Foul-mouthed people may be the most honest

by Marty Carlson

Somebody recently sent me an article from a publication in the UK citing new research suggests that people who refrain from swearing may often be the most dishonest and devious.

Others who are fond of blunt honesty through profanity are likely to be the most honest in any given group. This is per the academics at the University of Cambridge.

The study asked 276 participants to list their favorite swearword to gauge how fond they were of colorful language.

They were given a survey asking them to agree or disagree with statements such as “I never lie” and “all my habits are good” to assess their propensity for mistruths.

One of the authors of the study said the correlation may stem from constraints imposed by social convention. Citing if you’re trying to follow the short social norms than seeing what you really feel, you are saying what people want to hear.

With that in mind he states you are not being very honest.

It must be noted they did not look at extreme dishonesty such as fraud, so it is still a question there is other links to more extreme behavior.

Apparently though the findings corroborate research in the United States that states that A high level of swearing that there is an honesty level of lower crime.

Citing some states like New Jersey, with a lot of people that use profanity regularly, they were found to rank highly on this state integrity index. And states like Utah and other similar places where bad language is a relatively rarity saw higher levels of fraud or similar offenses.

One author also stated that “at least people who swear are telling you what they really think.”

He also added “if people actually said what they think all the time, would that really be a good thing?”

DAWG Fucking thinks so.

The researchers also examined 75,000 Facebook postings, and said there was a similar correlation to the findings. Citing that people who regularly posted short, simple messages were the least likely to swear.

Researchers claim simple statements are already known to be associated with dishonesty, because liars find it hard to make up complicated sentences.

In my personal experiences, I find that to be a very true statement.

The study was published in the Journal of social psychological and personality science.

So please tell me “WHAT THE FUCK” you guys think.



by Marty Carlson


This week I was advised of a rumor that Stanislaus County Sheriff Adam Christiansen had approved a trip to the country of Jordan for his entire SWAT team.

Trying to get confirmation on things like this is very difficult as people do not want to reveal what is going on. Several calls to the Sheriff’s Department public information officer went on returned and I contacted each individual Board of Supervisors member’s office with no return calls. All the secretaries I talked to at the BOS were very nice except for one who seemed to think I should have been talking to someone else and not the people that provide the money for such things.

Eventually when you asked the right person the right question use can start to get some results and this is what I finally found out:

8 members of the SWAT team are going to Jordan for training in terrorism and active shooters. $23,500 has been budgeted for this trip. In addition, those eight officers are spending several days in France afterwards on their own vacation time. This $23,500 was budgeted out of their training funds that they are allocated every year. Other than the vacation time taken, it is unknown if the trip they are taking is being paid for by tax dollars.

I have no information available when the trip is going to happen or if any family members or girlfriends will be allowed to go.

In addition, there was no response to the concern of the county being left without appropriate response by SWAT if there were to be a major incident during their absence.

For some reason, these types of things like to be done in a cloak of secrecy and can probably be explained very easily if they would return a phone call which the apparently do not feel they need to do.



Warren Yates


I have noted in a couple of articles that Clark Kent aka Jeff Jardine has written in the Metropolis aka Modesto, Daily Planet Aka the Bee, he has a cavalier attitude and condescending manner when writing his articles. Clark Kent when the need arose became Superman. Well Jeff, I want to tell you that I knew Superman and Jeff, you are no Superman. I am sure there are followers of yours who actually think you are superman and even believe what you write.

I am going to take some quotes from a couple of Jeff’s articles to show how much Jeff thinks of himself with the approval of Perry White aka Mike Dunbar.

The voice on the other end belonged to Carmen Sabatino, a former Modesto mayor. He wanted to know if I’d seen the promotional “Love Modesto” signs posted around the city. He wondered if they violated the city sign ordinance, and said he’d spoken to City Attorney Adam Lindgren and was awaiting a response”.

For your information, Jeff, I also called the city attorney’s office and asked for an appointment to speak with Lindgren about the signs. Well this dedicated public servant sucking up taxpayer’s dollars never bothered to call back an ordinary citizen. And Jeff, much like what you said in an article I will be alluding to later on here and I quote “I didn’t waste my time with a re-call”. So, neither did I Jeff.

Carmen just being Carmen again? Modesto’s Donald Grump? Or is there a real problem with the signs that needs to be addressed?

“Carmen just being Carmen again?” Gosh Jeff, just wondering what you meant with your snide comment. Why don’t you elaborate a little more when disparaging the Mayor of the great city of Modesto? What is your definition of “just being Carmen” again? If you have something to say just say it.

