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Here is a noontime report :


Noon Time Report 10/11/2016


The big dick is back, that’s me! This is court day 143, and in custody day 423. Court was supposed to start at 9:30, but actually started at 10:13 a.m. The judge was there at 9:45, which is better than her usual. Minor business taken care of at the beginning of the hearing. The District Attorney turned over some videos on disk of the transports and reports on the videos. There was information on some reports by a Dr. Galloway. I think he is a part of pathology/anthropology, which I believe to have something to do with the body and length of death, (if I remember correctly).

There is information from the California Department of Corrections rehabilitation report with information on all of the defendants, and whoever else was involved. There was apparently 130 items total taken as evidence.


               The Judge asked Madame D.A. to give the bate stamps, (as she has been doing recently, the last few months), on all this information she has turned over. The D.A. did give bate stamps for some, but not everything. She will provide everything at a later time.  Should I laugh now or hold my breath?


               Robert Woody came out and got on the stand. Martha Magana wants to play a 7 hour video of a March 1, 2014 interview. This was right after Woody’s arrest. There were some long arguments by several attorneys on the validity and reason for the video. It is going to be time consuming and take about 3 days to listen to all this audio. Apparently there was supposed to be some conversation with Martha Magana and Marlissa Ferreira last weekend to discuss and agree on playing what was appropriate, and what was fit/not fit. This apparently did not happen as Madame Ferreira had a “long weekend”. She had to shave her back. Ok, not true but funny nonetheless.


               Martha Magana argues that Woody’s statements are small and different in every version. She apologized to the court for using the courts time, but there’s a need to play this to show the conduct of the officers. This is a 7 hour video that’s going to be played. I understand what she’s probably trying to do here, and I’m sure its necessary, even though it is a major use of court time. Especially since there isn’t a lot of court time everyday.


               Tim Rein then asked for a waiver for him to be there, since there won’t be any discussion of his client Walter Wells in the video. The court discussed and agreed, the waiver was taken. If there’s any problems during that time, another attorney will step in and handle it.  Robert Forkner also took a waiver for his client, Christina De Fillipo for the same reasons.  Jesse Garcia started discussing some other minor issues in business to deal with. I did not 100% understand what he was talking about. Hopefully they did, but no guarantees.


               During all of this discussion, Robert Woody was brought out and taken back about 4 or 5 times. Finally at about 10:45 he was brought back on the stand. Martha Magana asked if the screen shot of the video being shown was him? In the video he is sitting with Jacobson. The court attempted to play the disk, but for some reason it would not play correctly. It kept going to the second disk. Whoever copied the disk must have done it incorrectly.


               There was a short 10 minute break. Robert Forkner needed to get some transcripts from his office. Of course the 10 minute break lasted 20 minutes.  The video was then started and showed Jake from State Farm talking to Woody. He was asking him if anyone in law enforcement was giving him a hard time, and if so then they would be “taken down”. He mentioned if anyone was intimidating, or abusing their power then they would be held accountable. I’m just curious if their going to hold themselves accountable for the harassment I had to endure? Coming to my house, banging on neighbor’s doors to ask about a voice mail that is not a crime. That’s a personal issue though.


               Jake from State Farm told Woody he is not going to County Jail, because he knows he will be in danger from the people involved in this case. Jake wanted him to ensure he will be kept safe.  As we all know, he ended up in Tuolumne County. Jake from State Farm said that some of his surveillance from the Woody house and things in the area, made the hair on his neck stand up. (I’m sure Bunch’s breath would have the same affect). From the way Woody was treated, apparently some people think they are untouchable.  Well he would know. Juice Jacobson goes on and on about how these people are “done”, and he wants Woody’s side of the story. Any harassment towards his family will be dealt with.  Ironically the investigator’s have been doing the same thing.  He was telling Woody how he will feed everybody in the “clan”, as he put it.


               At that point Jacobson was asking Woody if he was hungry. Kirk Bunch comes into the room, and (pulls down his… jk) Jake asks Bunch if he’s hungry. We all know Baby Huey has the buffet in his passenger seat, and is ready to feed everybody. Kirk Bunch then started talking about some preliminary information, just trying to get his name and phone number. He started asking Woody about his whereabouts the past few days.  Woody had been motel hopping the past few days, maybe a week. Kirk asked Woody about past arrests in 2011. He mentioned stolen property, and Frank Carson represented him in that case. He was asked about Daljit Athwal taking him to his appointment with an attorney. Bunch started showing Woody pictures of Carson to identify him. There was another picture shown and Woody did not recognize him. Kirk then told him it was Korey Kauffaman. Interestingly, he did not know who Korey was, but “allegedly” was there during his murder. I hate when I forget about murders I was involved in, don’t you? Inserts another eye roll.  He then started talking about Beverly Woody’s statements about him being involved in this case. Robert Woody denied being there when Korey Kauffman was killed.


Bunch asked if someone “got” to him, that “someone” being the Athwals or Frank Carson.  Bunch was curious if anyone was trying to get him to sway his testimony.  Bunch believes Woody and family have concern for his safety, saying Robert Woody is a liability to Frank Carson and the Athwals. He also believes they will no doubt throw Woody under the bus. Something amazing happened about this time during the interview. I found out Jon Evers can talk. He threw out a couple of pictures, they were of the Athwal brothers. There were actually coherent words coming out of his mouth, (free of chicken and ding dongs). Amazing. No more than a dozen words or so, and surprisingly no Miranda rights. No mention of back handing anyone either….Perhaps he was saving that for his wife. Boom.


Kirk Bunch talked about Robert Woody’s nephew, he was showing a lot of concern for his safety (insert eye roll here). From the sound of all of this, it seems like the Woody family was doing an awful lot of talking to these investigators. Kirk Bunch then went on to tell Woody that Baljit was a “hot head”. This coming from someone who shot another man in the back, go figure. He also told Woody that Beverly had already told him what happened. Kirk Bunch then goes into a long narrative speech about how strong of a case they have with all their evidence. He tells Woody that he knows he will do the right thing.


I thought the terminology Bunch was using was interesting. I was under the assumption that Woody didn’t know a lot, if any of it.  He was even throwing a few legal terms in there.  Robert Woody seems like a simple guy. I don’t think he’s ignorant, just simple. Spam and rice simple. I really didn’t think he had much of a clue what was said to him.  Bunch kept reassuring that they had a lot of evidence against Carson and the Athwals. He once again told Woody that they would blame him for the crime.


Woody again said he was not there when Korey was killed. Kirk Bunch looked like he was getting a little frustrated at this point. It was still early in the investigation and he was already showing aggravation. Jon Evers showed Kirk Bunch something, (most likely the menu from the lunch buffet), then they both left the room. They left Woody alone in the room for about 7-8 minutes. Upon returning, Jon Evers was going on about how much they know, and how intelligent they are (this is a matter of opinion). This all happened, then it was finally noon and time for lunch. Most likely after lunch we will continue watching the video. This will go on all day tomorrow, and probably the day after. Martha Magana will then ask her questions. Check back soon for the latest on the afternoon session!






By Warren Yates

10-10-16 – Since its football season, I’m will take a few minutes to show some instant replays of the events in the Carson 8 preliminary hearing that has dragged on for over a year. I am going to take excerpts from some of my commentaries and those of you that have been following them faithfully will remember them. However, for those who have just recently been introduced to the commentaries that three of us are making, this will be something new for you. So I hope you enjoy.

Prior to that I wish to report on a new bill that has gone to the desk of Mr. Liberal Moonbeam in Sacramento. So here it is: Under the law, which was introduced by Assemblywoman Patty Lopez (D-San Fernando) and signed by Gov. Jerry Brown on Friday, a prosecutor can receive up to three years in prison for altering or intentionally withholding evidence that defendants might use to exonerate themselves. Previously, those acts were considered misdemeanors.

He actually signed it and I am pleasantly surprised as his attorney general kamala Harris, refused to prosecute a Merced County deputy sheriff who filed a felony false police report which directly impacted the defendant. I have video proof and the false police document that the dirt bag deputy is guilty of. I sent the whole package to do nothing kamala Harris and it was sent back to me two days later telling me to go back to the county in which the violation occurred.

