The city of Sacramento is trying a new tactic regarding gang violence.

Critics claim the council just voted unanimously to pay folks not to commit crimes. So, what’s the deal? The Director of the Mayor’s Gang Prevention and Intervention Task Force was asked just how big a deal is gang violence in Sacramento?

“It’s bigger than we would like it to be and it’s going in the wrong direction,” said Khaalid Muttaqi. “We’ve had an uptick of about 38 percent in the last couple of years in gun-related violence.”

And just this past Sunday, police responded to a deadly shooting in broad daylight.

According to the Sacramento Police Department, the shooting happened around 2:30 p.m. on the 7700 block of 24th St. at Meadow View Park. Officers found one person suffering from gunshot wounds. The unidentified victim was transported to the hospital where they were later pronounced dead.

That set the stage for Tuesday night. The Sacramento City Council voted unanimously to move forward in the negotiation of a contract with a group called Advance Peace.

The city of Sacramento has set aside $1.5 million over three years that would go to the Advance Peace program.

It’s a part of an 18-month program where those involved get job-training and mentoring. If they complete six months successfully, they could also receive up to $1,000 per month for nine months.

The program has been successful in places here in California like Richmond. Some might say the city is putting it’s money where it’s mouth is when it comes to taking on gang violence.




by Marty Carlson


During the life of this blog I have done several reports on a cell phone call interceptors device called the Stingray. This device mimics a cell phone tower and intercepts phone calls and text messages without either party in the call or message having any idea that it’s happened.

Sacramento County finally admitted to having a stingray after years of denial. Read HERE and HERE.

It has also caused some agencies to dismiss charges rather than admit its use, read HERE and HERE

a recent article in the Los Angeles times talks about the new legislation involved concerning stingray devices and the notifications that agencies are supposed to serve to the public of their ownership, and rules of usage.

The Times did a review of records from some of the state’s largest police and sheriff’s departments and found some agencies have been slow to follow or have ignored the law. Several these agencies partner with federal agencies to work on cases that are not subject to the laws reporting requirements.

Understand the stingray can be used in a vehicle like a van and be parked around the corner from your house and target your specific handheld device. Many federal agencies have devices and make them available to local law enforcement agencies. Realizing that some investigators with the law enforcement agencies actually “double badge,” meaning they also have FBI authorities and abilities and resources. It is a common practice these days to give them more resources. Those resources include the stingray cell phone intercepting device.

The only times reported that 21 law enforcement agencies were surveyed, and 12 were found to have access or own stingray or similar devices. Nine of those agencies had developed and released online public policies.

Here is a list of the 12 agencies they found:

Department Device Policies
Long Beach Police OWN YES
L.A. County Sheriff OWN YES
San Diego Police OWN YES
San Jose Police OWN YES
Fresno Police ACCESS** NO
Sacramento Police OWN YES
Sacramento County Sheriff OWN YES
Oakland Police ACCESS** YES
Alameda district attorney’s office OWN YES
Santa Ana Police ACCESS** NO
Anaheim Police OWN YES

**Officers don’t operate the stingray but work with other agencies that may

The Times also reviewed hundreds of documents that he received through public information request regarding purchase orders and memos and grant proposals for the use of stingrays and similar devices are also known as “dirt boxes.”

The devices cost up to $500,000 and are marketed for preventing and responding to terrorist threats. The documents found suggests they are used more frequently in criminal cases such as burglaries murders and kidnappings.

Some of the policies that were posted online by the agencies revealed little about the devices itself except for the fact they were in use. Many agencies took months to post their guidelines online.

The times and found that some of the agencies that own the stingrays bought them between 2006 and 2013, mostly with federal grant money or under programs. Some of those agreements prohibited any type of public disclosure. Local tax dollars were not used in the cities and counties didn’t ask about them in a public forum.

In 2015, California lawmakers passed a sweeping electronic communications privacy act, which prohibited any investigative body in the state from forcing businesses to turn over digital communications without a warrant. In addition, legislation was introduced to compel local law enforcement agencies to disclose more information about the use of stingrays in California.

During one judiciary committee hearing it was stated “that our country has a rich history of democracy and civilian oversight and the stealth use of these devices undercuts that very nature of our government.”

The law which took effect in January 2016, requires cities and counties to create guidelines for how and when officers use the equipment. Any agency wants to buy a device must first receive approval at a public hearing.



California sues Trump administration over threats to ‘sanctuary cities’

From the Sacramento Bee:

California filed a lawsuit Monday against the Trump administration over its threats to withhold public safety funds from so-called “sanctuary” jurisdictions, state Attorney General Xavier Becerra announced Monday.

The move follows a U.S. Department of Justice directive issued by U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions in July that seeks to require cities and counties that declare themselves sanctuaries for undocumented immigrants to cooperate with federal immigration authorities in order to receive federal law enforcement grants.

Becerra called the federal directive “unconstitutional” and “unlawful,” saying in a statement that the Trump administration “cannot manipulate federal grant fund requirements to pressure states, counties or municipalities to enforce federal immigration laws.”

He also argued that it’s up to Congress to appropriate federal grant funding, not Sessions’ Department of Justice.

“The Trump administration is starting with the very misguided premise (that) ……Read more

Here we go, but I guess it needs to be decided one way or another anyway. But it does seem to coincide with the liberal Logic of it is my body to do as I please but you have to pay for it.



By Marty Carlson


A Washington couple recently received a $1087 bill from AMR for a ride that went about 200 feet on hospital grounds in Seattle.

Paul Smale that taking a fall on his bicycle and receive some serious injuries. He had been sent to Harborview Medical Center in Seattle by helicopter. AMR had picked him up at the helicopter pad and transported him about 200 feet to the emergency room then charging him more $1087 for the ride.

A Harborview spokesperson acknowledged that they have heard complaints from patients and their families over the years about the ambulance bills. But she says other options to move critical patients safely from the helipad to the emergency room have not worked.

In addition, the Paul Smales accident occurred four years ago and AMR is just now sending them a bill.

Wilma Mullins-Smale, Paul’s wife and is a nurse, understands the sometimes-high cost of medicine. And even understands $30,000 cost of the helicopter ride, but also feels the ambulance fee places an unfair burden on people who are already suffering.

The ambulance company AMR could not immediately provide a comment on the bill, and said they were researching the case.


In these days where we are having a constant battle over health care insurance, I believe there is an argument to be made about the healthcare system itself, causing insurance problems due to overall greed on many peoples part.

I have said it many times and I will continue to say until the healthcare system becomes patient orientated and not profit orientated we will never have good healthcare system in this country.

See video of the Smales here:



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