Released in 1974 on the “Heart like a wheel” album “Your no good” Sung here on the Midnight Special in 1973 On a side note In August 2013, Ronstadt revealed she has Parkinson’s disease, leaving her unable to sing due to loss of muscle control, which is common to Parkinson’sContinue Reading

These two asswipes published the town and street Darren Wilson and his pregnant wife lives on the New York Times. Lets give them a call to wish them Happy Thanksgiving. This has been put out on the net unknown if true, But what the heck give it a try. JulieContinue Reading

The United States is preparing to increase the number of troops it keeps in Afghanistan in 2015 to fill a gap left in the NATO mission by other contributing nations, according to three sources with direct knowledge of the situation. The final numbers are still being agreed, but there willContinue Reading