6 creative car sex positions to steam up the windows

  • A fun car sex position is “car girl” which is a play on the traditional cowgirl position.
  • You can also recline the passenger seat and enjoy different angles for seated sex.
  • The “seashell” is a great backseat position that allows for a more compact version of missionary.
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Whether you’re bored of the bedroom or you’re out and simply can’t wait to make it home to have sex, getting it on in the car is an exciting and adventurous option.

Many sex positions you’re used to in the bedroom can be modified to work in the car, whether you’re in the front or back seat.

Note: Car sex in and of itself is not illegal. There is no specific law prohibiting it. However, you could be charged with indecency if you’re caught in a public place.

Before you get started, remember that safety comes first. Be sure to park with your emergency brake on, says Joe Kort, PhD, certified sex therapist and clinical director of The Center for Relationship and Sexual Health.

Once you’re safe, here are six positions Kort recommends for car sex. View at your own risk