Lake County Florida Sheriff’s deputies responded to a call of a suspicious person trying to enter homes in the early morning hours last Friday, they discovered Lindsay Jean Stanley-McShane in the area and she told them she was looking for her missing teeth.

A search of the area, for the elusive teeth, turned up a stolen gray Kia that contained her teeth and her pink tennis shoes. The vehicle was out of gas, the doors were open and the lights were on.

The dumass tweeker quickly claimed ownership of her teeth and footwear and quickly added she was only a passenger in the car and it was the usual suspect that was driving, namely Casper the ghost as she had no idea who it was.

For some strange reason deputies suspected that she was on drugs and as you see in the below booking information she was taken to the lake County Jail and booked for auto theft and possession of stolen property.

Rumor has it that she has Stanislaus County ties but it has not been confirmed at this point.


Walmart employees cost taxpayers about $6 billion a year

by Marty Carlson


For some time now we been hearing stories about the cost of Walmart employees to the taxpayers because of low wages.

I recently read a report that they are costing about $6.2 billion in public assistance a year. This includes food stamps, the Forbes magazine staff wrote Medicaid, subsidized housing, and the report.

Data from a 2013 study estimate the low wages force workers to rely on public assistance programs. And a major cost to Wisconsin’s taxpayers.


it found that a single Walmart supercenter cost taxpayers between $900,000 and $1.75 million per year, or between $3,000 and $6,000.

And a group called Americans for tax fairness took the midpoint of that range and multiplied it by Walmart approximately 1.4 million workers.

The report also provides a state-by-state breakdown of those figures as well as some context on the other side of the coin. Which is Walmart benefiting from the food stamp program.

Walmart had told analysts recently that the company has captured 18% of the SNAP market, and using that figure it was estimated Walmart accounted for $13.5 billion of the food stamps sales in 2013.

Walmart spokesman described the report as inaccurate and misleading, referring to its use of extrapolated data in the public assistance programs eligibility requirements vary from state to state.

He also stated that 99% of the associate earn above minimum wage. And also, stated the average hourly wage for both full and part-time is an average of $11.83 per hour.

Also of note other large retail chains have been the focus of similar reports in recent months. In October study showed that the American fast food industry outsourced a combined $7 billion in annual labor cost to taxpayers. McDonald’s alone accounted for $1.2 billion of that outlay.

Others mentioned were Yum Brands, Pizza Hut, Taco Bell, KFC and all their subsidiaries costing around $648 million in benefit programs for workers each year.



Photo courtesy of inside edition

Police officers in Orlando Florida, are in the middle of a massive manhunt for a suspect wanted for the murder of his pregnant ex-girlfriend, and for the killing of a police officer in Orlando.

During this time a man identified as Ian McGuire,26, was displaying a sign outside of the Charlotte County Sheriff’s office that stated “two cops dead Orlando, God bless the shooter.”

This is also seen in the video he posted on YouTube shown them outside the Sheriff’s office with another sign that stated “I decide to conduct a first amendment audit of the Charlotte County Sheriff’s office as you know two cops were recently killed in Orlando.”

This is also a reference to a shooting on Monday we Orlando police Master Sgt. Deborah Clayton was gunned down by Markeith Loyd, when she attempted to arrest him outside a Walmart.

One resident described the protests saying “{it is disrespectful, disheartening to see such psychotic behavior from someone in their own community, especially after the unfortunate loss of another officer who was partaking in the manhunt”

McGuire continued to record people going and coming from the Sheriff’s office, stating his position is when someone attempted to donate in support of the fallen officer’s family.

He also made it clear to everyone that he is not supporting the officers or the donators he is supporting the individual that had done the killing.

At one point, he had entered the Sheriff’s office to see if they would allow him his free speech but left after getting no interest inside.

Also noted was that Maguire has an extensive arrest history in Charlotte County that dates back to 2009, including arrest in 2012 for allegedly pointing a rifle at three adults and a baby. Must also be noted that that case was declined to be prosecuted.

The Sheriff’s office declined comment on the incident, but did state that Maguire is there regularly and they do feel is distasteful what he’s doing, but they allow him to exercise his First Amendment rights to do it.


as you all know I personally believe in the right to free speech but to throw such a dramatic flair into anyone’s face regardless who has lost someone close is totally insincere, unappreciative, and is probably in need of some psychiatric help in my opinion.

Or just maybe Ian McGuire needs a good ass kicking.


Mexico says it will negotiate with President Trump

by Marty Carlson


According to the Associated Press Mexico’s new foreign relations secretary stated there willing to negotiate changes in the North American Free Trade Agreement and wants to start talking immediately.

Luis Videgaray said there is “enormous uncertainty” following the election of Donald Trump as president. And with the president elect pressuring companies not to move jobs to Mexico he has stated he is willing to renegotiate with NAFTA.

In a recent interview he stated it is important to dispel this uncertainty and this process is so important. And talk should start as soon as possible.

This also is due in part to the Mexican peso being weakened by the economic outlook of late.

He stated that the government’s main concern would be how to protect jobs in Mexico and there are a lot of reasons to think the negotiation would be favorable for his country.

He is also willing to negotiate the plan to build a wall but also stated that they will not pay for the wall calling that unacceptable.

Recent years have seen Mexican manufacturing sectors namely in the auto industry have benefited greatly from NAFTA, which went into effect in 1994. But nonetheless wages have not risen much and Mexican farmers complain about massive imports of US grain and other farm products.

At least I did not hear them say that if Trump got elected they were moving to Canada.