I had also told this worthless attorney general that that’s where I started and they refused to do anything about it and would never return my calls. The case I’m talking about involves a publisher by the name of Gene Forte who is the only person in history that has ever represented himself in a federal court and obtained a unanimous jury verdict against the crooked former mayor of Los Banos Tommy Jones.

The jury not only delivered a unanimous verdict for Gene Forte but he was also awarded punitive damages. And living up to his reputation, former Mayor Tommy Jones has just been arrested for bribery. The whole story can be found at . After I discovered the dirty deputy sheriff mentioned above, I was fired by Mr. Forte’s public defender obviously fearing that I would expose more illegal tactics by members of the Merced County Sheriff’s office.

The only problem with the new law that makes it a felony for prosecutors to withhold or manufacture false evidence is that it is not retroactive to the beginning of the Carson 8 preliminary hearing or several members of the Stanislaus County District Attorney’s Office would already be behind bars and the Carson 8 would be free. The District Attorney’s Office has found numerous dregs of society who are blatant criminals, arrested them and then dismissed or deferred prosecution on the criminal witnesses as long as they said what they were told to say.

The Dist. Atty. has continually failed to provide discovery to the defense for the whole year and only provides it when it is discovered by the defense that the District Attorney’s Office was withholding the discovery. This discovery is exculpatory in nature and failure to provide it is a violation of Brady vs Maryland but at this point they are getting away with it with relative impunity.

The Dist. Atty. has said in court that there were no deals made for their dregs of society criminal witnesses but she has been shown to be a BALD FACED LIAR when a public defender for two of those dregs of society testified in open court that both of his defendants had in fact been given deals for their testimony. So the DA lies away and there are no sanctions placed upon her.

There are also civilian witnesses including law enforcement who have testified one way and then when the recordings of the interviews are played, their testimony in court was tailored to avoid the truth and make the defendants look bad. Again no sanctions against anybody in the District Attorney’s Office. When one of the lead Dist. Atty. investigators, Captain Crunch Bunch was caught in a lie on the witness stand, he was not admonished by the judge for committing perjury but rather allowed to say that it wasn’t really a lie but that “I was just incorrect”.

So there it is fellow citizens, if you lie in court under oath it is perjury a felony. However, if you’re in law enforcement or any of their witnesses and you commit perjury on the stand, it’s not perjury they were just “INCORRECT”. It sounds kind of familiar in today’s political theater where there is a candidate who would rather lie and deceive than to tell the truth. Hopefully that political liar would be able to share a jail cell with some of the liars currently in Department 26 at the Carson 8 preliminary hearing. WELL I CAN DREAM CAN’T I?????

Okay here comes some excerpts. These are randomly selected from different dates some older than others but here they are:

09-10-16 – As Detective Evers and Special Agent Bunch began to talk to Baljit, Baljit took out his telephone and began to record the interview. When Special Agent Bunch and Evers saw that, Special Agent Bunch said “You know that’s illegal to do that?”. Being confronted by two law enforcement officer’s one being very large in stature and knowing if they had a badge they had guns, Baljit became intimidated by their authoritarian bearing. Baljit immediately turned his phone off and stopped recording not knowing what to expect from these two if he did not stop”.

This is another example of the jackbooted behavior that Captain Crunch Bunch and his minions employ to try to intimidate, threaten, harass, badger and bully citizens. All of you reading this commentary need to take heed. This very type of egregious misconduct could happen to you because there is apparently no “off” switch to throw on the storm troopers. Their supervisors certainly don’t make any attempt to stop these violations of civil rights and in fact probably condone their behavior.

One of the civilian witnesses who as far as we know doesn’t have a criminal record, doesn’t mind bragging about how important he is. He is, glorified cell phone salesman Jim Cook. He was caught in several lies on the stand. But that doesn’t bother him because he and his not too bright son Chris, has clipped the taxpayers of Stanislaus County well in excess of $250,000. So old Jimmy was laughing all the way to the bank.

Speaking of crooks, this is so much fun let’s keep going. I see where Patrick McGrath and Kirk Bunch, now Special Agent Kirk Crunch Bunch were classmates in high school. Isn’t that sweet. Patrick McGrath stayed here in the area and through several business dealings or under dealings, he managed to file bankruptcy in the amount of $3.2 million. Kirk Bunch wandered off from the land of Oz to the big city of Pittsburg, California. I’m sure he was doing well there on the police department but one has to wonder why did he leave? There are rumors flying around why and that the reason followed him here. But that’s only conjecture. Or is it? The Shadow knows.

So then here he comes back to Modesto and Capt. Kirk slides right into a position as a Dist. Atty. investigator. Then, the nefarious duo of Patrick McGrath Special and Agent Kirk bunch tried to take down Carmen Sabatino. Well through all of their hooks and crooks, shenanigans and lying, much to their chagrin and others of those politically connected, the jury hung and Carmen Sabatino walked. I heard they have an extra order of crying towels brought into the DAs office the day Carmen got the hung jury. One jury member told the Bee that there was not enough evidence to convict him. No doubt they smelled several rats on the prosecution team during deliberations. KAPOW!!

A jury Wednesday acquitted Modesto bail bondsman Aleo John Pontillo of all criminal charges against him after a five-month trial and an investigation that went on for several years. Chief Deputy District Attorney Dave Harris told the jury that the case was about Pontillo’s greed and abuse of power.

As we are finding out, the greed and abuse of power belong not to AJ Pontillo, but the Dist. Atty. Brigit Fladager and her many minions afraid of her in the DAs office. On December 10, 2014 the District Attorney’s Office was handed a knockout punch. KAPOW! The county spent three years trying to convict AJ Pontillo. How many millions did they spend on that fiasco? They don’t care and sure don’t want to say. They just keep dipping into the taxpayers’ pockets to finance their abuse of power and prosecutorial misconduct. It’s sickening folks.

Frank Carson was the attorney who beat the snot out of the Dist. Atty. in both of those cases. Oh wait, I forgot. There was another abuse of power and prosecutorial misconduct in the case of Frank Drummond. Well guess what? Their abuse of power was thwarted again and shoved back down their throat.
NOT GUILTY! Oh I forgot to mention, Frank Carson was the attorney in that case.

And now we have Frank Carson sitting in jail for over a year as payback by the Dist. Atty. for making her look like Algonquin J. Calhoun, Esq. in a skirt, Bunch as “Lightening” and Evers as “Kingfish”. Some of you younger readers may not remember the older barrister Calhoun. He was featured on television quite often with the others. No it’s not Matlock. It’s not Ironsides. Okay break out your Google searches. Egregious prosecutorial misconduct because of a vendetta. The district attorney should be ashamed of herself for allowing behavior of this type from her subordinates. Thank you Dist. Atty. Fladager for creating Orwell’s “1984”here in Modesto.

07-22-16, In a series of searing questions, the three judges expressed frustration and anger that California state judges were not cracking down on prosecutorial misconduct. By law, federal judges are supposed to defer to the decisions of state court judges.

Prosecutors “got caught this time but they are going to keep doing it because they have state judges who are willing to look the other way,” Federal Judge Kozinski said.

Kozinski demanded to know why the informant and the testifying prosecutor were not charged with perjury. He suggested the state bar should pull the law license of the prosecutor who presented the evidence.

Here we have a federal judge who is angry because state judges were not cracking down on prosecutorial misconduct. Judge Kozinski said that the prosecutors got caught this time but would continue because state judges would look the other way rather than hold the vicious and unscrupulous prosecuting attorneys accountable. Vicious? You better believe it.

In the above Baca case, he has been in custody since 1995 because of lying witnesses and a lying prosecutor. If you don’t call that vicious, you are as stinking and rotten as the lying witnesses and lying prosecutors. Come on folks, do we see any parallels here in Stanislaus County? Of course it’s a parallel but remember that worthless attorney general kamala Harris will not do anything about it. She wants to be the senator from California so she is absolutely refusing to do anything to help citizens in California. She is a dirt bag that refuses to honor the oath of office she took. And she wants to be a senator. She’ll fit right in.

It is on good authority that Dist. Atty. Fladager had told chief deputy Dist. Atty. Ferreira to drag this hearing out as long as she could to break the defendants financially, physically and mentally. This persecution by Fladager is reminiscent of the Salem witch trials. A village idiot would gather up a lot of her other idiot friends, get their pitch forks and torches and go grab innocent people and burn them at the stake or in this case try to kill them in court. Who says history doesn’t repeat itself.

