Manager of lab that sold body to autopsy event

lost doctor’s license for misconduct

Med Ed Lab’s manager, a former chiropractic physician,

lost his license in Nevada after he was accused of insurance billing fraud.

A Louisiana funeral director says he regrets his part in a case in which a 98-year-old man’s body was shipped from a Baton Rouge mortuary service to a public autopsy event in the Pacific Northwest.

“We were like, ‘Oh my God. This is awful. This is terrible,'” said Greg Clark, the owner of Church Funeral Services.

Clark explained how the body of World War II veteran David Saunders ended up in the hands of a “for-profit” body broker after Saunders’ death from COVID-19 in August at a Baton Rouge hospital.

The body broker – Med Ed Labs of Las Vegas – supplied Saunders’ body to, the organization that used his corpse at a public autopsy event in Portland on Oct. 17 before paying ticketholders.

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