The Sandwiches From This Roadside Community Store

In Northern California Are Definitely Worth A Stop

Westport is a tiny hamlet located right along California State Route 1. The coastal community is unincorporated with a population of just 60 residents, so you may be tempted to pass right through if you find yourself traveling in the area. However, we would strongly advise you not to overlook this wonderful little town on the coast. Home to the Westport Community Store, it’s a fantastic place to stop, fuel up, and grab a bite to eat. And its heavenly setting will make you wish you never had to leave!

When you think of paradise, something like Westport is probably what comes to mind. The tight-knit community in Mendocino County boasts spectacular views of the Pacific Ocean and plenty of small-town charm!

A community this small doesn’t have much, but it really doesn’t need much. One of the longstanding fixtures in Westport is its community store where travelers can stop for a quick bite to eat and fill up on gas.

The Westport Community Store is beloved by visitors and locals alike. As one of the only outposts along this section of the coast, it’s a true haven for travelers. In addition to typical convenience items, the store also serves up a wonderful assortment of food.

The sandwiches are notably some of the best in the county. In fact, some would swear the sandwiches alone are worth the drive to Westport! The California Chicken Sandwich is a popular option and just perfect after spending hours on the road.

The store’s deli is a pleasant surprise in a small, remote town like this. The store also offers pizza, soup, and a variety of local baked goods. We suggest grabbing your lunch and enjoying it on the patio or anywhere where you’ll enjoy a view of the Westport Headlands.

Don’t forget to grab yourself a souvenir! The store boasts a selection of all types of fun items, some of which are made right here in Westport by local artists. You definitely don’t want to forget your time in this wonderful coastal town.

Westport is a real “blink and you’ll miss it” type of place. However, anybody who stops at the Westport Community Store will quickly see that this lovely community is worth the visit! Enjoy a road trip to Westport, where you’ll find the friendliest community and some pretty darn good sandwiches.

Address: Westport Community Store, 24980 Abalone St, Westport, CA 95488, USA

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