Let’s talk about a couple of Ferreira’s lies. Without researching our prior commentaries, I will tell you that in open court back along several of the dirtbags that she has as witnesses were asked if they had received any consideration for their “perjimony” and Ferreira jumped up and said no there have been no deals made. Then along comes an intelligent, compassionate, honest young deputy public defender full of integrity and said that to the contrary at least two of his defendants in this egregious prosecution have been offered consideration in exchange for their “perjimony”. If you don’t get “perjimony” let me know and I’ll tell you.

Then another case of complete disrespect for other officers of the court, meaning the defense attorneys, Ferreira again lied in open court. Defense attorney Tim Rein could not be in court yesterday due to a trial he had to go to. Ferreira made a pact with Mr. Rein that in his absence she would not discuss anything regarding his client Walter Wells. As evidenced by the record, Ferreira again showed that she was a liar AGAIN and had a plan all along to ask questions of shakey Baby Huey (Don’t say domestic violence around me) Evers in which he would have to bring Walter Wells into the testimony. So obviously Ferreira has absolutely zero respect for the other defense attorneys and she does not mind lying to them and breaking her word.
Should be sanctioned.

I said this several times before and I will say it again, I am a right wing ultraconservative who believes in strict law enforcement. Strict law enforcement of those who are guilty I mean. I will say again that the majority of all police whether they be deputy sheriffs, constables or anyone who wears a badge are all loyal, dedicated, trustworthy and have what the law enforcement players in this prosecution do not
have, and that is integrity and a moral compass.

I sure that all of the decent law enforcement personnel here in Stanislaus County are clenching their teeth and saying please don’t judge us by what you’re seeing in the Frank Carson persecution. I say to them, don’t worry we know you are the honest and dedicated officers and we respect you and we got your backs. Stay safe out there.

08-23-16 – Mme. chief deputy district attorney stated that Martha Carlton Magana’s dog piling stuff to malign witnesses and their testimony. (OBVIOUSLY THE DA HAS FORGOTTEN HOW MARVELOUSLY HER DIRTBAG DREGS OF SOCIETY THIEVES, DOPERS, BURGLERS, CRIMINAL ASSAULTERS, DRUG DEALER, EMBEZZELER WITNESSES HAVE MALIGNED THEMSELVES AND THEIR TESTIMONY) Martha Carlton Magana is trying to allege prosecutorial misconduct but according to Mme. chief deputy Dist. Atty. Ferreira nothing warrants the prosecutorial misconduct attempt by Ms. Magana.

The fact that the information about the polygraph was not brought out immediately was now called by the Dist. Atty. a “huge inadvertent mishap“. That’s a term that is likened to the term that was used when Special Agent Captain Crunch Bunch was caught lying on the stand. Then that was referred to as “incorrect” rather than what it should have been, perjury. Remember when cops lie they are “incorrect”. If a citizen lies its “perjury”.

Well that’s it for this go around folks. If you like these updates I got a whole ton of them to do.



By Warren Yates

10-08-16 – Due to my ever increasing caseload of defendants some of which should not be defendants, I have not been in court for the Carson preliminary hearing as often as I was before. I will state now that several of our defendants have had the victims defer prosecution, and against their wishes the District Attorney’s Office refused to honor the victims request and not prosecute.

You must remember, that the District Attorney’s Office is driven to get as many convictions as they can, even when a very serious charge was reduced down to the equivalent of spitting on the sidewalk. The DAs office just wants one in the conviction column. Nothing could be more evident of that theory, than the persecution of the Carson 8. In this case it is not just wanting to get one in the conviction column, but in addition it is a personal vendetta by the district attorney against a defense attorney that is far more intellectually superior than she is.

One has but to go back into the archives and review the cases that were erroneously brought against Carmen Sabatino, Frank Drummond and Aleo J. Pontillo. These three cases resulted in not guilty or charges dismissed. In all of these cases including the Frank Carson case, all were victimized by the minions of the District Attorney’s Office also known as investigators who successfully bungled their cases. By the way, Frank Carson was the defense attorney in the above listed cases and successfully rubbed the district attorneys nose in the crap. The district attorney’s office motto is “If you can’t beat them, book them”.

Cap’n Crunch, Kirk Bunch and Jake from State Farm Jacobson were two of the bumblers. In the case of Frank Carson, two other stalwarts of law enforcement (Note Sarcasm) were thrown into the mix. They, being Jon (Don’t say domestic violence around me) Evers, Frank Navarro from Turlock PD and Dale Lingerfelt. The least culpable of all of them is Frank Navarro.

My problem with Navarro was that I saw him try to use prior friendships to try to get evidence from a person when that evidence did not exist because the person knew nothing about it. That person then automatically becomes a suspect. Marlissa Ferreira was present that day and there is no doubt that the order came directly from her. There’s that old saying that goes “All’s fair in love and the Stanislaus County District Attorney’s Office”. What a sad state of affairs that is.

For those readers who are not completely up to date, I am going to cut and paste a few entries from past blogs to help show what a farce and travesty of justice this preliminary hearing is. The prosecution’s parade of witnesses read like a list of the 10 most wanted thugs, tweakers, thieves, drug addicts, drug dealers, tweakers, did I say tweakers yet, ha ha, embezzlers, felons, ex-felons, did I say tweakers yet, ha ha, assaulters, knife wielding pukes, did I say tweakers yet, ha ha, liars, perjurers, scum that would sell their grandmother’s false teeth for the next fix and finally tweakers in case I hadn’t said it before.

So let’s put in a few excerpts showing some of these barrel scraping standup criminals who are offered deals in exchange for their testimony if they say the right thing. When asked, Ferreira said there were “no deals made”. Deputy Public defender Ben Rosenstein testified in open court, that in fact deals had been made for two of his clients in exchange for their testimony. That makes Marlissa Ferreira a “bald faced liar”. Was Ferreira admonished or held in contempt of court for lying in court? No. It’s obvious that the District Attorney’s Office is getting a pass by the judge.

11-25-15 – “As I mentioned earlier in a comment, Dist. Atty. Ferreira complained to Judge Zuniga that I was writing comments regarding this case. She said that my writings were inflammatory and might influence potential jurors if this “case” makes it to trial. I am paraphrasing what she said. She also mentioned to Judge Zuniga that she wants a “gag order “put in place. Judge Zuniga refused a request and told her to file a motion.

As I mentioned, I am humbled by the thought that deputy Dist. Atty. Ferreira feels that something I write could possibly influence anyone and sway their opinion regarding this airtight, slam-dunk, gotcha, “it’s in the bag” and it’s all over but the shouting case of theirs. Chortle, chortle!!!

Dist. Atty. Ferreira wants to suffocate my right to publish an average citizen’s perception of the events of this preliminary hearing. I have no idea what Dist. Atty. Ferreira is so afraid of regarding what I write. Albert Einstein once said “Unthinking respect for authority is the greatest enemy of truth”. As citizens, we have to have respect for authority, but must not go along like lambs being led to slaughter”. I will close with a quote from another Patriot, Thomas Paine: “Society in every state is a blessing, but government, even in its best stage, is but a necessary evil; in its worst state an intolerable one”.

11-10-15 – One thing I noticed that Harris said initially today that the Carson case was a blue star case. When asked what a blue star case meant, Harris said it was a special case when someone significant was involved and it was Harris’ job to “monitor/shepherd” the case. And yes Harris did continually say that there were no agreements or considerations given to any of the criminal witnesses that the prosecution put on the stand. (So this makes Harris a bald-faced liar too, unless he wants to admit that he has no control over his “underlings”. Liar or no control Harris?)

He was then asked, don’t you hate Frank Carson. He answered no not really. He stated he hates what he does (Of course he hates what he does. Frank Carson makes the District Attorney’s Office look like a bunch of jackasses and nobody would like that!) But he doesn’t hate Frank Carson. (Lie or no lie?) Harris was asked if Frank Carson had turned him into the State Bar. Harris replied not that I’m aware of. (Lie or no lie? You bet he knows.)

Martha Carlton Magana then mentioned that “Mr. Microphone”, Mark Davis had worn a wire against Carmen Sabatino. Melissa Ferreira then stated the defense is constantly telling half-truths. (Coming from the source I thought that was rather funny). It was openly admitted in court by Ferreira eventually that they had provided a wire to Mark Davis to surreptitiously record anybody he could.

