NYC man out on bail reform, brutally beats 2 women in ‘violent, unprovoked’ attacks then released again

One of the New York City attacks left the victim with a ‘disfiguring laceration’ to her face

Nassau County Police Commissioner Patrick Ryder says Democratic bail reform has emboldened criminals

A homeless man in New York City who was charged with beating a man last year and subsequently set free on bail reform, allegedly beat two women in unprovoked attacks this month, only to be released yet again.

Darrell Johnson, 23, has more than a dozen arrests dating back to 2014, the New York Post reported citing sources. Last year, he was charged with assault and harassment after he allegedly beat a man “about the face with a closed fist multiple times” in a Harlem building and then “used his feet to kick and stomp” the victim, according to a court complaint.

He was released without bail, however, due to New York lawmakers passing sweeping changes to the state’s bail laws in 2019 that restricts crimes where judges can set bail.

Johnson then allegedly beat two women in unprovoked attacks last Thursday morning in Manhattan.

In one of the attacks, he allegedly left a 50-year-old woman with a “disfiguring laceration” to her face in a “violent, unprovoked” attack, sources told the New York Post.

Three minutes later, he reportedly walked up to a 32-year-old victim on West 80th Street and punched her, causing “redness and swelling,” the outlet reported.

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