“Karen” Tries to Follow Woman Home for Bringing Bike into an Elevator in Viral TikTok

Whenever you’re living in any kind of shared residential space, you’re inevitably going to come across a nosy neighbor or two. Things get even worse/annoying when those neighbors start to take issue with whether or not you’re “breaking the rules.”

Or maybe you’re not even breaking the rules, and a neighbor just doesn’t like the way you “do things.”

Homeownership associations are notoriously frustrating with this kind of behavior. Whether they’re trying to implement all sorts of fines and ridiculous penalties, like this one that purportedly tried getting a cut of a house sale for themselves, just people being very particular about seemingly arbitrary rules being adhered to, they’re constantly a thorn in people’s sides.

And as infuriating as it is to deal with bureaucratic authorities like HOAs, it’s somehow much worse when it’s another resident of your building/complex trying to “drop the hammer” so to speak on you just living your life.

Something this TikToker and her friend had to deal with when a “Karen” reportedly followed them into an elevator all because she walked through the front door and into an elevator with her bicycle. And around the building to find out where they live.