12-03-15 – During the interview Bunch tells Cooper that if things work out, I’ll make sure you get consideration and you know I am a man of my word. (Ferreira = No Deals. (Lie or no lie?)

In regards to the stolen antique train sets, Cooper said that a woman named Amber who lived in the front house on Lander Avenue had one of the train sets. After this information from Cooper we still don’t hear about law enforcement working on a case against Amber for possession of stolen property. (Why not?)

Oh wait! My bad! There aren’t any criminal charges pending against Michael Cooley, Eula Keyes or Linda Burns for possession of stolen property either. Now whose fault do you suppose that is? And their free ride for possession of stolen property of course, has nothing to do with the testimony they are presenting in this case. DUH? Anything wrong with any of these pictures? Just saying…

At this point Deputy District Atty. Ferreira interrupted the court proceedings and asked Judge Zuniga to make Mr. Garcia move. She stated that he is standing behind her to her right and as Mr. Forkner asked questions of the witness, Mr. Garcia is making comments. She stated she had asked Mr. Garcia to move but he refused. WAH WAH WAH! What a cry baby!

The judge asked Mr. Garcia to move over by the podium which he did. Still not satisfied with his positioning as Deputy District Atty. Ferreira still looked concerned, Judge Zuniga asked Mr. Garcia to move to the other side of the podium. Mr. Garcia in doing so left him approximately 24 inches further away from Ms. Ferreira. That little bit seemed to take care of it. What a difference a foot or two makes.
(And in the case of the prosecution witnesses, what a difference a lie makes.)

Cooper stated that at one point, Cooley thought that he Cooper, was trying to do the “Nay Nay” dance with Cooley’s girlfriend Eula Keyes. Cooley pulled a knife and threatened Cooper who stated he had no interest in dear Eula. Cooper went on to state that Cooley was a violent person. (In this case, beauty had to be in the eye of the beholder, believe me!)

Continuing his testimony, Cooper stated that he had seen Michael Cooley beating up people several times. He had also seen Cooley carrying knives and threatening people numerous times. It would appear that at times Michael Cooley and Ronald Cooper were trying to “out knife” each other if you will.

Testimony up to this point shows that Michael Cooley generally pulled his knives on men while Cooper preferred putting his knife to the throat of a female/s. I guess the old adage “anything you can do; I can do better “would apply in their competitive instances.

12-30-15 – Deputy Dist. Atty. Ferreira stated that she is making an objection on behalf of the state of California regarding the documents being sent to the defense attorney. Judge Zuniga immediately notified deputy Dist. Atty. Ferreira that she has no standings to object on behalf of the state of California so her objection was overruled. As verified in the public record, deputy district attorney Ferreira quite often inserts herself in areas in which she has no business. Ouch! Smack down number 1.

Having recovered from that smack down by the Judge, deputy district attorney Ferreira then stated that she wanted the name of the person that Mr. Garcia spoke to at the Department of Justice. Mr. Garcia told Ms. Ferreira he was not going to reveal the name. Judge Zuniga then told Ms. Ferreira “you call the Department of Justice yourself”. Ouch! Smack down number 2 and we barely got started. Just saying…

Ms. Ferreira then admitted that she had no evidence showing that his (Hampton’s) life would be in danger. Judge Zuniga then stated that Ms. Ferreira’s arguments were offensive and that Hampton would be required to answer the question. Ouch! Smack down number 3.

Judge Zuniga then told Ms. Ferreira that you are making it much more difficult and complicated than it needs to be. Ms. Ferreira then said well if you’re going to make him answer, and then Judge Zuniga interrupted her and said “Let me handle this ma’am”. Ouch! Smack down number 4.

Ms. Magana stated that she would provide copies to all of the defense attorneys. At that point deputy district attorney Ferreira chimed in and said me too! Judge Zuniga told her no Ms. Ferreira it you do not get them! Ouch! Smack down number, oh I lost count.

Deputy DA Ferreira then said “I’m sure the court will rule accordingly on the motion” and Judge Zuniga responded “I am sure you will object accordingly Ms. Ferreira”. Ouch! Smack down and I still don’t remember what number it is up to.

Well I could go on and on but I just wanted to briefly recap some of the instances in which the DA Ferreira lied and again without sanction.

Speaking to people who are in the courtroom in my absence, it is become obvious that Robert Woody is nothing but a sock puppet for his handler Jake from State Farm Jacobson. Woody is in fear that he will spend the rest of his life in prison if he doesn’t testify to what he’s told to testify to. There is speculation in the gallery that they are providing Woody will whatever he “needs” in the way of Big Macs, ice cream and pharmaceuticals if you get my drift.

Woody’s mother Beverly, when he was in jail, held up a piece of paper on the glass for Woody to read which instructed him as to what he is supposed to say when he testified. Now Woody’s mother cannot read or write, and I wonder whose DNA would be on that paper she held up to the glass. I’ve got a couple of ideas and I’m sure you do too. The case is crumbling under the weight of Robert Woody’s testimony. No matter what bad things Robert Woody is done in his lifetime, he has become a pawn and a victim of the District Attorney’s Office in their vendetta against Frank Carson.

With Jake from State Farm and Captain Crunch Bunch handling all of these dregs of society, one might say “Don’t get your hands dirty”. But if your hands are already filthy, no problem huh?

As I mentioned before in one of my commentaries, I feel that the court bailiffs that are there to keep the defendants from “escaping” the courtroom will soon be there to prevent the Dist. Atty. and her staff of the minions involved in this persecution from escaping the courtroom. And unfortunately, the taxpayers of Stanislaus County will be the ones that have to pay the victims being persecuted in this egregious case of prosecutorial misconduct.







I am going to be up late tonight putting my notes into words for you. I attended the entire day of testimony. So much is going on in the courtroom. Robert Woody was put back on the stand today, and was shown to have given inconsistent testimony, and was shown to have told countless lies. Court started at 9:52AM today. We are getting close to starting on time, but close only counts in horseshoes. We spent the first 20 minutes speaking about several motions, and then defense attorney Hans Hjertonsson took over on cross examination of Robert Woody. Hans was simply brilliant, and totally prepared. Now sit back, and I will once again try to paint for you a picture of what went on this entire day of testimony.

Judge Zuniga starts out today by speaking about a motion that has been filed by the prosecution. Judge Zuniga: “I have never seen such a motion.” Marlisa Ferreira speaks about doing something like a 1040. Defense attorney Robert Forkner states that Brady trumps the prosecution’s arguments. I believe I hear this thing concerns Detective Navarro. Defense attorney Timothy Rien states that: “This matter is an effort to protect the identity of an informant, and the information that was provided by the informant from discovery.” Rien states: “I really don’t think it is a motion.” Judge Zuniga states that: “Mr. Rien really has zeroed in on this matter, there is no legal basis.” Marlisa Ferreira then withdraws her motion. The prosecution, in this case, has shown a real aptitude for doing things with no legal basis. This time, it appears they did not get away with it. The whole matter seems to concern recordings that were done by the prosecution.

Judge Zuniga then speaks about a motion to dismiss due to Judicial Misconduct, which concerns due process that was filed by Frank Carson and Percy Martinez. I have heard that Frank Carson wrote this motion. Judge Zuniga states that she does not want to wait until the end of this preliminary hearing to rule on this motion. The judge instructs Marlisa Ferreira to respond to this motion by Monday, October 3rd. It appears that this motion will be taken up on October 17th. All the defense attorneys want all the paperwork on this issue by October 13th.

It is announced that court is starting at 1:30PM on next Tuesday. One of the lawyers has another case in the morning. None of the lawyers were thinking this thing would be dragging on into the 11th month. They all have other cases that have been postponed numerous times.

It is now around 10:20AM, and Robert Woody is put on the stand. Defense attorney Hans Hjertonsson begins his cross examination of the prosecution’s key witness. Hans starts out asking Woody about his drives from Tuolumne County. Hans asks Woody if he sits in the front or back seat while being transported. Woody says he rides: “Shotgun.” Hans asks Woody if the investigators have a problem with that. Woody: “I am shackled.” Hans asks Woody if he lived on East Ave, Turlock in 2012. Woody: “Correct.” Woody is asked about his former wife Tammy Watts. Woody says that they have 4 children together. Woody said his relationship with Daljit Atwal was good in 2012, but went sour when they began to believe he was stealing. Woody admitted that the Athwals provided money to Robert and his family.

