Brazilian Singer Hospitalized After Holding in Farts Around Her Boyfriend


A Brazilian music star was recently hospitalized with severe stomach pains caused by holding in gas whenever she was with her boyfriend.

Singer Pocah, born Viviane de Queiroz Pereira, opened up about the bizarre medical incident to her over 15 million Instagram followers. She explained she was holding in her farts around her partner, Ronan Souza, who hasn’t spoken out about the ordeal just yet.

Some fans argued that she should feel comfortable enough around someone she’s dating to pass gas when she needs to.

“I woke up at 5:30AM with severe stomach pains and ended up in the hospital,” Pocah explained in the since-deleted post per Newshub. “But that’s it, guys. I’m now fine. Just an accumulation of trapped farts.”

Pocah decided to ignore her abdominal pains after she watched a TikTok video and took their faulty medical advice, but she regrets her decision. (Obviously, it’s never a good idea to take medical advice from random social media accounts.)

Trapped gas typically stems from a person’s diet or underlying medical conditions. However, in her case, the methane gas couldn’t move through her intestines like it normally should be able to. As flatulence typically expels the pressure, it should also relieve discomfort.

Now, Pocah has seen the light and will no longer be “under pressure.”