by Marty Carlson


Chances are your teenager spends more than several hours a day on texting and social media via their smart phone, if you look at what they’re actually doing you’ll see a lot of what is being called “snapstreaking .” There are some funny buzz abbreviations for videos and a accumulation of letters and numbers that may look like some type of modern day shorthand.

Heck you may even use some of them yourself:

LOL = laugh(ing) out loud

GR8 = great

IRL = in real life

TYVM = thank you very much

IMHO = in my humble opinion

BRB = be right back

J/K = just kidding

L8R = later

NP = no problem

WYD= what you doing?

Many of these terms are completely innocent, but some safety experts warn there could be more than what you realize with some of these texting codes. Some of that texting language might double as codes for suicidal thoughts, bullying, sex and or drugs.

The possibilities of harm coming to some of these kids is enormous and today’s parents need to safeguard and be creative to keep their teenagers from the harmful side affects of the Internet.

Safety applications are available that allows parents to monitor what is on their browsing and texting habits, they can issue red flag warnings on certain words and the context they are using them in.

The national Institute of mental health says: suicide is the second leading cause of death for young adults and adults ages 15 to 34. Teen suicide is taken on a new reality in recent years and is in large part due to to the advancement of technology.

We teach our kids to look both ways when they cross the street, and don’t talk to strangers. We need to look at the same type safety issues to protect their kids in the digital era.

Estimates are that 10 million teen messages per month go across 21 different sources that include text, email, YouTube, Instagram, and Snapchat. Below is some of the most recent list of sneaky terms that teen use:


53X = sneaky way to type “sex”

KMS = kill myself

LH6 = let’s have sex

KYS =  kill yourself

MOS = mom over the shoulder

POS = parent over shoulder

CD9 = code 9, parents around

GNOC = get naked on camera.

99 = parents are gone

WTTP = want to trade photos?

LMIRL = let’s meet in real life

1174 = meet at a party spot

IWSN = I want sex now

CU46 =  see you for sex

FWB = friends with benefits

ADR = what’s your address

MPFB = my personal f*** buddy

PAL= parents are listening

TWD = texting while driving

GYPO = get your pants off

There are many watchdog applications that can be used as I am not going to recommend any as I am not going to mislead.

One former data analysts stated that “GNOC” was typed 4,384 times on android phones in the United States in 2016.

Experts are saying that spying on kid’s conversations usually does not work, but they have to be educated in communication and modern tools, and are usually bright enough for that to be done. The expert turned use keywords, data science and machine learning to pick up on this information. And the applications that are used detects potential issues, and the app sends alert to your phone via email or text, and then offers solutions to help with the presented issues

Whether or not you plan to monitor your teens activity you may want to inform yourself of the latest text codes, according to the website Netlingo. They list the top 50 chat acronyms parents need to know.



by Marty Carlson


Multiple media outlets have reported dozens of Democratic National Committee field workers have filed a class-action lawsuit against the Democratic party for failing to pay overtime and to not pay minimum wage to its own employees. The DNC mantra has been to push employers to pay $15 an hour minimum wage but apparently don’t feel that same passion with their own employees when they have to foot the bill.

An attorney representing the DNC fieldworkers, argued the Democratic Party failed to pay workers a minimum wage and denied them over time compensation. The lawsuit seeks fair pay for fair work, he also stated “they need to hold the Democratic Party to the very ideals that it embraces.”

The Democratic platform in 2016 push for the $15 an hour minimum wage, nearly double of the current minimum, and promised to defend an Obama – era regulation forcing employers to pay a higher rate to employees for working more than 40 hours.

According to the attorney, DNC workers put in 80 to 90 hours per week and got only $3000 a month in compensation. “They got paid a flat salary of $3000 a month which is not even minimum wage for some of the hours that they were working”

Recent studies show most members of Congress who have supported the legislation to boost minimum wage don’t even pay their interns. But there mantra has constantly been “they deserve a living wage.”

Of the 205 House and Senate sponsors of the raise the wage act, which would increase the federal minimum wage to $12 per hour by 2020 only a dozen pay their interns while the rest – 94% – do not, says the Employment Policies Institute.

The Institute supports unpaid internships to give young people valuable work experience. But the group’s research director stated it is “hypocritical” for lawmakers to seek to raise the minimum wage and claim everybody deserves a living wage, and not pay their own interns.

My personal opinion is that there does need to be an upgrade in the minimum wage that have been too long without a decent increase. But this Could also put many employers out of business and be a loss of jobs. So it all needs to be considered.

But my biggest issue is if the leaders of this country want to pass legislation for these types of things they need to also set the example in their own office. It is pure hypocrisy if that’s not done.

I constantly see government passing legislation that affects the citizens of this country that they also turn around and exempt themselves from that same legislation apparently telling us they don’t have to live by the same rules or possibly that they’re just simply better than us. It’s happening massively in Sacramento right now. And it can only be done because we let it be done and we don’t do anything about.