Hans then asks Woody about the incident on Lander Ave when he and Baljit Athwal went to Michael Cooley’s house. Hans states that this was the same day that Woody’s case had been dismissed. Hans reminds Woody how he had said that he had gone to TJ Samra’s recycling business. Hans reminds Woody how he had said that TJ Samra called Michael Cooley, and that Cooley had said that he was going to come over, but Woody and Baljit Athwal drove over to Michael Cooley’s house. Hans reminds Woody how he had said that an individual had come out of the Cooley house, and had said: “What are you looking at?” Hans then reminds Woody how he had said that Baljit Athwal had told the individual: “I am no friend of yours.”

Hans then speaks about how Woody had told the investigators that Woody and Baljit Athwal drove around the block to 9th Street where the Carson property is located. Hans speaks about the incident that occurred at Korey Kauffman’s house. Hans asks Woody if DA Investigator Steve Jacobson and CHP Sargent Domby had asked him about this incident, and that Woody had told them he had no recollection of it at all. Woody: “Yea.” Hans asks Woody if DA Investigator Steve Jacobson had then asked Woody: “To do a deep search.” Woody: “I don’t remember.” Hans has Woody read the transcripts to try to refresh his memory. I am not sure how Woody responded to this. Hans reminds Woody that Jacobson and Domby told him over and over again: “You were there.” Hans reminds Woody how he had told them: “I don’t recall that.” Hans: “They told you a female had identified you?” Woody: “Correct.” Hans states that Jacobson and Domby had told him: “We already told you it was Daljit Atwal’s BMW.”

Hans: “On 08/14/2015 you had no recollection of the incident on S. Johnson?” Woody: “Correct.” Hans: “When did your mind get clearer?” There was an immediate objection by Marlisa. Woody steps down, and we have many arguments. During the arguments, defense attorney Martha Carlton Magana states that: “Woody was forced into admitting a non-existent event.” We now take our 11:00AM break.

It is now 11:19AM, and Hans Hjertonsson resumes his cross examination of Robert Woody. Hans: “At some point, you remembered?” Woody: “Correct.” Hans: “When.” Woody: “2015.” Hans: “What triggered your memory?” Woody: “A witness.” Hans: “Who?” Woody: “A woman who had seen me.” This woman turns out to be Kimberly Stout. Hans reminds Woody that he had told his family that he had taken Kimberly Stout at her word about Woody being at the incident. Hans asks Woody if he still does not recall the incident on S. Johnson. Woody: “Correct.”

Hans then asks Woody what he saw when the vehicle stopped on S. Johnson. This is strange to me because Woody had just said that he still has no independent recollection of this event. Woody said that he saw two people. Hans: “What did you say?” Woody: “Your ass is grass.” Hans: “That is what the investigators said?” Woody: “Yes.” Woody said that the two people out front were males. Woody said that they were working on a stump, trying to dig it out of the ground. Hans asks Woody if there were any vehicles parked in the driveway. Woody: “No.” Woody testified that the incident happened in the daylight. Woody said that he and Baljit were taking some milk that they had purchased from Costco to give to the Hindu Temple. Woody said that they would drop of Costco milk that was getting close to its expiration date to the temple. It appears that Pop N Cork sells Costco milk. Hans pushes Woody on the milk deliveries, and gets Woody to admit that they would always drop off milk to the temple in the evening. Woody testified that he and Baljit Athwal had dropped off milk more than 10 times to the Hindu Temple, and it was always after 5PM. Woody testified that he would always sit in the car, and never went inside of the Hindu Temple. There was an objection to this line of questioning, and the objection was sustained.

Hans then goes into 07/15/2012 when private investigators Jack Able, and Gary Armoyan had showed up at Pop N Cork Liquors. Hans speaks about how Robert Woody had said that he, Baljit Athwal, and the two investigators had gone to the liquor room at Pop N Cork where there was a closed circuit television in the room. Hans tells Woody how he has said that he could see two officers come into the front of Pop N Cork on the closed circuit television. Woody said that he was shocked, because the officers were getting ready to take some shots of alcohol. Woody said that he went to the front register, as the officers headed to the liquor room. Woody said that he watched the activity in the liquor room on a closed circuit television at the cash register. Woody said that Daljit Atwal had told him to go home, and that Baljit Athwal was in the back with the officers. Woody said that Daljit Atwal had told him that he would call Woody back in about 30 minutes. Woody said that Daljit Atwal gave him a call later on.

Hans then goes into 06/25/12 when an officer knocked on his door, and asked him questions concerning Korey Kauffman. Hans reminds Woody how he had said that Barringer had a conversation with him, and had shown him a flyer concerning Korey Kauffman.

Hans then goes into how Woody had received a cell phone call from Baljit Athwal earlier in the morning where Baljit had asked him to come over to Pop N Cork. Hans then reminds Woody he had said that Daljit Atwal had called him later in the day approximately 30 minutes after the officers stopped by for shots of alcohol. Hans reminds Woody that he had provided Detective Barringer his cell phone number. Woody could not remember providing Barringer with his cell phone number. Hans has Woody read the transcript concerning this. Woody is taken out of the courtroom. There is an offer of proof. Hans states that the two officers that came into Pop N Cork had recording devices. Hans states that the officer’s recordings clearly indicate that Baljit Athwal was at the front of the store. Hans states that there was no phone call 30 minutes after Woody left the store. Hans has Woody read the transcripts concerning this matter. Woody now remembers providing Detective Barringer the cell phone number 209-496-1712. Hans: “Did Baljit Athwal call you on that number?” Woody: “Correct.” Hans: “Did Daljit Atwal call you on that number?” Woody: “Correct.” It appears that the cell phone intercepts do not match what is going on here, but Marlisa Ferreira speaks about how the Athwals were sometimes using “Burner Phones.” Defense attorney Martha Carlton-Magana states that this mis-states the evidence, because testimony shows that burner phones were not being used at this time in the investigation. It is now time for our lunchtime break.

We resume court at 1:42PM. Hans asks Woody what he had for lunch. Woody jokes that he had pizza, but then says that he actually ate a sandwich that was provided by the jail. Hans talks to Woody about the day he was arrested on 02/28/2014 when he spoke to DA Investigator Kirk Bunch and Detective Jon Evers at the DA’s Office.

It is at this time I notice a man dressed in black on the prosecution side of the courtroom. It turns out that he is a private investigator by the name of Steve Duden. Marlisa Ferreira states that he is a potential witness in this case. She states that she might do Prop 115 testimony for him, or actually call him to the stand. Judge Zuniga states that since he might be a witness, he will have to leave the courtroom.

Now, back to the 02/28/2014 interview of Woody at the DA’s Office by Bunch and Evers. Hans asks Woody if he knew that he had an arrest warrant on him on 02/28/2014. Woody: “Yes.” Hans then speaks about 03/01/2014 when Woody sat down for around seven hours with the investigators. Hans tells Woody that the investigators had told him that they had a recording of him that was secretly done by Miranda Dykes where he admitted to killing Korey Kauffman. Woody admitted that they had told him that. Hans reminds Woody how he had indicated for hours that he had nothing to do with the murder, and had only bragged to her about it. I believe I heard that he did this because he wanted to “get laid.” Hans asks Woody if the investigators had told him that he could receive the Death Penalty or life in prison without the possibility of parole. Woody seems unsure on this, and Hans has him read the transcripts. Woody says: “Correct.” Hans speaks how Percy Martinez had asked Woody if he had burglarized a business or home in Hughson, and had pleaded guilty. There is an objection to this, and Woody is taken out of the courtroom. There were arguments, and the objection was sustained.

Woody is put back on the stand, and Hans speaks about 03/01/2014 where DA Investigator Steve Jacobson had told Woody that he didn’t actually hurt Korey Kauffman, and that he had tried to pull Baljit Athwal off of Korey Kauffman. This was objected to. Woody was once again taken out of the courtroom. Marlisa thought that this statement from Woody was not contained in this interview. Hans shows the court that this statement was contained in this interview, and that it was made by Jacobson. Marlisa Ferreira: “I stand corrected.” The objection was overruled. Robert Woody reads the transcript, and still does not remember Jacobson telling him that. Just another example of Woody’s selective memory. I am sure he is coached to say these answers to things he does not want to admit.

