Laguna Beach in California is well known for its private coves and scenic views, so naturally, it is a popular romantic destination for couples, both tourists and residents. But the couple that took these photos never thought they’d see the light of day, let alone be seen by thousands on Facebook.

They walked along the beach, hands entwined as they admired the rolling blue waves. But they didn’t have to walk far until their calm was shattered. Alex stumbled on what he thought was a rock, but on closer inspection, it turned out to be something else entirely. The rusty, sand-covered Canyon camera looked like it had been in the ocean for a long time, and when Maria uncovered it with her fingers, she knew they had stumbled upon a mystery that was just waiting to be unraveled. What secrets were hidden inside?

Recovering the camera’s photos was a painstaking process, but when they were finally revealed, Maria couldn’t believe her eyes. It was a long shot, and she knew it. Could the photographs inside the camera have survived someone? If anyone could recover them? She knew it was her brother Nick.

But when she handed him the soggy Sandy camera, even he had his doubts. She looked at him pleadingly. She just had to know what was on the camera. Was it lost by accident? Or had someone decided to destroy it on purpose?