Florida Man Arrested For Trying To “Barbecue All Child Molesters”

A Florida man decided to fight against child molesters in the craziest way possible. The man attempted to barbecue child molesters as he came across them and at the time of his arrest, police reports he had already attacked four people. Jorge Porto-Sierra believed that he is taking the risk for a good cause and was willing to sacrifice himself for it.

If there is one state in America that is known for the most outrageous or weird crimes then it is Florida. In today’s news of Florida crimes, here is one man who set out to do something crazy for a good cause.

In 2018, Jorge Porto-Sierra, set out to kill a child molester he encountered in a motel. Jorge began to pour gasoline all over the man’s room at the Friendly Village Inn and Motel in Kissimmee, Florida.

The man had a roommate with him and the pair escaped out the back window. Jorge was reportedly screaming “I’m going to kill you, child molester.” at the time. Prior to authorities arriving to make an arrest, Jorge continued his rampage.

Not only this, but he also rammed his Black Ford at the parking lot into another car and poured gasoline in through an open window attempting to set two individuals to fire.

‘Deputies then arrived on the scene, where they say Jorge Porto-Sierra surrendered right away. Waiving his Miranda rights, Porto-Sierra confessed and told the authorities, “They raped kids, they are child molesters that all live here and deserve to die.”
When questioned by authorities about why he didn’t follow through, Jorge Cooly replied “You got here too soon.”