Copwatch Catches Judge Crash Live,

Walking Away From Scene, Arrested for DUI


Sunday night a Stockton police accountability advocate who is part of Copwatch, was out making his rounds while airing live on YouTube under his account Airkqqled Accountability, when he captured San Joaquin County Judge Michael Mulvihill speed past him and crash on both sides of the bridge crossing the Calaveras River near UOP.

Mulvihill’s SUV would stop on the barrier of the bridge with the water and become disabled. As the Copwatcher makes his way to the scene of the accident, other citizens are filmed chasing Judge Mulvihill down as he walks away from the scene of the accident.

Warning explicit and stupid language in the video: the crash occurred in the first minuet of the video. The rest of the video has a lot of unnecessary and ignorant talk.


Stockton police officers eventually show up and can be seen putting him in the back of a patrol vehicle without conducting any sobriety test. The activist was unaware the subject he was recording was a judge.

Stockton PD has released the following statement to 209 Times:
“We can confirm that on January 1, 2022 Judge Michael Mulvihill was arrested for DUI at Pacific Avenue / Calaveras River”.