Hawaii is waging war on ‘aggressive’ feral chickens.
The chickens are winning.

Hawaii‘s ongoing battle with thousands of feral chickens continues — and written testimonies and reports from local news outlets suggest it’s not going very well.

The Associated Press reported that in the past two months, the city and County of Honolulu set traps in five areas and have caught just 67 chickens, costing $7,000. That amounts to $104 per bird. The Associated Press says that catching chickens is costly because the traps are being vandalized and stolen, though it’s unclear who’s damaging them and why. Now, city officials are trying to address the public’s desperate pleas for help while figuring out a cost-effective solution.

The problem is so dire that a bill introduced in the Hawaii State Legislature sought to establish a state-funded program to address the feral chickens. Unfortunately for Oahu’s chicken-plagued residents, however, Senate Bill 2195 failed to advance.

According to written testimonies from Hawaii individuals responding to the proposed legislation recorded in early March, the “aggressive” chickens have “overtaken the community.” Residents say they’re damaging and defecating on properties, obstructing roads and roosting in mango trees while making loud “cackling” noises from dawn until dusk.