After Hitting His Taint, A Man Ended Up In Hospital For 9 Days With A Grade IV Erection

In a study published in the journal Case Reports in Urology, doctors described the case of a 35-year-old British man who fell off his moped and hit his taint, or his perineum (the part of your body between the genitals and the anus). He developed bruising but had no other significant injuries.

However, he went on to develop an erection that lasted for many days longer than is ideal. Perhaps embarrassed, the man allowed the erection to persist for days before he finally went to a doctor.

“On examination, there was a grade IV erection with a rigid base and shaft,” the doctors write in the report. Grade 4 on the Erection Hardness Score (yes, this is a real thing) is the hardest erection on the scale, where the penis is “completely hard and fully rigid”.

The man had not suffered pain in his erection, though he did report “mild discomfort on walking”, as you’d probably expect.

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