These trash bags who were elected to look after the best interests of their constituents, are worse than street prostitutes. They are worse because they believe themselves to be the high priced “Escorts” that the “elite” in our society can afford. Thinking about it, the word “Metaphorical “may not apply after all.

You see, these high priced “elitist escorts” who feed themselves from the “public trough” paid for by the taxpayers, suck enough out of the budget that they will never be impacted by a “little” tax imposed on the huddled masses. Their elitist’s attitude, to coin a phrase of dubious origin is, “Let them eat cake”.

The peasants-have-no-bread story was in common currency at least since the 1760s as an illustration of the decadence of the aristocracy. So approximately two and a half centuries later, we see that history repeats itself here in kalifornia. I never capitalize something I have zero respect for. The exception is my title.

From the Bee article: “Those contributions aren’t philanthropic. They come with strings attached, such as the $47,000 Rep. Jeff Denham took from Comcast before voting along party lines last month to relinquish your Internet browsing privacy rights”. My, my, my. Can you imagine that “trough feeder doing that? I sure can”. Gotta buy that new boat I been looking at.

From the Bee article: “Cannella voted his conscience,”. Only problem with that statement is that you have to have one to vote one. He is grossly deficient in that department. “He terms out in 2018,” so what does he care? While being a “trough feeder” he will have made enough people owe him that he will never have to “eat cake with the huddled masses”.

From the Bee article: “Gray knows he’ll be targeted by Republicans when he comes up for re-election, but would have been anyway”. Listen gray, no respect, no caps, there are plenty of Democrat voters that you and your fellow pieces of crap have peed off too. Good luck flipping burgers after the next election. Oops! Never mind. Flipping burgers takes some effort not just sitting on your fat duff.

From the Bee article: “Denham, too, can expect his share of dissent as well as support at his meeting April 17 in Denair”. Yeah jeffey boy. You better be careful. There may be citizens greeting you carrying torches and pitchforks bringing a barrel of hot tar and gunny sack of feathers. Reading comments from past Bee articles, constituents are very angry that you won’t meet and answer questions. You appear to be as popular as a fart in church. Your elitist trough feeding bought off aristocratic political hack.

From the Bee article: “In general, I’m proud of my vote,” he said. “It’s hard. It made me sick to my stomach because I had to vote for it.” (canella)

Well you STUPID IDIOT!!! Made you sick to your stomach? You make us hard working citizens sick to OUR stomach. You didn’t have to vote for it you lying political elitist jerk. Who held a gun to your head and make you vote for it? Nobody of course.

From the Bee article: Cannella gets professional satisfaction, social media vitriol and shunned by members of his own party with 20 months in office to go.

“And I’m fine with that,” he said. Of course you are fine with that you trough feeding dork face politician. You can to try to cover it up like a cat but your stink will last forever to the hard working citizens you helped to screw. Good old “I’m aboard, pull up the ladder” canella. One day Karma is going to repay you for your misdeeds.

All you maybe metaphorical whores of Babylon are responsible for this regressive tax you are imposing on hard working can least afford it citizens.

A regressive tax affects people with low incomes more severely than people with high incomes. While it may be fair in some instances to tax everyone at the same rate, it is seen as unjust in other cases.

Examples of regressive taxes include sales taxes, user fees and, arguably, property taxes.

Many years ago there was another democrat governor who was as useless as moonbeam brown. One of his misdeeds was increasing vehicle registration fees. That sucker was recalled shoved back under the rock he crawled out from under. gray davis. Remember him?

Now he has earned another, less lofty, distinction — he is only the second governor in American history to be recalled by the voters of his state. I say let’s make moonbeam brown be the third governor to be recalled and put out to pasture forever. First thing Schwarzenegger did was roll back those excessive vehicle registration fees. Just saying…

Now don’t get me started or I will tell you how I really feel.


