Picture Bedrock, but with modern plumbing. That’s the aesthetic of a quirky, modernist residence in Hillsborough, California that locals have dubbed the “Flintstones House.” Now, after 19 years, the prehistoric-looking pad is on the market for $4.2 million. Architect William Nicholson wasn’t honoring Fred Flintstone when he built the structureContinue Reading

He was the country boy a country came to love. Silver Screen Collection via Getty   Andy Griffith, star of ‘The Andy Griffith Show,’ died Tuesday at age 86. For eight years, from the relative calm of the early ’60s through the decade’s turbulent later years, Andy Griffith— who diedContinue Reading

“Dukes of Hazzard” star John Schneider is fuming that TV Land has pulled the plug on reruns of the humorous adventure show. The actor, who played Bo Duke on the popular early ’80s series, expressed his anger over the show being drawn into the controversy over the Confederate flag, withContinue Reading

Mork & Mindy is an American sitcom broadcast from 1978 to 1982 on ABC. It stars Robin Williams as Mork, an extraterrestrial who comes to Earth from the planet Ork in a small, one-man egg-shaped spaceship. Pam Dawber co-stars as Mindy McConnell, his human friend and roommate. The series is a spin-off from the sitcom Happy Days. The character of Mork is playedContinue Reading

Hill Street Blues is an American serial police drama that was first aired on NBCin 1981 and ran for 146 episodes on primetime into 1987.[1] Chronicling the lives of the staff of a single police station—”blues” being a slang term for police officers—in an unnamed American city, the show received critical acclaim, and its production innovations influencedContinue Reading

Hugh Jackman has spent more than a decade as the primary face of the “X-Men” franchise, but that time is coming to an end. And while the actor has previously blamed his inability to eat another egg white omelet as a part of his decision to leave Wolverine behind, apparently legendary comedianContinue Reading

M*A*S*H Original Run: 1972-83 Creator: Larry Gelbart Stars: Alan Alda, Loretta Swit, Mike Farrell, Harry Morgan, Jamie Farr, William Christopher, David Ogden Stiers Network: CBS The best part of M*A*S*H’s run was in the 1970s—by the time Reagan rolled into office, we’d already lost Henry Blake, Trapper McIntyre, Frank BurnsContinue Reading

 Moonlighting Original Run: 1985-89 Creator: Glenn Gordon Caron Stars: Cybill Shepherd, Bruce Willis, Allyce Beasley, Curtis Armstrong Network: ABC Since the Blue Moon Detective Agency stopped investigating crimes, David Addison (Bruce Willis) and Maddie Hayes (Cybill Shepherd) have become a cautionary tale in the will-they-or-won’t-they television trope. But during theContinue Reading

The Golden Girls Original Run: 1985-92 Creator: Susan Harris Stars: Bea Arthur, Betty White, Rue McClanahan, Estelle Getty Network: NBC It’s hard to imagine NBC making a show like this today—how would four elderly women with clashing personalities attract the coveted 18-39 demo? Dorothy (Bea Arthur) is the put-upon voiceContinue Reading