Zodiac Killer may be unmasked as cold case team finds ‘goldmine’ of evidence

A team of specialists that investigates cold cases and claims to have identified the Zodiac Killer earlier this year released a statement that a trove of evidence has been discovered linked to the deceased suspect, Gary Francis Poste.

“When The Case Breakers approached officials about a new Zodiac suspect last spring, five police and state agencies would not cooperate,” the specialists said in a statement Saturday. “But last week, the man who runs the 10-year cold case team, Thomas J. Colbert, received a tip from his long-time sources in the remote town of deceased Gary Francis Poste: They had verified the existence of an evidentiary goldmine.”

San Francisco police circulated this composite of the Bay Area’s “Zodiac” killer. The FBI said the case remains open after an independent group said it has identified the killer.  (Getty Images)

The group says that prior to his death, Poste had given away weapons and bullets that could provide key evidence in the case.


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