Ted Cruz Refuses to Answer When Asked If He Would Blow Another Man to Solve World Hunger

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) declined to answer if he would “fellate another man” to end world hunger while speaking at Yale University on Monday.

Cruz visited Yale University to record a live episode of his podcast Verdict, which he hosts with conservative political commentator Michael Knowles. While the two addressed hot topics such as intellectual diversity and the confirmation of Ketanji Brown Jackson to the Supreme Court, a question from a student named Evan really got the crowd going.

“Assuming it would end global hunger, would you fellate another man?” Evan asked Cruz at roughly 1:37:47 into the clip.

Cruz quickly dodged the question, passing it on to Knowles, who confirmed he would not perform fellatio on another man, no matter the outcome.

“Like a typical left-wing undergraduate, you are engaging in consequentialist ethics,” Knowles said, noting that the question was likely a reference to American Psycho’s “That Yale thing” scene.

Knowles went on to accuse the student of “attempting to justify flagrantly immoral behavior to achieve a good end,” adding, “And I tell you, my friend, the ends do not justify the means. Absolutely, absolutely not.”

The host did not expand on why he believes performing fellatio is “flagrantly immoral.”

After successfully avoiding the question, Cruz turned it back to Evan:

“I am curious with that young fellow. If it would solve world hunger, would you vote for Donald Trump?” Cruz asked, earning dispersed laughter from the crowd.