“Modesto’s Donald Grump?” Same questions as above Jeffie boy. Obviously, you have some underlying animosity toward the Mayor. Could it be that the Mayor was once the Mayor of Modesto while you were, are and forever will be, merely a cub reporter for a newspaper chain that appears to be going broke. They have now sold their main office building in Sacramento for $50 million and are now leasing space in a building they once owned. And calling somebody names certainly shows your lack of maturity and objectivity.

“(Bakker) railed at the city’s failure to complete road-construction projects and to…

I put this quote in to show one of Jeffie’s favorite words which I will explain later in the article.

” Granted, I’m not a lawyer and, as the old joke goes, I don’t play one on TV”.

Not sure what joke you’re referring to Jeff and I’m not a lawyer either but I did sleep at a Holiday Inn Express last night.

“But if Love Modesto’s signs do blur the lines just a smidgen, who cares? It’s a one-day event that’s proven to create long-lasting impacts”.

So now Jeff is advocating that it is okay if we break the law just a smidgen. Great counseling for your readers Jeff. Someone else a little while back said that there was not even the smidgen of evidence that the IRS broke the law. Guess who? Possibly one of Jeff’s mentors. Maybe if Jeff was driving down the road speeding and when he got pulled over he could tell the officer I was just speeding a smidgen please let me go. Press hard three copies Mr. Jardine. Some of you reading this may have heard those fateful words before. I spoke them many times.

” …helping those in need, scrubbing a pooch and more.

Consider signing up, Carmen. It could prove to be a life-changing experience”.

Really Jeff? Really? Maybe if you got off your high horse, stop being rude and condescending in what you write, you too might have a life-changing experience Mr. Holier than thou.

“If you drove along the 400 block of McHenry Avenue in Modesto last weekend, you might have seen an electronic sign next to Sabatino’s Ristorante bearing the words “Recall Fladager.”

No surprise that it was next to Carmen Sabatino’s restaurant; he has been Stanislaus County District Attorney Birgit Fladager’ s harshest critic during her 10-plus years in office”.

Gee Jeff, you haven’t been reading the commentaries by three people who have been in court during the duration of the Frank Carson preliminary hearing. Had you spent more time in there, you would have a much better insight to witness the nefarious conduct perpetrated by Fladager and several of her head minions Ferreira, Bunch, Evers, and Jacobson. You could’ve caught Ferreira in a bald-faced lie stating that there were no deals or considerations given to any of their tweaker thieving embezzling felon witnesses. Direct testimony from the attorney of two of those felon witnesses contradicted her claim and yes, showed her to be a BALD-FACED LIAR!

And yes, it is time to recall Fladager. She and her office have been embarrassed in many high-profile cases by Frank Carson. As I noted in one of my prior commentaries, her motto is if you can’t beat them, book them. So, she has thus undertaken a vicious vindictive vendetta that makes her look like a law school dropout. She has wasted untold millions of taxpayer dollars trying to subvert justice and ruin innocent people’s lives. She is a shameful example of a district attorney who is supposed to uphold law and order and not use the justice system to get revenge for her animosity toward those who are intellectually superior. There are many harsh critics of her reprehensible and disreputable conduct.

“Being a former mayor, you’d think Sabatino understands the state’s jurisdiction when it comes to McHenry and highways 99 and 132 as they go through Modesto.

The electronic sign disappeared Monday before a Caltrans manager arrived to tell him to remove it. No matter. Its message caught a few eyes.

Apparently, the Mayor does understand the state’s jurisdiction better than you do Jeff. You’ve alluded to the fact that it is a state highway which means you have been right at least once in your article. But obviously, the state found no problem as officers of the California Highway Patrol pass up and down McHenry Avenue numerous times during the day and night. Have you seen any tickets issued by the California Highway Patrol for parking illegally on a state highway? You are making that implication Jeff but apparently, the Highway Patrol doesn’t agree.

How many tickets from the Modesto Police Department did that sign get for being parked in a one hour parking zone for all those days Jeff?
I don’t think there were any Jeff. So maybe you should do a little more research before making accusations that you cannot substantiate. But that might take away from the time you needed to research the issue regarding a mural on the wall in downtown Modesto. By the way Jeff, were you there when a Cal Trans manager arrived? Or were you just the one that called the complaint into Caltrans? You know the Caltrans manager Jeff? Or is that just more speculative reporting on your part? And yes Jeff, you know “Its message caught a few eyes “as you stated. A week of viewing on one of the busiest streets in Modesto. The word is getting out.

When it comes to railing against things and people he doesn’t like, no one can match Sabatino. When he isn’t railing against the DA, he’s railing against The Bee. He simply loves to rail”.

Earlier in this commentary I talked about a word that seems to be number one in Jeff Jardine’s vocabulary. That word is “rail”. It seems as if Jeff has a bone of contention with someone regarding something they said or have done, rather than speak to them about it, he would rather just say that person is “railing”. Jeff better be careful! Some citizens who might resent his rhetoric may decide to run him out of town on a guess what? “RAIL”. HA HA HA!

