On December 23, 2006, Ryan Waller and his girlfriend Heather Quan were having a quiet night at their apartment when there was a knock on the door. Waller cracked it open and a gun was pointed at him. Trying to prevent the intruder from entering, Waller pushed against the door and was shot in the face.

Two men walked into the apartment and shot Waller one more time then they turned their sights onto Quan who they shot in the head, killing her. The men grabbed weapons and a computer before leaving. They thought they had killed both occupants but Waller was still alive.

Two days later, Waller failed to show up at his parent’s house for Christmas dinner. Concerned, his father called the police to do a wellness check.


The Investigation

Phoenix police arrived on the scene to discover the deceased Quan, but Waller was somehow alive. He had a severe black eye that was swollen shut and looked like he had taken a couple of good punches.

Waller was put in the back of a squad car as the police investigated the crime scene. Medics were called to figure out what happened to Quan but nobody checked out Waller while he sat in the back of a cop car.

The police transported Waller to the station for interrogation. Before they questioned him they reportedly took 43 pictures of his injuries. From the start, the detective didn’t believe anything Waller was saying. His answers didn’t make sense due to his serious head injury.

He tells the detective interviewing him that he was shot in the eye. The detective scoffed at his declaration and told him that if he had been shot in the eye then he wouldn’t be sitting there, he would be dead, And was interrogated for 6 hours.

Finally medics were called.

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