Hans asks Woody about the lengthy bathroom break that he had during this interview, and if he remembers it. Woody: “I guess so.” Hans states that Jacobson has told Woody that he was not going to talk about the case during the bathroom break. Hans states that Jacobson then stated that Woody made a statement. Hans: “During the break, Jake told you things to say.” Woody: “No.” Hans then reminds Woody that after this interview an investigator had talked to him and asked him about the bathroom break. Hans states that Woody told this investigator that: “Jacobson told me to tell them what they wanted to hear.” Woody: “I don’t remember that.” There goes that selective memory again. Hans asks Woody if he had told his Mom and Dad on recorded visits that: “The law made me say what they wanted.” Woody: “I might have.” Hans has Woody read the transcripts concerning this matter. Woody: “I still do not remember saying this.” Hans: “Didn’t you say that they want me to smut it up and lie and fucking lie and shit, I don’t know who did it?” Woody: “Correct.” Finally, he remembers something. Hans asks Woody about another recorded phone call where Woody told his dad that: “They want me to say I was there, and that I tried to help that kid.” “They want me to tell all those fucking lies.” Hans has Woody read the transcript of this recorded call. Woody: “I don’t recall that.”

Hans: “After the bathroom break you said you were at the Carson property when Korey Kauffman was killed?” Woody: “yea.” Hans: “You saw a scuffle for a few moments, tried to pull them off Korey Kauffman, then turned around and went home?” Woody: “Correct.” Woody speaks about how Korey Kauffman was wearing a shirt with a hoodie and “boot shoes.” Hans: “On 03/01/2014 you told Kirk Bunch that you could not recall what Korey Kauffman was wearing that night.” Hans: “When did you remember what he was wearing?” Woody: “I just remembered that.” Woody stated that he remembered what Korey Kauffman was wearing after his 08/14/2015 interview. Hans reminds Woody that Steve Jacobson had asked him about Korey Kauffman’s boots on 08/15/2015. Hans: “Did Jacobson ask you about the color of the boots?” Woody: “I don’t recall.” Hans asks Woody if there was a screw holding together one of the shoes. Woody: “I don’t recall.” Hans: “You said Korey Kauffman’s shirt had a logo?” Woody: “Correct.” Hans: “When did you recall that?” Woody: “Just came to mind.” Hans: “When did you get to Pop N Cork that day?” Woody: “Don’t remember.” Hans: “Who was at Pop N Cork?” Woody: “Daljit and Baljit.” Hans: “What was Daljit doing at Pop N Cork?” Woody: “Working the cash register.” Hans: “You and Daljit left?” Woody: “Correct.” Woody testified that he and Daljit Atwal left Pop N Cork twice that day. The first time was around 12:30AM to 1:30AM. He was not exactly sure what time they had first left the store. I am not quite sure when they left the store the second time. I think it was when the truck was burned.

Hans asks Woody about the bar area in the back of Pop N Cork, and if there were any people there. Woody says that there were two ladies in the bar area of Pop N Cork. Hans: “Who?” Woody: “Friends and family of Walter Wells.” Woody states that on 08/14/2015 that CHO Sargent Domby had said that the ladies were from Walter Wells family, and that had helped him remember that they were there. He seems to be getting all the “facts” of the case from the investigators. Hans: “Daljit told you that Baljit had called him?” Woody: “Correct.” Hans: “Where were you?” Woody: “Stocking the shelves.” Hans: “You went over with Daljit in his vehicle?” Woody: “Correct.” Hans: “you didn’t know where you were going?” Woody: “Correct.” Hans: “You saw a scuffle going on, the body was moved, that evening you never saw a gun?” Woody: “A direct gun no.” Hans: “you saw what you thought was a bullet hole?” Woody: “there was one.” Hans: “you heard a sound that could have been a gun shot?” Woody: “Correct.” Woody: “I turned around and saw something in Daljit’s left hand that he put into his pocket.” Hans: “On every single statement you made before speaking to Marlisa Ferreira you stated that you did not see a gun?” Woody: “Correct.”

Hans: “You told Domby you had lied about being to the Carson property?” Woody: “Correct.” Hans: “After the bathroom break they asked you and you said you had been to the Carson property?” Woody: “Correct.” Hans: “You came back with Daljit to Pop N Cork?” Woody: “Correct.” Woody testified that Baljit arrived at Pop N Cork about 8 minutes later with the body in the back of his truck. Woody testified that Daljit Atwal removed the cables that were locking the front doors to Pop N Cork, and went inside. Robert Woody testified that he was standing at the gate to the side yard.

Hans tells Woody that on 08/15/2015 he was taken to Pop N Cork with the investigators. Hans tells Woody that what he saw was a gate right in front of him, and that right next to that gate is a gate that consists of two doors that open inwards. Hans asks Woody if sometime before 08/15/2015 something was modified. Woody: “Yes.” Hans asks Woody if there was only one door. Woody: “There was always two doors.”

Hans: “Why did you not tell that Robin Attenhoffer went with you to the mountains?” Woody: “My love for her.” Hans: “After 08/14/2015 you said that she went with you to the mountains, drove out 140, and threw the fingers and toes into the river.” Hans: “Were you telling a lie?” Woody: “Correct.” Hans says that the pedestrian gate on the side yard was built after Woody was arrested, and that there was no pedestrian gate in March of 2012.

Woody testifies that Baljit Athwal backed the truck into the side yard at Pop N Cork, and that he dug the hole. He said that Robin Attenhoffer was not there. Woody said that Baljit Athwal did not help him dig the hole. Hans: “You told Helton and Baker that you and Baljit were both digging the hole?” Woody: “Correct.” Hans: “Was that truthful?” Woody: “No.” Hans: “Why did you lie on 03/01/2014 that you were not on the Carson property?” Woody: “I was told to keep my mouth shut.”

Hans: “On 04/27/2016 you said that you and Baljit dug the grave to Investigator Helton and Martin Baker.” Hans: “Why did you lie?” Woody: “No purpose.” Hans: “Why did you lie about being there?” Woody: “I don’t know.” Hans: “No explaination?” Woody: “No.” We now take the 3:00PM break a little bit late.

It is now 3:36PM, and Hans Hjertonsson resumes his cross examination of Robert Woody. Hans: “Why did you lie about throwing the fingers and the toes into the river?” Woody: “No particular reason.” Woody states that the truck was inside the side yard when he was digging the hole. Hans: “Did you hit any pipes when you were digging the hole?” Woody: “Don’t recall.” I would bet my bottom dollar there are some pipes right where Woody said the body was buried. Hans: “Did you hear any clanking sounds like you hit a pipe?” Woody: “No.” Hans: “You said it took approximately 10 minutes to dig the hole?” Woody: “Correct.” Hans: “you and Baljit moved the body into the hole?” Woody: “Correct.” Woody said that he put a tarp on the ground that was approximately 10 ft by 10 ft. Hans: “Did you put the tarp in the hole?” Woody: “Correct.” Hans: “you moved the body into the hole?” Woody: “correct.” Woody said that he then dismembered the fingers and the toes. He stated that he started with the left hand index finger, but has no clear recollection of the events. Hans: “Was this traumatic?” Woody: “Correct.” Hans brings out that Woody had previously stated that he started with cutting off the pinky finger. Hans: “Is it difficult to keep up with all the lies?” This was objected to, and the objection was sustained.

Hans: “What was Daljit wearing that night?” Woody: “blue pants and a t shirt.” Woody was not sure if anyone had changed their clothes after putting Korey Kauffman into the ground. Woody stated that he wiped his hands with some rags, and then washed them using a faucet on the side yard. Hans tells Woody that he had told Martin Baker and Investigator Helton that he did not wash his hands after putting Korey Kauffman into the ground. Hans: “What was the purpose of that lie?” Woody: “No reason.” Hans: “What did you do with your clothing?” Woody: “I threw them in the trash.”

