Tesla issues fourth recall in two weeks, the 11th in less than four months

‘Boombox’ loudspeaker could endanger pedestrians, regulator says

Electric car maker Tesla issued its fourth recall in two weeks, with federal authorities saying an external-loudspeaker function violated a federal traffic-safety rule.

The recalls, driven by government interventions, customer complaints and findings by automotive experts, bring Tesla up to 11 recalls in less than four months. The company, which recently moved its headquarters from Palo Alto to Texas and makes most of its cars in its Fremont factory, did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Tesla’s latest recall concerned a “Boombox” feature that lets car occupants play pre-set or custom sounds through the speaker while in motion or parked, and the noise could obscure the sound electric and hybrid vehicles must make under a federal pedestrian-protection rule, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration said in a recall advisory made public Thursday. The agency noted that the Boombox feature could “enhance the conspicuity of the vehicle to pedestrians,” but that pedestrians might not notice an approaching vehicle if the mandated warning sound – which comes through the same speaker – is drowned out, “increasing the risk of a crash.”

The nearly 600,000 potentially affected vehicles are 2017 to 2022 Model 3s, and 2020 to 2022 Model Ss, Xs and Ys, the agency said.