The search for the most interesting — and dangerous — piece of Jacksonville Jaguars memorabilia took several months, got sidetracked by some strategic maneuvering and finally ended less than 100 yards from where it left its literal mark.

Leaning against the wall and tucked behind a stack of large framed photos in an office in the bowels of TIAA Bank Field was the double-bladed ax with the teal handle that bounced off a tree stump and ended up in punter Chris Hanson’s lower right leg.

As for why it’s there, 16 years after one of the most unusual injuries in NFL history, instead of ending up in a landfill or someone’s tool shed, well, that’s a matter of preserving the key piece of one of the most significant events in the franchise’s 25 seasons.

“It’s a part of Jaguars history, is it not?” asked Jeff Lageman, a member of the Jaguars’ radio broadcast team and a former Jacksonville player (1995-98). “It’s a weird part, but it is a part of Jaguars history and Jaguars history should always be kept.”

Hanson might not feel the same way. To no one’s surprise he declined an interview request for this story.