These are the most hacked passwords – are you using any?

Choosing the right passwords is both incredibly stressful and vitally important. Everything from our work emails to our bank accounts is readily accessible online, and passwords are how we keep them all private. But we don’t all take online security as seriously as we should, which is why countless individuals get hacked each year. Of course, there are no guarantees when it comes to security, but you can still avoid obvious pitfalls, like using bad passwords. That’s why you need to see this list of the most hacked passwords.

Payment service provider Dojo recently conducted a study to determine the most commonly hacked passwords worldwide. Dojo analyzed data on over 100,000 breached passwords from the National Counterintelligence and Security Center (NCSC). Dojo then arranged all of those passwords into over 30 categories, such as sports, colors, and cities.

Below, you shall see the top 20 most hacked password categories, as well as the number of breached passwords that include a word or phrase from that category:

Pet names/terms of endearment: 4,032

Names: 3,913

Animals: 2,112

Emotions: 1,917

Food: 1,662

Colors: 1,450

Swear words: 1,268

Actions: 991

Family members: 723

Car brands: 606

Cities: 505

Brands: 477

Countries: 463

Sports: 457

Religions: 341

Hobbies: 314

Weather: 313

Drinks: 268

Social media platforms: 253

Star signs: 204

As you can see, passwords that feature pet names and terms of endearment are the ones that are hacked more often than any others. These passwords use words and phrases such as “love,” “baby,” and “angel” — all of which you might call your significant other.