Lodge for sale in Colorado comes with entire Old West-style town

Interested in owning your own Old West cow town? There’s such a place on a 320-acre ranch in Colorado, less than four hours southwest of Denver.

The property, located in Saguache County, was bought by two brothers in 2005 for $730,033. Over the years, they spent an additional $10.8 million developing it into a modern Old West town.

“They left no detail unconsidered,” real estate agent Adrienne Haydu told Nexstar’s KDVR. “For example, the ceiling tiles in the saloon and hotel are imported from Italy.”

The brothers ultimately auctioned the property at a “deliberate loss” in 2011, taking in just under $2 million, according to Haydu. (“I guess that was their business model,” Haydu said.) The place has changed hands a few times, and today the entire property is selling for $4.7 million.

Interested buyers will not only find a saloon on the property (because what Old West town wouldn’t have a saloon?), but also a general store and chapel. Other amenities include a mini golf course, a shooting range, an outdoor stage, a hotel, a dance hall, two original cabins from the Hoaglund Stagecoach line, a bunkhouse, RV hookups, a five-stall livery stable and a barn with 13 stalls.