Judge FIRES five Democrat members of Pennsylvania school board

after they defied its code and voted to make face masks mandatory for students

  • President Sue Tiernan, Joyce Chester, Kate Shaw, Karen Herrmann, and Daryl Durnell, all Democrats, were all fired on Tuesday 
  • Parent Beth Ann Rosica filed a petition against the five in February, stating that they violated a code for voting to make masks mandatory in schools 
  • The five – which make up the majority of the nine-member board – voted to keep the policy in place despite Pennsylvania’s state of emergency ending 
  • The state’s Supreme Court also ruled in December that mask mandates were ‘unconstitutional’ 
  • Masking in the West Chester school district is currently optional, but the board did vote to reinstate the policy if transmission rates rise 
  • A lawyer for the group filed for the judge to reconsider and give them until April 5 to respond, which would have been 20 days since the judge filed the motion

Five Democratic school board members were fired after a Pennsylvania judge signed a petition saying they defied a code by voting to make face masks mandatory for students.

Chester County Judge William Mahon ordered five of its nine members to be immediately removed from the West Chester School Board on Tuesday after they voted to make masks mandatory at the beginning of the school year.

It kept the decision in place after the Pennsylvania state of emergency ended in June and two months after the state’s Supreme Court declared the mask mandate unconstitutional in December.

President Sue Tiernan, Joyce Chester, Kate Shaw, Karen Herrmann, and Daryl Durnell were all fired after they failed to respond to a February petition – brought forth by parent and former English teacher Beth Ann Rosica. She said the board had no right to force students to wear masks.