Kathryn Slayton says being away from her son was the ‘worst pain’ she ever experienced in her life

Blood test shows Covid nurse arrested for DUI was sober

A Covid-19 nurse from Tennessee had her child placed in foster care for weeks after she was arrested for driving under the influence (DUI) – despite being completely sober and merely exhausted from a long shift.

Kathryn Slayton, a single mother from Franklin, was arrested on 21 September last year after she picked up her son from daycare, according to recent local reports.

A daycare employee had complained that a mother who had come to pick up her five-year-old child appeared to be under the influence of an unknown substance, per a police report.

Complainant Lydia Uselton said Ms Slayton “seemed off” and that she was “talking to herself, scratching her head” as she allowed the child to run around the parking lot.

Ms Uselton called the police as the mother and child got into the car and were about to leave the daycare parking lot. Police records showed officials arrived shortly after and stopped Ms Slayton just as she was leaving the parking lot.

Her son was placed with child services after Ms Slayton informed police she did not have any friends or family in the area.

A blood test was also conducted on Ms Slayton and taken as evidence which proved negative for alcohol or drugs.