The ‘QAnon Queen’ Told Her Followers to Arrest Cops.

It Didn’t Go Well.

The attempted citizen’s arrests of police officers in Peterborough, Ontario, was a clear escalation for “QAnon Queen” Romana Didulo and her followers.

Peterborough’s Mayor Diane Therrien took to Twitter to issue a response after the citizen arrest party went south for the QAnon conspiracists.

“People have been asking me to comment on the events of the past weekend in #ptbo. I hate giving airtime/spotlight to these imbeciles,” she wrote. “Here is my comment: fuck off, you fuckwads.”

People on a mission to arrest cops on behalf of the self-proclaimed “QAnon Queen of Canada” ended up being violently arrested themselves instead.

Romana Didulo has built a sizable following out of the QAnon community by convincing people that she’s the true leader of Canada and waging a secret war against the supposed pedophilic cabal of globalist leaders, like Prime Minister Justin Trudeau or U.S. President Joe Biden. On Saturday, she gathered around 30 of her followers in Peterborough, Ontario, to conduct “citizen’s arrests” on members of the Peterborough Police Service for enforcing COVID-19 restrictions, like mask mandates and business closures.

The day was a clear escalation for Didulo and her crew. But by the end of it, one of her followers had been charged with two counts of assaulting police and a second was facing charges of mischief and resisting arrest. A third man was also later arrested and charged with a myriad of charges, including assaulting a peace officer with a weapon.

For weeks, Didulo’s group had hyped up Saturday’s event. They created Telegram pages, memes, and even a website, all of which Didulo amplified.