Hans tells Woody that on 08/14/2015 he had told Steve Jacobson and Sargent Domby that Korey Kauffman’s body was moved to the mountains the same night as the murder. Woody states that he does not remember telling them that. Hans then tells Woody that Domby and Baker told him: “No No No, the cell phone data does not support that.” Woody states that he does not remember them telling him that. Hans states that Woody had said that he had made two fires, and that Steve Jacobson had looked at him, and that on 08/15 he had said that he had not made a fire. Hans: “What was the purpose of that lie?” Woody: “I don’t know.” Hans brings up 10/06/2015 when Woody asks Jacobson if he was not pleased with the story he was telling. Woody: “I might have said that.” Hans has Woody read the transcript of that, and Woody says: “That’s what it says on there.”

Hans brings up that Woody had said that the body was moved from Pop N Cork because some cops had been to the store asking questions. Hans states that Woody had said that the cops had come by approximately one week before the body was moved. Hans: “How many cops?” Woody: “A couple.” Woody said they were male cops. Woody said they came by two times asking questions about Korey Kauffman. Woody said that he was the only one that dug up the body of Korey Kauffman. Hans: “Smell?” Woody: “yes.” Hans: “Cover your face with a wet rag?” Woody: “Yes.” Hans: “Was Robin there?” Woody: “She showed up after the body was loaded up.” Hans: “Baljit did not help to dig up the body?” Woody: “Correct.” Woody said that Baljit was standing right there next to him. Hans: “What happened to the soil?” Woody: “Not much was taken, around five gallons of soil.” Hans: “How was this soil moved?” Woody: “shovel.” Hans: “Who moved the soil?” Woody: “Me.” Hans: “You told Jake and Domby that Robin filled the hole.” Woody speaks about filling the hole partially, and then finishing filling the hole after getting back from burning the truck. Hans: “Have you ever told that to anyone before?” Woody: “Don’t recall.”

Hans: “On 08/14/2015 you were asked by the investigators where the truck was parked in the mountains when you dumped the body.” Hans: “you told them the truck was parked on the asphalt.” Woody: “Correct.” This is odd, because it was strictly a dirt road by the time the body of Korey Kauffman got to the spot where it was put into the woods. Hans brings up that Woody was taken to the grave site on 08/14/2015 when he could see the surroundings. Woody said that was correct.

Hans states that Woody said that they took approximately five gallons of soil to the mountains with the body of Korey Kauffman. Hans: “Where did that soil end up?” Woody: “Some came off the truck.” Hans: “On 08/14/2015 you told Steve Jacobson and Domby that you were tossing soil off the truck.” Hans: “Why did you lie?” Woody: “No comment.” Hans: “When you came back to the store, the store was open.” Hans: “Did you go in?” Woody: “No.” Woody said that he got some gas cans, and drove to the country and burned the truck. Woody said that he saw Daljit Atwal get into his vehicle and follow him to the country to burn the truck. Hans: “Where did you get the gas?” Woody: “On the side yard, we had it for the mower and the weeder.” Woody said that he got one three gallon plastic gas can, and another one gallon plastic gas can from the side yard. He said the gas cans were red. Hans tells Woody that on 03/01/2014, after his arrest, he had told Kirk Bunch that he had only used a single one gallon gas can. Woody states that he does not remember telling Kirk Bunch that he only used one gas can containing one gallon of gas. Hans has Woody read the transcripts concerning this. Woody could not remember telling Bunch this.

Hans asks Woody if he had said that after he had burned the truck he had burned the rags, and the saw.” Woody: “Yes.” Hans: “What about the socks?” Woody: “I did not burn them.” Hans asks Woody that on 08/15/2015 he had told Steve Jacobson that he had burned the socks. Woody says that he does not recall saying that. Hans has Woody read the transcripts. Hans: “Does that refresh your memory?” Woody: “Yes, correct.” Hans: “Purpose of that lie?” Woody: “No explaination.”

Hans: “After cutting the fingers and toes off did you put the socks back on?” Woody: “No.” Woody said he put the socks next to the body in the tarp, and moved the body and the socks up to the mountains. Woody said that he rolled the body out of the tarp in the mountains, and put the socks back into the tarp. He said he threw the bloody tarp and socks into the trash. Woody said that the rags, socks, and the saw were put back into the tarp after dumping the body, and were taken back to Pop N Cork. After he burned the truck, he had a fire on the side lot of Pop N Cork and burned the rags, the saw, and the socks. Woody said that he put what was left over from burning the items into the bloody tarp and put them in a black trash bag, and put them into the trash. Hans: “When did you tell that to anyone?” Woody: “I don’t recall.” Woody said that he stomped out the fire with his shoe. Hans: “Tell anyone?” Woody: “I don’t think so.” Hans: “Did you take a shovel to the mountains?” Woody: “No.” Woody testified earlier today that he used a shovel to get rid of the five gallons of dirt that was taken with the body to the mountains. It is now almost midnight, and I have been writing this article since I got home. Time to eat, and to go to bed. I am exhausted.

Sincerely; William Thomas Jensen (Tom)

FRANK CARSON et al 9-27-2016 (marty)

Court day 108

Custody day 409

Persuasion from a higher calling

by Marty Carlson


The afternoon session started it 1339 hours in this Woody’s was starting to get up on the stand is attorney Bruce Perry stated he wanted to have a conversation with him and delete proceeding for about five minutes.

Percy Martinez asked the court if you get asked if the couple more questions of Robert Woody, and he asked him if he watched the video of that interview from August 2015 at the jail. He stated he had and Steve “the juice” Jacobson was there with him. This was done last week at the Tuolumne County jail. He also stated he did not recall if he had read the transcripts of that video.

Must be noted to that for some reason Stanislaus County is trying to hide the location of Robert Woody, as he shows in custody in the Stanislaus County main jail. But Matt MDA has made several references to him being picked up by investigator Lingerfelt who appears to live in that area and picks him up on his way down. In addition, Beverly Woody stated yesterday while she was at the court that she had a visit with her son at the Tuolumne County jail last weekend. Apparently her efforts to suborning perjury up to this point have not been enough to keep her from being allowed to visit her son while she still under subpoena in this case. One last note Percy Martinez asked if he viewed that video at the 20 County jail he confirmed that he did. Just a side note and I don’t know why they continually try to have cloak and dagger stuff going on when it’s obvious where he’s at.

At that point Robert Forkner then began cross examination of Robert Woody was talking about when the investigators talk to him he stated he had lied to them and he had lied to his lawyers to. He told them he had made a number of false statements to all involved.

Woody was shown a report that apparently was written by his attorney Bruce Perry, dated

4-2-2014. It stated that he did not know the pop and cork brothers were involved, and also stated to the lawyer that is not what the investigators wanted him to say. He stated he was never involved in the beating and he was only trying to impress Maranda Dykes with his story that she recorded on the body wire because he was trying to get laid. Also what he said on the wire was mostly all street talk that he had heard.

He stated he really liked Maranda Dykes and he was trying to sound important. He had made up all the information about the pigs and he only knew Korey Kaufman vaguely from the streets.

He stated B and D were good guys and would never do anything illegal. He was asked if he stated they were good influences on him and he could not recall.

He stated the brothers had been talking about fixing his teeth for some time not just after March 30 of 2012.

He also stated that when he turned himself in he was high on math and had been drinking. He had been up for a few days and he did not recall if he said he’d ever been on the Carson property before.

There was a long objection by the district attorney about Robert Forkner asking the witness to look at transcripts that he was constantly having trouble remembering what he said. The judge finally stated that it can be done for limited purposes only. Also there was some discussion by the judge about a misstatement of evidence objection when the judge did not hear the testimony when he said he had been drinking before a turned himself in. The judge had a review of the transcript real-time and had corrected herself. I wonder what else she misses not listening.

He was asked about an interview he had done with a private investigator that was hired by his attorney and he had stated the Atwahl brothers and Frank Carson were all good guys. Again is been discussed and that interview and he stated that he could not recall ever being on Carson’s property.

The investigator it inquired about the bathroom break and he had told the investigator that no one had threatened him during the break but did say that investigator “Jake” kept telling him to say what they wanted him to say.

He also stated there was a big guy with big cheek in the interview who was being an ass in that was determined to be Detective Evers.

There were discussing an interview that was done in March 2014, shortly after he had turned himself in, and Jake had told him that the Atwahl brothers and Frank Carson were rolling over on him. But he stated he did not recall that being said. He also stated he did not recall the saying that someone had used, the first one to the plate goes home.

