by Marty Carlson


According to the Sacramento Bee and multiple other media outlets, the price tag for California proposed health insurance marketplace to create a publicly funded universal healthcare system was analyzed by a state financial analyst and the results were released Monday.

An additional $200 billion a year would have to be added to California’s budget, which would require new tax revenues to create a so-called single payer system. The analysis assumes the state would retain the existing $200 billion in local, state, and federal funding currently funk received to offset the total $400 billion price tag.

The cost analysis is seen as the biggest hurdle to creating a universal system, this system was proposed by Senators Ricardo Lara, D – Bell Gardens, and Tony Atkins, D – San Diego.

It obviously remains a longshot bid. Projected costs have derailed the efforts for over the last two decades in attempts to establish such a system in California.

Currently, $100 billion-$150 billion per year is being spent currently by employers. Which are numbers which could be available to help offset total cost, according to the analysis so new spending to implement the system would be between $50 billion and $100 billion per year.

Sen. Lara stated Monday at an appropriation hearing that “healthcare spending is growing faster than the overall economy…. Yet we do not have better health outcomes and we cover fewer people,” he went on to say is critical that California charts their own path.

The idea behind SB-562 is to overhaul California’s insurance marketplace’s, reduce overall healthcare costs and expand coverage to everyone in the state regardless of immigration status or ability to pay. Instead of private insurers, state government would be to single-payer for everyone’s health care throughout a new payroll taxing structure, similar to the way Medicare operates.

Dawg says:

Put aside the immigration issue for just a minute, and look at the tax burden alone that would be placed on what is the remaining workers in California. This states leaders have an opinion there is an unending supply of money through taxation, as a constantly increase the burden upon the working class, which includes the low-income class. In addition, past history has shown California has not been able to act responsibly with major influxes of cash through taxation, the most recent being the new road tax, these assessments, cash flow for the California where they have not acted responsibly or used those tax dollars for what was intended. The previous billions of dollars paid for the roads in taxes at the pump, car registrations, not to even mention the massive amount of money paid for out of state trucking pays to use the roads.

Now you throw in an added factor of illegal aliens being provide coverage how do you sustain that type of expense in today’s working environment in California, which is becoming very quickly a benefit and welfare state.

Also keep in mind we are not talking about health care with this issue, we are talking about health care insurance, which I think is a notable difference. Until we have a healthcare system that is patient orientated and not profit orientated there will be no good solution to any of this. Obama care was not a good solution, but I do think it was a start in the right direction but poorly implemented, and the so-called Trump care is not much different.







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I Have been contacted by a family in Oakdale, California requesting I put up some missing person information.

We all have times in our life where we have a major unknown or a void that occurs and not knowing can be more devastating than finding out the truth. Below you will see a flyer of a missing man by the name of John Gerard Deny III. He was last seen around April 5, 2017 in Oakdale.

If anyone has any information or any ideas on this, please contact the family in the flyer below or make contact with me through Dawgs Blog and I will pass the information on. Please try to help this family out as the resources are not being put into this missing person as they have some in the past with agenda driven investigations. Let’s get some help for this family.

Below is a post put on John Deny’s daughter’s Facebook page:

Ashley Baldinato:

I want to thank everyone who has shared my post regarding my father. I really appreciate it. I’m about to post an updated flyer with information that I feel is necessary but before I do so I feel it necessary to provide some information. For those who don’t know, my father has been homeless for the last 7 years, he struggles with addiction, and he has made some poor choices throughout his life and has a criminal history. To this I will say, that does not change the person I, and many others, know him to be. Someone who is always helping others even when he has nothing and despite everything someone who has a genuinely good heart. I love my dad with all my heart and I would never wish for any other dad but him. I have only ever wished for him to get help and get better but unfortunately there isn’t much help for people like him. For those who have talked with me about this, you know that I’ve been waiting to graduate nursing school so that I could help him in a way that did not put my family in a difficult position. And I still hope that I get that chance. I have watched my dad’s life get worse and worse throughout the years and it breaks my heart. And unless you have grown up in a similar situation it is impossible to understand how it feels. When everytime there is a body discovered you check to see if it is your father. When you’re happy when he’s in jail because you know he’s safe. I contemplated whether to put his mugshot on this new flyer, because I don’t want to hear hateful comments about someone I love so much. So before I post it I will say this, I will not tolerate any negativity regarding my father despite anything about him. And if anyone feels the need to look down on him or feel that he does not deserve to be investigated to the full extent required to find him please remove yourself from my friends list. I am a product of my father and so many positive things about me come from him. And he raised some darned good kids if I do say so myself. As an update on today, I contacted Riverbank Police Dept. and there is no “detective” on the case. He was assigned a CSO, “community services officer.” Yea, the same people who uphold parking enforcement. Basically nobody who will do or investigate anything despite obvious signs that something is wrong. And the police report sent to RPD? Missing a bunch of critical information. Willingly left out? Who knows. What I do know, I will fight until my last breath to find my father and I will not let him recieve anything but the same investigative power that any other person without his “status” would receive. And I will continue to pray everyday that I find my dad alive despite the odds. To everyone understanding of my position and empathetic to my father, thank you.

