This 65-Year-Old Retiree Lives in Mexico on $1,500 Per Month

Here’s Why She’s ‘Never Moving Back to the U.S.’

“Living in Mexico has definitely been good for me: I’m healthier, happier and living the life I dreamed of,” says Janet Blaser.

When I left the U.S. for Mazatlán, Mexico 15 years ago, I had stars in my eyes. Everything about this place seemed wonderful, and since retiring a few years ago, I’ve had the opportunity to enjoy them to the fullest.

To many people, the expat life seems like such a big unknown. But in reality, your day-to-day life won’t be that much different than it is right now. You might not find it to be exactly what you expected, though, and there will still be some downsides.

But those things weren’t deal-breakers for me. In fact, when people ask about my experience, I tell them I’m never moving back to the U.S. Here’s what I love about living in Mexico, Six reasons it’s the perfect place to retire.