Judge Who Sentenced Veteran To Night In Jail Spends Night With Him After Learning About His PTSD

A North Carolina judge who sentenced a veteran to jail became so concerned about the soldier’s wellbeing that he served the sentence with him.

When veteran Joe Serna was arrested for drinking and driving, one of the terms of his probation was Serna could not consume alcohol for a predetermined period of time. After lying during a urine test, Serna was brought back into court with Gulf War veteran Lou Olivera as the judge for his case.

Olivera had no choice but to sentence Serna to spend a night in jail for violating his probation. Serna had served three terms in Afghanistan with two purple hearts for his bravery, he’d also survived an IED and suicide bomber, as well as being trapped in a sinking truck with other soliders.

Considering his many brushes with death and traumatizing experience fighting in the war, Serna suffered from PTSD and claustrophobia, which he blames on the sinking truck. When the judge learned about his PTSD and claustrophobia, he decided to spend the night with him in prison.