Prison Guard Alleged She Was Subjected to Cavity Search and ‘Digitally Penetrated’ in Facility Parking Lot.

A Judge Ruled Her Lawsuit Can Move Forward

A federal judge in Georgia ruled last week that a lawsuit filed by a prison guard can move forward. The plaintiff alleged that she was subjected to multiple unreasonable, intrusive strip searches and was “digitally penetrated” after setting off a faulty metal detector.

Ariel Curtis, a correctional officer at the Wheeler Correctional Institute in Alamo, filed a lawsuit in February in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Georgia claiming that her superiors at the facility lacked proper cause to perform the searches on her in violation of her Fourth Amendment rights.

Curtis filed the complaint against CoreCivic, the private company that owns and operates the prison, Capt. Casandra Boney, who allegedly ordered the searches, and the city of Alamo, Georgia.

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