China Wants To Build An 8,000-Mile Underwater Train Line To The USA


China currently has one of the most expansive and impressive high-speed rail networks on Earth, and they aren’t showing signs of slowing. As their network reaches the far corners of their nation, Beijing could be setting its eyes on what lies beyond – far, far beyond.

According to reports, China wishes to build a high-speed, 13,000-kilometer (8,078-mile) train that travels from mainland China, up through Siberia in Eastern Russia, under the sea through the Bering Strait into Alaska, across the rocky peaks of Canada’s Yukon and British Columbia, and into the USA. Once constructed, they have could further extend their international bullet train into every corner of the US.

The price of such an outlandish proposal? A cool $200 billion. A price tag so high, even the likes of Jeff Bezos probably couldn’t reach it.

The plans emerged in 2014, when multiple news outlets covered a report by the Beijing Times that outlined plans for China to build the 8,000-mile super train. It would be called the “China-Russia-Canada-America” line (catchy, we know) and stretch across all four nations, connecting them together for a trade, tourism, and economic boom. Stretching across the Bering Strait, it would require an underwater tunnel four times larger than the Channel Tunnel, and far more high-tech to boot.