Sabatino ramped up his invective against Fladager in 2015 when his former attorney and friend Frank Carson was among nine people arrested in connection with the murder of Korey Kauffman.
But that wasn’t the first time”.

Jeffrey, Jeffrey! Invective refers to characterization by insult or abuse. Look it up while you are doing your research. When the characterization of the conduct of the district attorney and various of her minions shows that her/their conduct is unconscionable, bitter, without remorse and violative of innocent people’s rights, it is not invective. It is fact! But you would not know that as your time spent in Department 26 has been diminutive, much like your knowledge of the case. Again Jeffrey, warranted criticism is not invective.

And Jeffrey, are you criticizing and using your favorite word, railing, on the Mayor for exercising his First Amendment rights? I certainly hope you don’t think that the First Amendment privilege is only for cub reporters. (Chortle, chortle)

“Sabatino’s intense skewering of Fladager and anything to do with her office dates back at least to the 2003 election when, as a one-term former Modesto mayor running for re-election, Sabatino faced 11 felony fraud-related charges. He maintains that the charges represented nothing more than a political maneuver engineered by his enemies, including former county Supervisor Ray Simon and County Counsel Mick Krausnick. Sabatino claims the case served their purpose, preventing him from winning a second term”.

And yes Jeff, the Mayor did face 11 felony fraud related charges. One of the charges was dismissed and the other 10 all resulted in a hung jury. And as far as Ray Simon and Mick Krausnick are concerned, they would be enemies of the Mayor for his attempting to show misappropriations of funds and the disappearance of several million dollars of tax payers money and a mysterious purchase of a walnut orchard that did not exist. I wonder if Simon and Krausnick made any investments in that new bank that came to Modesto. Don’t know, just wondering.

“Fladager, fresh off of a huge win in the Scott Peterson case, ran to replace Brazelton in 2006. She won, and was about to be sworn in as DA when Sabatino’s case ended”.

Fresh off a huge win in the Scott Peterson case. Yes, that’s what catapulted her into the hallowed seat at the District Attorney’s Office. Had it not been for Scott Peterson, Foghorn Leghorn or Algonquin J. Calhoun may have been able to beat her.

“She chose not to retry the case”. Probably the smartest move she’s ever made. It wouldn’t look too good to have the newly elected Dist. Atty. get pummeled into the pavement by Frank Carson. There would be plenty of time and occasions for that to take place which it did. Those losses by the District Attorney’s Office are what prompted her to rely on numerous scumbags, skuzballs, tweakers, drug dealers, embezzlers, career criminals and other offal (Look it up Jeff) to make deals for consideration in their pending criminal cases. As stated above and in many of my prior commentaries, it has been proven that deals were made and considerations given to lowlifes for their testimony.

“In the ongoing Kauffman case, Sabatino and some others believe Fladager filed the murder charge against Carson simply because he challenged for her job back in June 2014. But the investigation of Carson actually began in 2012 – a year before he filed to run against Fladager. In the 2014 election, she beat Carson with roughly 70 percent of the vote. He wasn’t arrested until 14 months later”.

Sorry Jeff, wrong again. Fladager did not file charges against Frank Carson because he ran against her in an election. She filed charges against Frank Carson because his legal expertise and acumen which far exceeds hers, prevented Fladager and her minions from winning any high-profile cases in which Frank Carson was defense counsel. This persecution is a vicious and vindictive way to get someone out of the way that continually embarrasses and exposes her legal ineptitude aka incompetence.

Fladager received roughly 70% of the vote. If the voters knew then what they are finding out now regarding her dredging the bottom of the ocean floor and pulling up whale crap as witnesses, the DDA handling the case make false representations and lie in court, a DDA Ferreira and DA investigator Crunch Bunch intimidate a witness and then tell the witness that if he were asked, the witness was to tell anyone who asked that “We were not here and this interview did not happen”, the vote would have been different. The egregious prosecutorial misconduct by Ferreira and with the blessings of Fladager occur in court on a regular basis. When one’s career is in jeopardy, all bets are off. Speculation among the gallery in this case is that before the end of this hearing, Fladager will throw Ferreira under the proverbial bus to try to save her own skin. We’ll just have to wait and see.

“…the prosecution has repeatedly failed to turn over evidence (discovery) in a timely manner to the defense teams. The judge admonished Fladager for not personally being in the courtroom to answer for her department,…”

Yes Jeff, the prosecution continually through this whole hearing has violated the original order given by Judge Manoukian to turn over ALL the discovery prior to the start of the preliminary hearing. But the DA has been dribbling discovery to the defense attorneys for 15 months thus delaying them in their ability to ask proper questions to the prosecution witnesses. And Fladager has never appeared in Department 26 to show any support for this malicious persecution. What a fantastic leader that deserts the troops when things are looking really bad.

