by Marty Carlson

April 25, 2017

Several media reports have reported that the nearly $1 billion in controversy all side deals that were made to complete the gas tax embezzlement of the taxpayers of California have been approved by the legislature.

Anthony Canella

Prior to the April 6 vote for the tax, funding for a handful of transportation projects had surfaced in a separate bill, See SB 132 .The projects will benefit the districts represented by Adam Gray, Democrat Merced; Sen. Anthony Cannella, Republican series; assemblywoman Sabrina Cervantes, Democrat Corona; and Sen. Richard Roth, Democrat Riverside.

All for those lawmakers voted in favor of the gas tax that was passed without a vote spare.

Interesting enough part of that deal passed Monday, was Senate Bill 496, by Anthony Cannella that would protect architects, engineers and other design professionals against legal claims made by public agencies. Cannella is an engineer.

It is asserted the gas tax will generate more than $5 billion per year for road repairs and local transit projects by indefinitely increasing gas tax and diesel taxes and hiking vehicle registration fees. The state claims it will cost the average driver roughly $10 per month or less. It’s

I guess that is the price of a cheap whore these days.

It appears that Gov. Jerry “Moonbeam” Brown, has delayed signing the transportation bill that’s been on his desk, and that he championed with his whorish behavior because he was waiting for the “side deals,” which he called “arrangements”

sadly it appears this type of behavior is becoming the normal and not the exception with lawmakers anymore. The true characters of many of these people come out once they realize they are beginning to turn out or not get or run for reelection and do not need to pander for votes.

Chicago cop is accused of framing 51 people for murder

He took the Fifth Amendment on the

stand in court and depositions

by Marty Carlson


Reynaldo Guevera

Former Chicago police detective Reynaldo Guevera is accused of framing at least 51 people of murder. A group of relatives of some of the falsely accused stated that no officials, not the state attorney’s office, nor the mayor’s office, want to take up their cause. The women went in search of justice themselves and there is continuing court hearings on some of the convicted defendants especially in Guevera’s most dubious case, the Roberto Almodovar.

Some of these accusations go back several years including one in December 2013. Where a civil suit ended up in depositions against the city of Chicago and this officer.

The attorneys asked the former detective if it was true that he intentionally framed Jacques Rivera for a murder that he did not commit. The former officers response was “on the advice of my attorney assert my Fifth Amendment rights”

for the next 8 ½ hours civil rights lawyers went to the name of dozens of people have been accused by the detective of beating them in the confessions, manipulating witnesses, or just plain lying to frame them murder they didn’t commit.

Four 8 ½ hours is response never changed, taking the Fifth Amendment.

In the Almodovar case, which occurred in 1994, initial reports from officers had indicated no clear motive, no suspects and no solid leads. But Guevera was a go to guy in the department to close cases. He was always able to find the witnesses and get confessions that other cops could not.

Guevera knew the streets that he patrolled better than any of his colleagues in the department that were on the elite gang crimes unit. In the 1980s people in the neighborhood began complaining of Guevera’s conduct. In 1985 the parents of two teenage girls, both honor students, sued the city claiming Guevera had blasted into their home pulled the girls around by their hair, slap them, and toward one of the arms so hard the bone broke. He was also accused at one time of putting a gun to the head of a man’s dog get some answers to questions. He was also well known for using the term “nigger.”

When he was promoted he had the supervisor by the name of Dorsch that was also accused of manipulating identifications in testimony. It’s a claim where people said that the witnesses are supposed to lead police to a suspect and not the other way around. At one point Dorsch had admitted to the type of interrogation to the media.

In September 1994 and 18-year-old woman, Amy Merks, was killed in Chicago being shot in the back of their friends of hers in the area at the time were also shot one fatally.

Eventually, Roberto Almodovar was arrested and convicted for the crime after the detective was put on the case. Almodovar had no previous arrest history.

After such serving 23 years in prison, José Montanez and Armando Serrano were recently released from prison. The Illinois appellate court found alarming acts of misconduct in the murder probe.

They had been wrongly convicted of murder and in court filings they claim they were framed by former police detective Guevera.

In addition, investigators had found 10 others who claim in court filings they were railroaded by Guevera. Noted to was Guevera had retired in 2005.


Jennifer Bonjean



Attorney Jennifer Bonjean represents four of the 10 accused.

She states that she knows there are many more innocent people sitting in prison because of Guevara.

The misconduct allegations have caused Chicago city taxpayers nearly $21 million, and that is a figure attorneys expect to go exceedingly higher in the near future.




According to a Texas student, modern veganism is too focused on rich, white-people vegans, and it needs to become more intersectional and inclusive.

In an article titled “Vegans must feed everyone, not just wealthy white people,” Audrey Larcher opens by explaining that the modern image of a vegan is “some hipster” who is “probably slender” and “definitely white” — and that’s a major, major problem.

“White veganism — which refers to the dominant cruelty-free culture of wealth, privilege and exclusivity — is not an option for most people.” “If vegans want to promote sustainable and compassionate diets for the world, their communities must be intersectional,” she continues.

“Instead of promoting the foods of foreign cultures, vegans go great lengths to reinvent traditional foods which rely on animal products to taste good,” she explains. According to Larcher, things like the vegan imitation-cheese industry are problematic because a lot of their products and the grocery stores that sell them are expensive, and that’s an example of “cultural exclusivity.” Being a white, American imitation-cheese-eating vegan definitely is a certain culture (I almost left it at “cult”) of its own, and one that certainly is available only to people with a certain means. But everything in the world is like that. For example, rich people also pay a ton of money to take spin classes at SoulCycle instead of just going for a run, and that, too is a culture (cult!) of its own. Take any diet or interest in the world, and there is automatically going to be some sort of high-end, snobby version of it where the prices are high just because there are wealthy people out there who will pay them (and then talk with their wealthy friends about how, like, amazing their $34 candlelit spin class was and that they totally needed to go because they ate way too many $24 zucchini-and-cashew-cheese enchiladas

“Most vegan communities offer no sympathy to victims of racism, appropriating minorities’ struggles to advance their own cause, so I guess “Black lives matter. . . more than Chickens or Cows, (according to her)

Another SJW trying to make a name for herself riding the back of the BLM joke of a movement.