Galaxy phones appear to be throttling 10,000 Android apps, like OnePlus did

Our smartphones have become incredibly powerful over the past few years, to the point that, in many cases, we’re not actually taking full advantage of these devices’ raw horsepower in day-to-day use. However, Samsung has apparently been throttling the performance of thousands of apps in the name of improving game performance.

Samsung phones ship with a Game Optimizing Service app pre-installed as a system app — we confirmed it’s installed on the Galaxy S22+, as pictured below. It cannot be disabled. The app’s exact purpose isn’t described very well anywhere, but its name certainly implies the app is used to improve performance for games.

However, as one Twitter user points out, with the backing of a lengthy thread from frustrated Samsung Galaxy owners in Korea (via Android Authority), Samsung seems to be using this app to “optimize” the performance of thousands of non-gaming apps. When an app is in the Game Optimizing Service list, its performance is limited, as demonstrated by a YouTuber who changed the package name of the 3DMark benchmark app to trick Samsung’s software into throttling it, and the results are pretty telling.