lake Tahoe Basin for many decades. It was dismantled in 2002, but the site still provides an epic view of the scenery at 7,017-feet above sea level.

Bathrooms are available at the lookout, and there is plenty of space to sit and soak it all in for a few moments. The next time that you’re visiting Lake Tahoe, be sure to take on the Stateline Lookout hike. It’s one adventure that rewards you with every step!


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