Not that he needed any additional motivation, but that latest series of events gave Sabatino yet another opportunity to attack the DA. Hence, “Recall Fladager” in lights”.

Jeff, for your information, that signs first location was on the street in front of Department 26 to welcome Frank, Baljit, Daljit and Walter Wells as a unit to be able to walk into the front door of the courtroom instead of being ushered in through a side door with bailiff’s all around. The Mayor had the sign moved onto McHenry by his restaurant. And I will tell you that while I was dining at Sabatino’s and talking to the Mayor, it was my original idea to change the sign to read recall Fladager. He of course immediately concurred and had the message sign changed.

Having spent 27 years in law enforcement, I am a right-wing conservative that believes in law enforcement and if you have done the crime do the time. If a criminal commits an offense, I want to see him pay the price. However, what is going on in Department 26 is a slap in the face and gives a black eye to the legitimate and ethical law enforcement and the administration of justice. At some point justice, will prevail and all of those responsible for this aberration and rape of Lady Justice will be held responsible for their shameful, immoral and reprehensible actions.

So I called him Wednesday morning to ask if the sign was just a bow shot or is he really preparing to circulate a real petition for recall? It’s certainly within his rights to do so, and at a time when the DA appears most politically vulnerable”.

Yes Jeff, it is certainly within the Mayor’s right to circulate a petition for recall. It is anybody’s right to circulate a petition for recall. And you ask if he is really preparing to circulate a petition. I will only say this “Does Macy’s tell Gimbels?” And believe me Jeff you will be the first last to know. Maybe you can read about it in the Oakdale Leader. A newspaper that is not a McClatchy rag.

When the DA appears most politically vulnerable? Really Jeff? Really? The politically vulnerable position the DA is in is because of her own egotistical, narcissistic, self-centered, arrogant, and vain persona. The clock goes all the way around and every dog will have its day. The day of accountability is near and people will pay for their sinful conduct.

Sabatino, who frequently calls The Bee to talk to reporters, told me I “disrespected” him by even calling him. Then he hung up on me, though he followed up with an email about an hour later. He rambled and ranted and, naturally, railed. I didn’t waste my time with a re-call”.

If you possibly would just write your articles objectively instead of tweaking them, there’s those tweakers again, possibly there could be a meaningful conversation. The Mayor does not have to show respect to one who disrespects him. And of course, in your closing paragraph you talked about rambling, ranting and of course your favorite word in all the world, “Railed”.

Great article Jeff I really appreciate it and so did my bird. If you get my drift.



Birgit Fladager


Recent events in the Stanislaus County District Attorney’s Office has led to some interesting revelations occurring in our District Attorney’s Office.

The Stanislaus District Attorney’s Office has had a massive turnover in the last six months to a year where experienced prosecutors have moved on to other areas or private practice. Information I received this week is that they have hired about 8 to 10 new attorneys with only one of them having prior trial experience, most are very young probably right out of law school. Apparently, they like to teach them young on how to do things the way they like them done, and as we have seen in the Frank Carson et al. case it is not all done by the book.

Also, this week there has been an email sent out by Birgit Fladager states their requirements regarding the marijuana possession law that was recently passed by the voters.

This email stated that all marijuana convictions in Stanislaus County, even if it’s an infraction conviction, will require the defendant to submit to a DNA test to be kept in a database. My understanding that this is something for Stanislaus County only and not in the laws passed by the voters of the state.

It appears this administration of the District Attorney’s Office here in Stanislaus County wants to continue maintaining a vice grip on the community instead of just administering justice, along with this they have a great love for wiretaps that do not lead to convictions, and body wires that listen in on attorney client conversations constantly.

Trust me I am not anti-law enforcement but I strongly endorse the fact that law enforcement needs to do their job in a proper manner that works with the people not against the community it serves.

Also, keep in mind in recent years the government has required that all newborn babies are tested for a DNA profile and it is stored in a database for future reference.

The affordable care act, also known as Obama care, has also put in provisions of that act that waves our HIPPA rights that we have been afforded over the years as a protection of privacy and now no longer exists. I have confirmed through sources that medical billing offices are receiving demographic information in regards to patients, patient’s spouses, parents, relatives, or anyone else attached or responsible for that patient. Not to mention what is done to insurance premiums.

This demographic is not general information for particular diseases or age groups etc. but contains specific information like names, birth dates, Social Security numbers, phone numbers, addresses, and other specific information.

The things happening here in Stanislaus County, California, and in our country, can only happen if we stand still and let them happen. We can make change with people working together instead of against each other all the time, there’s strength in numbers and solidarity.