U.S., New York officials

declare war on deadly

MS-13 street gang

by Marty Carlson



Last September Suffolk County police, in New York, found Nisa Mickens murdered on the eve of her 16th birthday. The next day, the body of her best friend, Kayla Cuevas, was found nearby. Like Mickens, she had been beaten and slashed to death with a machete.

Investigators say the girls died at the hands of MS – 13, a gang blamed for killing 17 people in the county since the start of 2016.

MS 13 is a particularly dangerous group that engages in violence for sport according to the police Commissioner.


MS 13 originated in Los Angeles in the 1980s and law enforcement have arrested more than 7,000 members in the past decade. They have moved around the world and he got a strong foothold in South America recruiting kids at the age of 10.  And now police report MS 13 is making another big push, by recruiting vulnerable children who cross the border unaccompanied and looking for a sense of family.

The Justice Department says there are now more than 10,000 MS-13 members and at least 40 states.

The Suffolk County gang unit is arrested more than 150 MS – 13 members in the past year, including those accused in the above listed homicides.

Image result for WHO IS MS-13

In South America, MS-13 are violent street terrorists whose crimes range from theft, to rape, and homicide.

They are extremely violent and have an absolute resolve to kill for the slightest reasons.

This is one of the biggest reasons we need to close our southern borders, as it is not to keep the Mexican labor force out but to keep these types of violent people out.

Sometimes you build a wall because you want to protect the people you love inside that wall and not for any other reason. The best example that I can give of that is the Vatican that has large walls surrounding it, to protect the people inside not because they are prejudiced about the people on the outside.


Man forced to give up ‘offensive’

‘Star Trek’ license plate

by Marty Carlson

A Manitoba, Canada resident was forced to hand over a personalize license plate that read”ASIMIL8,” which is a reference to the Borg from Star Trek. In addition, his license plate frame stated “we are the Borg” and “resistance is futile.”

Nick Troller said that he received a call from someone at the Manitoba Public insurance office who told him that two, (huh 2?) people had called and complained about his license plate was “offensive” to minorities. He also stated he received a letter telling him to immediately surrender the license plate.

Troller was quoted as saying “we have become too sensitive and you can’t say anything to anybody anymore.”

Ry Moran of the Canadian national Center for truth and reconciliation stated that indigenous people have been forcibly assimilated through really extremely destructive means and ways, words like that mean or not have an actual impact on many people.

The MPI’s decision is not appealable so apparently, resistance is futile for Mr. Troller.

I guess all the snowflakes I wanted to move from United States to Canada had an effect, even though they never actually moved like the threat, which by the way is to my great disappointment.



by Marty Carlson


Richard J. Donovan Correctional Facility

In inmate out of Los Angeles County, who had been sentenced to 16 years for assault with a deadly weapon was discovered dead in his cell and apparently had been deceased for at least two days.

James Acuna, 58, had been pronounced dead at 11:43 AM last Monday at Richard J. Donovan correctional facility, according to the press secretary for the California Department of Corrections and rehabilitation.

The Department of Corrections will make no further comment at this time as the death and circumstances surrounding it are pending results of an autopsy report.

According to multiple news reports from the area, Acuna may have been dead for two or three days before his body was discovered.

Donovan, the only state prison in San Diego County, houses approximately 3,700 male inmates in the facility is less than 2 miles from the United States – Mexico border. The facility is designed a house 2992 inmates, though it has a current occupancy rate of 124%.

No further information regarding the situation is available at this time.

I am no bleeding heart when it comes to criminals on the other hand if somebody’s laying there for two days after they’ve deceased, there’s a serious problem there.

Somebody didn’t do their damn job.



by Marty Carlson

April 25, 2017

Several media reports have reported that the nearly $1 billion in controversy all side deals that were made to complete the gas tax embezzlement of the taxpayers of California have been approved by the legislature.

Anthony Canella

Prior to the April 6 vote for the tax, funding for a handful of transportation projects had surfaced in a separate bill, See SB 132 .The projects will benefit the districts represented by Adam Gray, Democrat Merced; Sen. Anthony Cannella, Republican series; assemblywoman Sabrina Cervantes, Democrat Corona; and Sen. Richard Roth, Democrat Riverside.

All for those lawmakers voted in favor of the gas tax that was passed without a vote spare.

Interesting enough part of that deal passed Monday, was Senate Bill 496, by Anthony Cannella that would protect architects, engineers and other design professionals against legal claims made by public agencies. Cannella is an engineer.

It is asserted the gas tax will generate more than $5 billion per year for road repairs and local transit projects by indefinitely increasing gas tax and diesel taxes and hiking vehicle registration fees. The state claims it will cost the average driver roughly $10 per month or less. It’s

I guess that is the price of a cheap whore these days.

It appears that Gov. Jerry “Moonbeam” Brown, has delayed signing the transportation bill that’s been on his desk, and that he championed with his whorish behavior because he was waiting for the “side deals,” which he called “arrangements”

sadly it appears this type of behavior is becoming the normal and not the exception with lawmakers anymore. The true characters of many of these people come out once they realize they are beginning to turn out or not get or run for reelection and do not need to pander for votes.