A few days ago another comment was made on an old article written by Tom Jensen. The article was dated August 29, 2018 and was a commentary that had been written by Tom. The comment is dated April 19, 2022.

I have no way of knowing the validity of what this person says, or who this person is. It is a bit interesting, and I have no idea why this person never spoke up until now. This is information I never heard before in regard to Korey Kaufman.

Decide for yourself and you tell me, here is the link to the article, and the comment you will find at the bottom. I also have copied the comment and place it in the bottom of this post.


Korey kauffman was my bf off and on for a year. I loved that man with all my heart. First of all he was no thief. Korey would go to small business’s and clean up the grounds in exchange for stuff he could recycle. He had a man impersonating him. There’s a fellow that grew up in turlock and he resembles Korey all to much. He hated frank Carson. Said he was a very sick man. This man hated that everyone loved Korey. This man made it his mission to destroy Korey reputation. He would steal from the properties Korey would clean. Looking back at cameras. People would think that it was Korey but in reality it was this man. The only thing he had to do was wear a jacket since Korey arms were tatted. But Korey never wore a jacket I was with him for a year and I never remember him once putting on a sweatshirt or a jacket. Korey was framed and then murdered because someone else was a thief not him everybody’s got the whole story all fucked up