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A man who was caught on camera hitting a three-year-old boy to the ground inside a supermarket in Bakersfield, Ca. during a sickening incident has been released on bail.

Justin Whittington, 23, was arrested on Friday and charged with child endangerment after he hit the child – believed to be his son – in the face so hard that he fell back on the floor.

He was filmed by CCTV chasing the boy through the shop on Thursday. When the toddler stopped and raised his arms, Whittington lunges forward and appears to punch him. He then drags him to his feet by his top and then pushes him away.

A pregnant woman – believed to be the child’s mother and Whittington’s partner Crystal – takes the hand of the crying boy, who holds the other to his hurt face, and walks out of the supermarket while Whittington heads in the other direction.

Whittington, from Bakersfield in California, was released on bail today after it had dropped from $1 million to $20,000.                                    Seriously? WTF dropped to $20,000????

The child was checked over by paramedics soon after the violent incident and was deemed not to need hospital attention.

If you watch the child in this video he knew what was about to happen, was scared to death, and wanted to run away, so this had obviously happened before.

This fucking shithead Justin Whittington is lucky I was not there and saw what happened I would have had a piece of his ass and just maybe he would have had a piece of blue steel shoved up his ass. And I would have taken measures to protect that child.

The mother has a responsibility to protect that little boy and failed miserably, she walked out like she was not even concerned about what just happened.