Also, please note the pictures and information on the flyer below:



Every so often when I feel frustrated about things, and not sure of what I am doing, and even myself who is pretty arrogant can get some self-doubt. Then all of the sudden I get a reminder from someone that kind of puts me back on track. Below is a message from someone I have never met and to me was a very strong and powerful message, and extremely appreciated.

I know there is been many people that have been very supportive I guess I need a little kick ass to wake myself up, this was one today. I appreciate and thank you very much:

Marty in today’s society truth has become a rare commodity. And too many of those who are being paid to report it, no longer do. I recently made a comment in the Bee stating that with what we have seen and heard how the DA has handled the Carson case and how justice itself and what it is supposed to represent to each and every one of us is being misrepresented by the clumsy and arrogant methods of the DA dept. I said that I don’t feel safe anymore. But there is one person who has placed some of that comfort back again. And that person is you. We need a dedicated person like you who makes it your business to see things like the Carson case through. The so called reporters who are paid to be at the trial or at least want people to think that they are there watching and earnestly taking in everything that a professional is ethically driven to do are no longer representing what has always been expected from a journalist. It comes from people like you now. Because without you being there watching and listening with a heart that possesses the integrity and essence that has been deemed as unimportant and inconvenient by those who are supposed to put it on and wear it daily like they want us to think, we aren’t safe. The defendant is no longer safe. We will never know what is going on in truth since the so called reporter who claims to have a complete story only stays for a while. I hope that you don’t think that I am trying to flatter you or impress you with a long winded comment. I just want you to know that I appreciate what you are doing. Because if people haven’t realized it yet, you are doing this for us. As far as the Carson trial is concerned, they know that an advocate is there now and has to start crossing every T and dotting their I’s. They can’t change the story around and if they try, “Marty” is there and he isn’t there to cheat us or anyone else. Real champions aren’t paid by someone to oversee what they do. They are governed by what drives them. And that doesn’t come from the new school or the old school. That my friend comes from the only school. Your sacrifice is a great one and what makes it legitimate is the fact that you enjoy doing it. Sorry for the long winded comment but I can see something that warrants ten times this little comment. These are dishonest times and we are being deceived. Thank you for doing what you are doing by keeping it real. If you can do this much for us then I feel that I should do what I can if I want to put my money where my mouth is. So for now I’ll donate what I can. $100 for now. Thanks again.



By Marty Carlson


The University of Exeter sciences believe that smelling parts actually prevents cancer.

Hydrogen sulfide gas is produced when bacteria break down food, and is well known as a pungent, foul-smelling gas and rotten eggs in flatulence. They are saying it could be a healthcare hero with significant implications for future therapy since it is naturally produced in the body.

Although the stinky gas is noxious in large doses, some believe that a whiff here and there has the power to reduce kit risk of cancer, strokes, heart attacks, arthritis, and dementia by preserving mitochondria.

Some researchers have even come up with a compound to emulate the smells health benefits.

The compound, called AP39, slowly delivers very small amounts of the gas specifically to the mitochondria. The results indicate that if stress cells are treated with AP 39, mitochondria are protected in the cells stay alive.

So personally, in my case I guess myself and everyone around me are safe, and if you’re one of the ones around me be thankful from now on.



Some of you may have noticed recently of some problems with my posts on Facebook, and I have been deleting post because the wrong picture is getting posted.

My website has an auto posting feature to Facebook and it has not been working right and putting the wrong pictures up on Facebook and I’ve had to delete them and repost them.

I have been in contact with both Facebook and WordPress and they are trying to resolve the problem is they are not exactly sure what it is, many things have been tried with no success.

Just wanted to advise that’s why there’s some funny things coming up on Dawgs Blog Facebook page and you’re getting notifications that may not be there if you click on the link.