On election night, I urged everyone to vote to protect America from what I predicted would be a disaster if Joe Biden were to be elected President of the United States. Eight months into his presidency, everything that I warned the readers about has come to be reality.

The crisis at the Southern Border has emerged as one of the greatest threats to our citizens in history. We are set to see over two million illegal immigrants enter our country this year in violation of immigration laws already on the books. The flow of illegal drugs over our border has caused a dramatic rise in deaths from opioid overdoses. Thousands of violent gang members from Central America are flowing into our country. Mexican cartels are profiting from human trafficking that has left tens of thousands of migrant children to enter our country without their parents. They are being housed in crowded inhumane holding facilities in such numbers that adequate care is impossible. Illegal immigrants are being bussed all over our country without even being tested or treated for the COVID infection. The taxpayers are funding all of this.

Joe Biden promised that people earning less than $400,000 would not be taxed one penny more than under President Trump. Inflation is currently costing each citizen an average of $175.00 per month more than under President Trump. Biden has increased the Federal Tax on gasoline, stopped the Keystone Pipeline, and stopped oil exploration. Our gasoline prices have risen almost two dollars a gallon in many areas of the country. Under President Trump, we became energy independent. Joe Biden recently had to beg the Arab oil producers to increase their production of oil. They refused to do so. Everything costs more, and the costs go up constantly.

We are rapidly morphing into a fascist form of government where our freedom of speech is being infringed upon. Concerned parents who speak up at school board meetings are being investigated by the FBI because they complained about mask mandates, Critical Race Theory, and COVID vaccine requirements. People are being forced to choose between taking the COVID vaccine or losing their jobs. Banks are being forced to report any transactions of $600 or greater. There is talk of eliminating cash transactions completely. We will have no privacy at all from the Federal Government.

The way Joe Biden handled the withdrawal from Afghanistan is simply idiotic. We still have American Citizens trapped in Afghanistan. Groups of former military personnel are working to get our trapped citizens out and are being hampered by our own Federal Government. Pilots are facing the loss of their pilot’s license if they fly American Citizens out of Afghanistan. We abandoned over 80 billion dollars of military armament in Afghanistan. This includes Black Hawk helicopters and large transport aircraft. The Biden Administration trusts that the Taliban will be honorable, business like, and kinder and gentler than they have always been. None of this is happening. Twelve-year-old children have been killed in Afghanistan by the Taliban. Women are being killed in Afghanistan. Anyone that worked with the Americans in Afghanistan is being hunted down by the Taliban. We abandoned Bagram Air Force Base. It appears that China is going to take this over and have a nice cozy relationship with the Taliban.

Biden wants America to believe that spending 3.5 trillion dollars on his crazy spending plan will turn everything around. Even some Democrats know that he is crazy on this issue. It will take the inflation that we are experiencing currently and put it into turbo drive. Biden’s policies have created a situation where businesses can’t fill their job vacancies. President Trump had everyone working at historic levels. All ethnic groups were working at historic levels. Blue collar workers were gaining more pay increases than anyone under President Trump. Now we have chaos.

Violent criminals are not even being prosecuted for their crimes under the Biden Administration. Many are being released after arrest and are re- arrested the very next day. Homicides are sharply increasing in many areas of our country. Defunding our police departments in many cities has created unsafe conditions for our citizens. The Black Lives Matters rioters in many of our largest cities destroyed millions of dollars in private property and looted entire business districts. They burned down some of their very own neighborhoods. They shut down a police substation and took over whole sections of Seattle. None of these people have been prosecuted for anything.

I do believe that many people who voted for Joe Biden are now coming to the realization that they shot themselves in the foot. Many of these people hated President Trump because they hated the personality of President Trump. President Trump was doing great things for our country but disgusted many people with his egotism and idiotic Tweets. It would have been better if he had stayed off social media entirely and had let his accomplishments speak for themselves. I hope that the Republican Party can move away from Donald Trump and find another rising star to make a run for the Whitehouse. I think that too many people in this country could never vote for Donald Trump because they hate too many things about Donald Trump the person. If our country wants to avoid plunging into complete Socialism, I believe it will take another person to convince the voters that America is better off being led by conservative principles and policies. By the time that 2024 rolls around, I believe that this country will be a complete mess with persistent out of control inflation. Our citizens will be sick and tired of high energy costs. China will probably have taken over Taiwan, and the Middle East will be spinning out of control. I hope that I am wrong with these predictions. I love this country. I want my Grandson to have the same opportunities that I have had to succeed and thrive in the best country in the world. Moving into Socialism is not the answer. Stop shooting yourself in the foot America.

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