Video call of wife having sex with another man leads to brutal assault

A man is accused of assaulting his wife who he claims was video-calling him while she had sex with another man, Pennsylvania cops say.

The woman suffered bleeding and bruising to her face from the attack, leading to the arrest of 34-year-old William Atkinson, according to court documents.

Atkinson said he had a friend drive him to a parking lot Sept. 21 when his wife of three years was “egging him on” by video-calling him while she had sex in her car, the probable cause affidavit states. The other man was unknown to Atkinson and fled upon the husband’s arrival.

Atkinson told police he struck his wife with an open hand, but “never with a closed fist,” police said. Officers said they found the woman bleeding heavily from her face, nose and mouth with severe bruising all over her face.

A person who called 911 said Atkinson was also kicking his wife, but he denied doing so. Police said the woman “was in a state of extreme excitement and distress,” and officers did not obtain a statement from her.

When officers found the couple, Atkinson was lying underneath a parked vehicle and the woman was crying for help. Police asked the woman what happened to her face, and she pointed to her husband, according to court documents.

The woman, who police said “was very intoxicated and uncooperative” was taken to a local hospital and had to be handcuffed for her safety.

Atkinson, from Cumberland, Maryland, was charged with aggravated assault and recklessly endangering another person and placed in the Somerset County Prison, court records show. He was due in court Tuesday.