Man Takes Dog Dying Of Cancer In Wheelbarrow For One Final Walk Together

Monty, a 10-year-old Labradoodle dog, used to go hiking with his owner and due to his illness, he could no longer walk; however, that did not impede for him to enjoy this experience for the last time.

When Carlos Fresco learned that his dog was about to die, he decided that his last moments on this existential plane would be unforgettable.

It was not long enough for his story to touch the hearts of pet lovers and to go viral in more than one social network after the dissemination of some photographs of him in which he is seen pushing a wheelbarrow with his beloved sick Labradoodle. cancer to take him on one last hike up his favorite mountain.

Fresco, 57, took his 10-year-old dog named ‘ Monty ‘ to Pen y Fan Mountain in the Brecon Beacons, a mountain range in South Wales. It was precisely this place where the duo spent endless hours together until the animal passed away after battling for months with leukemia, a disease that made it impossible for him to walk.

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