Elk Grove Police officer accused of coercing woman to have sex after she reported crime

An Elk Grove Police officer is facing a federal civil rights lawsuit after being accused of coercing a woman to have sex.

This dates back to April, when an unidentified woman, who is only referenced in court documents as Jane Doe, reporting to police about a catalytic converter theft.  The criminal complaint names Gabriel Ramos as the man who coerced Doe into having sex.

 “Officers took a statement, and one officer Sgt. Ramos stayed behind and said I need to speak to your husband about the case,” said Mark Merin, an attorney who represents Doe. “She said I’m not married. He said oh well maybe you should give me your number and I can follow up with you. I have a few things to discuss.”

Merin said the two exchanged phone calls multiple times and that Ramos even requested a homecooked meal.

“She gave him some food, and he said you know what I’m interested in sex. And she said what? That’s entirely inappropriate.”

Below is the formal criminal complaint in its entirety: 

According to court documents, when she objected to Ramos, he said her son would be in danger if she did not cooperate with him. Ramos is accused of instructing her to meet him at a hotel in black lingerie and that he’d cover the costs.

“Performed oral sex on her and had intercourse with her, and then he got up and took a shower and told her to stay here. I’ll be back for more.”

The victim then called authorities.