Woman attacks pro-life protesters, throws used tampons

Tensions boiled over between protesters outside an abortion clinic in the Memphis area Friday afternoon.

Two abortion clinics in the Memphis area are preparing for big changes with abortion bans coming across the Mid-South in the days and weeks to come. The day was filled with emotions on both sides of the Supreme Court’s decision, especially at the Planned Parenthood on Poplar Avenue.

Memphis Police were on the scene for several hours after a woman attacked pro-life protesters outside a Memphis abortion clinic. A video shows the woman storming back to her car after the incident.

Protesters told us the woman threw used tampons at them while yelling curse words. She even stole one of the protester’s hats.

A man who was attacked said he didn’t know what was about to happen but said it was all a part of the territory.

“She threw that on me and I can still smell it. Then she went back to the car and got a pan — that had more of the same in it. She was going to the girls — heading toward them — and I instinctively blocked it,” he said. “I wanted to block it — I assumed she would turn around and walk off — but she didn’t.”