A FORMER Walmart worker has revealed that the store has a genius way of stopping thefts.

A Tiktoker, known only as Obey Goddess, warned that staff will see customers that try to steal items thanks to the store’s super-powerful CCTV cameras.

A TikToker, who claims to have worked in Walmart, said the store has cameras that can read customers textsCredit: Tiktok / obeygoddess

She warned customers not to steal items as they will be identifiedCredit: Tiktok / obeygoddess

She said workers were shown the room where the CCTV cameras are located during a walk-through of the store.

She revealed that the store contains security cameras that can rotate 360 degrees.

The devices can also zoom in to the point where they can read the small print on a newspaper or text messages, according to the ex-worker.

She warned: “If you get caught stealing from Walmart, they will see you.”

Some TikTokers were skeptical about the quality of the cameras as they flooded the comments section of the clip.

One said: “Yet when someone stole my wallet they said the cameras couldn’t see that close.”

Another asked why doesn’t anyone wink back when they gesture to the camera at the self-checkout.

Others said the retailer shouldn’t worry about customers stealing, but focus on providing enough carts for shoppers.