See the moon hop over Uranus in the night sky on Aug. 18

The lunar occultation will be visible in the afternoon with a pair of binoculars.

An image showing the sky on Aug. 17 including Uranus in close visual proximity to the moon.

Watch the moon as it appears to “hop” over Uranus in the afternoon sky today (Aug. 18).

The moon will pass in front of the planet Uranus — an event known as lunar occultation — at 11:50 EDT (1550 GMT). The ice giant will then reappear at 12:02 EDT (1602 GMT), on the other side of the moon. The event will be visible from parts of the northern United States, Canada, Hawaii and the Republic of Kiribati, according to (opens in new tab).

Lunar occultations are only ever visible from a small fraction of the Earth’s surface,” according to “Since the moon is much closer to the Earth than other celestial objects, its exact position in the sky differs depending on your exact location on Earth due to its large parallax. The position of the moon as seen from two points on opposite sides of the Earth varies by up to two degrees, or four times the diameter of the full moon.”