A Twin Falls, Idaho mother is suing the Kotex company for $1.4 million after she claims that the tampon her daughter used has stolen her virginity. vs A mother of five, Fatima Ushban, and a recent immigrant from Bangladesh, believes that the Kotex company is responsible for breaking her daughter’sContinue Reading

Frank Carson side issue Recently I’ve been receiving some silly hating messages from somebody the calls themselves the “TRUTH AVENGER”, it’s your typical ignorant ass wipe talking stupid as many people do. A little research into this reveals something very interesting though. This person lives in Simi Valley which isContinue Reading

Arkansas judge resigns after naked pictures of defendant found on computer by Marty Carlson 5-26-2016 A judge in Arkansas who is accused of having inappropriate sexual relationships with defendants for almost 30 years resigned in disgrace. But that was only done after the explicit photos had been recovered from hisContinue Reading

JUSTICE DELAYED IS JUSTICE LOST By Warren Yates This commentary is about a person named Mark David Davis. Davis has been a regular fixture during the preliminary hearing for the Carson 8. I’m going to cut and paste in certain times that Davis’s name has been mentioned in our commentariesContinue Reading

The Chicago Police Department was involved in another shooting last Monday that resulted in the death of a 16-year-old boy. And of course black lines matter supporters are furious and want to talk about how good of a boy he was. Pierre Loury, was running from police officers, and whenContinue Reading