‘Be aware’: Drivers could be fined £40 for using their engine to defrost car windscreens

DRIVERS could be fined for leaving their car engine on to melt the ice and frost from their windscreen, according to experts.

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Motorists may be hit with a £20 fixed penalty notice for leaving their engine idling on a street. The penalty could rise to £40 if the charge is not paid within a specific time frame.

Meanwhile, local councils may add an additional fine on top of this to further catch out motorists.

In London, new emissions rules mean this charge could rise to £80 in a huge blow to motorists.

Andrew Marshall, Marketing and Partnerships Manager at CarMoney warned drivers were likely to idle their cars while defrosting their vehicle.

He has urged road users to “cover” their windscreen overnight or use a “can of de-icer and a manual scraper” instead of turning on their engines.

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