A woman was at a football game, and the guy she happened to be sitting next to started chatting with her.

They really hit it off, so she felt comfortable giving her number out to this guy. After the game, she spent approximately a week chatting with him over text before agreeing to go on a date with him.

She thought he seemed “pretty normal” albeit interested in having a relationship with her, though she was on the fence.

She wasn’t really interested in anything serious, though she wasn’t exactly opposed to it either.

“So boom, he invites me out to dinner at a nice bar and I was going out with my friends later that night so I figured it would be a cool pre-game before I met up with my friends,” she explained.

“Things are going pretty okay and we just grab some wings to share and charcuterie board along with a bottle of wine. When the waitress comes back she has all the appetizers, the wine, and a shot.”

The thing is, she didn’t order a shot, and neither did her date. The guy she was on a date with pointed out to the waitress that a shot wasn’t part of their order.

Their waitress said that a man over at the bar had ordered the drink specifically for her and asked her to bring it over.

The guy she was on a date with politely told their waitress that it wasn’t necessary, but she didn’t want that drink to go to waste at all.

She insisted that their waitress could leave the drink with them and she would be happy to enjoy it.

“I was sitting facing the bar and just as the waitress leaves I’m grabbing the shot and the guy who sent me the drink turns around and gives me an across-the-room cheers motion with his drink,” she said.

“I do the same and I’m about to take the shot and my date is like “are you really going to accept a drink from another guy while we are on a date?” I tell him it’s just a drink and it’s not a huge deal and I don’t even know that guy.”

She enjoyed her drink and turned to keep their conversation going, but her date was done. He got up from his seat, walked over to the bar to pay their tab, and left the place.

She was there all alone. Her date literally walked out on her. She still went ahead with hanging out with her friends for the remainder of the evening.

The following day, she sent her date a text, but he ignored what she had to say.

He confronted her about being a jerk and ignoring how he felt. He likened her accepting that drink from a stranger to slapping him right in the face.

She was confused by his response, as the stranger wasn’t someone she tried to talk to and she didn’t know the guy either.

She wished her date didn’t blow things out of proportion because they could have had a nice time together.

“I took the drink because it was a free drink,” she clarified. “The guy could’ve looked like Frankenstein, been 93 years old, or looked like a model. I would have drank it no matter what.”

Do you think it was rude to her date to drink the drink the stranger had sent over to her since it clearly made him feel less than?