Mexican man cleared in

sexual assault of schoolgirl

because he didn’t ‘enjoy’ it

By Marty Carlson


As reported by the Guardian website, and a online Mexican newspaper, 21-year-old Diego Cruz was one of four men from prominent families in the state of Veracruz, Mexico haccused of seizing a classmate from the private school as she left the New Year’s party on January 1, 2015.

Judge Anuar Gonzalez found that although Cruz was accused of touching the victim’s breasts and penetrating with his fingers, he had acted without “carnal intent “and was not guilty of the assault.

The victim who was 17 at the time was forced into the car of one of the alleged attackers and she stated she was never helpless. Two of the other three suspects are accused of penetrating the victim.

The release of Cruz, who had fled to Spain, but was extradited back to Mexico, has prompted outrage among human rights activists and marked a new low point in a case that has reinforced perception that those with money and political connections are above the law.

The judge,  ruling that since there was no pleasure in the act was intended to cause humiliation. They were touching her, they were bothering her, so for the judge, if the attention was a pleasure, it is not sexual assault as quoted by the worker in the legal studies department at the Center for teaching and research in economics.

The facts were not disputed, and it was not some crazy woman saying this. And it came from the judge’s mouth that if they touch you against your will, it might not be abuse. Diego Cruz was identified as touching a girl from China and later introduced his fingers, imputing him to the crime of sex abuse, which according to the judge did not faithfully demonstrate.

He also stated the sexual abuse of this minor, to which the criminal figure in question alludes, has not been proven concisely, which means it is impossible to declare that it constitutionally happened.

Now  for the defense of the girl, she has a period of 10 days to challenge the judge’s decision.  The attorney for the Carlos material’s case, confirmed that they will do so and will integrate a possible complaint against the judge, in case it is proven an act of outlaw.

On a personal note:

Here we are getting petty about some of our issues right here in the United States, and we have other countries that have this type of abuse of women. Maybe we should put our pettiness aside and realize how lucky we are, sometimes to have what we have but we still don’t appreciate it. Sounds like in Mexico they have a long way to go.


Cops Directly Defied ICE By Letting Detained Man Free, Now This Same Illegal Is Charged With Murder…

By Marty Carlson


Ever Valles

Let me preface this by saying I do not believe illegal aliens to be criminals, they are mostly hard-working people trying to support families but there is a reason why we have laws about some of these things. Here is such a story:

Ever Valles was in jail in Denver, and was arrested in October 2016 for car theft and other charges. He is a documented gang member, and in the Colorado gang database, and is here illegally.

He is a citizen of Mexico and was encountered by ICE in the criminal alien program following his arrest and was being held on an ICE detainer, for deportation.

Denver County jail administration did not honor the detainer that was placed on him. And he was released by the jail December 20, 2016. This was done without notifying ICE.

Due to his criminal history and gang affiliation, Valles was an ICE immigration enforcement priority.

But before Valles could be apprehended again, he along with another accomplice attempted to rob a gentleman by the name of Tim Cruz at a light rail station on February 7. The robbery went bad and they ended up killing Mr. Cruz.

Denver County Sheriff’s Department administration official statement says “that they are part of the criminal justice system and do not hold people on civil matters.”

They also claim that they gave notification to ICE that he was being released, ICE has no record of a release notification.

I researched this through multiple media outlets in the information was similar in all, it appears that this gentleman is a documented gang member, the long criminal history, was slated for deportation by ICE, and Denver County felt it was appropriate to release him back out into the public at large. Again, there are reasons why we have such laws, and Denver county’s is that they deal with criminal issues and not civil, but this is a gentleman has been a predator on society and they have a responsibility to take people like that off the street at every opportunity. In this case, they had good reason to not release him but politics got in the way and an innocent person died because of their actions.

Is this what we want from our public safety officials? All the deportations that are occurring may not be appropriate, but in this case, again a long history of criminal activity, the law enforcement officials had a responsibility to public safety to keep this person off the streets.  Each individual case needs to be looked at separately for obvious reasons.