On March 14, 2014 he was picked up at the Tuolumne County jail by Steve Jacobson and Dale Lingerfelt to be transported to court in Modesto. He stated he did not recall being told that the brothers will kill you and put you down just like they did Korey Kaufman. In fact, Jacobson told him they will snuff you out like they did Korey Kaufman, again he did not recall that being said. He also stated he did not recall saying that he wanted to tell the story is so that would set him free.

Robert Forkner at that time wanted to play the transportation audio and the district attorney objected saying is improper to play the tape that there is no foundation and not proper procedure as if she would actually know that.

Robert Forkner stated it shows threats and statements by the investigators the judge said normally it is improper but can be for non-hearsay purposes with a proper foundation. When Woody was asked if he wanted to review the audio to see if it helped his memory he said “we could try.”

Again that led to another long argument on the relevance of the audio the DA says not relevant and the defense attorneys are arguing that its prior inconsistent statements.

The judge says it’s not proper to play the audio and to also read the transcript at the same time. And also saying that the whole video may be inconsistent and improper also. The transportation audio is all the defense wants to play as for what was said.

Mme. district attorney is reading case law about helping a witness to remember statements, which usually doesn’t work out well for her because the judge usually knows these things already. The judge advised her that she is reading the proper statute but is not understanding its meaning or how it applies in this particular case. The DA continued to argue with the judge and I believe she quoted 1235 of the evidence code in the judge again is trying to explain to the DA she is not reading the statute correctly. It finally became obvious that the judge is losing patience with Matt MDA and through her teeth one final time she is incorrect.

At that point we took the afternoon break which she said is a strict 15 minutes and it lasted over 20.

We returned from break to listen to the audio of the transportation of Woody to court. The judge was concerned that Woody cannot keep up with reading the transcript and listening to the audio so they told him to just listen to the audio and it is a started. Initially the audio is very difficult to hear the judge stopped it and expressed concern and she was advised that in a minute or so it would get better be easier to understand.

It started out with someone who I believe to be Steve Jacobson telling him to do the right thing for his family’s sake. He told Woody that the brothers wanted to keep him locked up, they are worried about what he might say. Jacobson was saying to him they are not your friends and they will want to kill him if he’s not careful.

Woody made a comment that he was being punished for something that he did not do, and he also stated that they think he is a Fucking liar.

Jacobson continued telling him the brothers want him staying right where he is at and there are four people that are prime suspects in this case but he is the only one in custody. They also stated that people are going to his house that are being sent by the brothers, and they are picking him up and transporting him to court personally to keep him alive.

Steve Jacobson started giving a long speech about attorney-client privilege and his ability to talk to his lawyer when he gets to the courthouse. He also stated God will put it in his heart to tell the truth and not go down alone on this case. Jacobson was telling him that he is giving Woody his word to help him to finally bring the truth out.

He was telling him how competent his lawyer is and he was obviously trying to gain Woody’s trust. He also talked about Woody’s fear of worms and fishing and his inability to gut a fish get he doesn’t like to hurt things. He was also telling Robert Woody he has to be honest for the best interest of his family.

Jacobson also mentioned to him about Cory Kaufman family will be in court and he needs to think about them and their need for closure. They told him he needs to make things right to be able to get the right things that he wants. There were telling Woody the brothers think he is expendable and as long as he keeps his mouth shut they will keep him around and control him but as soon as he talks they will lose control.

Sometime during this series of speeches by Jacobson you can hear some snoring in the background apparently investigator Lingerfelt got bored with the conversation and went to sleep.

Jacobson was telling him they see him as a value as a human being so he has no worries about them.

Jacobson started talking about Woody’s dad who he feels reads the Bible and he keeps himself in the word of God, and he believes that his dad has a strong relationship and belief in God. Jacobson also stated that he knows Woody’s mom keep the Bible on her nightstand and stays within the word and is strong with the Lord.

Apparently it’s the court system she has a problem with.

He goes on to say that he was raised with God and that means he has honor. He says that they must trust everything with his family ties and about them being good people and telling the whole story and complete truth. And he must be honest in front of “Almighty God.”

Jacobson kept talking a lot about Woody’s family mostly his mom and dad and it is obvious to me he was trying to play on his emotions.

Jacobson tells him he needs to talk to his lawyer, his family, then investigators if need be. Jacobson also stated that he likes talking to Woody’s dad as he’s a good man and enjoys their conversations. But he did say not to tell his parents where he is locked up for his safety concerns.

At that point in the recording the arrived at the courthouse and they were looking for some masking or duct tape to cover up the markings on his gel close that show that he’s at Tuolumne County.

At that point Robert Forkner asked Woody if that audio recording that helped his memory and he stated it did help some.

He stated that he remembers that Carson and the brothers had nothing to do with it is what he said at the time. He was also asked if he remembers the brothers was going to kill him. He says he wasn’t sure. But he was concerned about being murdered for something that he didn’t do.

He stated he does not remember most of what the investigators wanted to know and he just repeated eventually wasn’t they wanted him to say. But after listening to the tape he still having trouble remembering statements and about making lies in such.

That was the end of the day for the afternoon session and tomorrow there is a motion scheduled for 9:30 AM, and at 10 AM the prelim will continue but don’t count on it.

FRANK CARSON et al 9-27-2016 (tom)





Today, Judge Zuniga was only 5 minutes late arriving at the courthouse, but court did not start until 9:50AM, twenty minutes after the intended start time. It would be nice if we could start on time just one time. She could build on that, and things might go faster in this never ending preliminary hearing.

I had an interesting conversation with a lady who appears to have changed her mind about the state of the prosecution’s case. This nice lady has sat every day in the courtroom watching what I have been watching for almost a year. When I first started talking to her, she was convinced that all the defendants were guilty as sin. Our conversation today showed me that she has come to the realization that no jury will ever convict anyone based on the testimony of Robert Woody. She now does not believe anything that comes from the mouth of Robert Woody. She believes someone killed Korey Kauffman, but does not believe the tale that the prosecution has been trying to spin. She sees how Woody has been manipulated by the investigators to say what they want him to say in order to get his plea deal. She has more trust in the judge to throw this whole thing out than I do. I certainly hope that she is right. To hold anyone over for trial based on the evidence presented would be a travesty of justice.

Robert Woody is called to the stand at 9:50AM, and defense attorney Percy Martinez continues his lengthy cross examination of the prosecution’s key witness. Percy is leaving no stone unturned in his efforts to show how Robert Woody has lied, and been manipulated by the investigators to tell the story they want him to say. I must say that Percy Martinez did a magnificent job today in what he was trying to do.

Percy Martinez asks Woody about the interview that he did on 08/14/2015. He asks Woody if CHP Sargent Domby had asked him if he had tried to run from the alleged killing of Korey Kauffman on the Carson property. Woody: “I didn’t know.” Percy asks Woody if Korey Kauffman was standing during the alleged altercation. Woody could not recall. Percy Martinez has Woody read page 145, lines 10-13 of the transcripts of the interview. Percy: “You remember?” Woody: “Yea.” Woody said that Korey Kauffman was standing.

Percy Martinez then asks Woody if he said that Baljit Athwal had hands on Korey Kauffman. Woody: “Yea.” Percy then asks Woody if he told Domby he had left the Carson property alone from the fight. Woody: “Correct.” Woody told Percy that Korey Kauffman was being slapped around, and he then had left the Carson property.

Percy Martinez asks Woody if he had told the investigators that there was no metal stacked up on the Carson property to act as bait. Woody at first could not remember. He was allowed to read page 156, lines 15-22, and said that it was correct that he had told the investigators that no stacked up metal was used as bait to lure in Korey Kauffman. Percy once again asks Woody that he had told the investigators that he had only seen Korey Kauffman being slapped around before he left the Carson property alone. Woody: “Correct.” Percy then asks Woody if he had told the investigators that Baljit Athwal and Daljit Atwal did not use their knees while they were beating down Korey Kauffman. Woody: “Correct.” Woody said that he told the investigators that he left the Carson property while he saw the Athwal’s slapping Korey Kauffman around, and saw the Athwal brothers at Pop N Cork Liquors the next morning.

Percy Martinez asks Woody if CHP Sargent Domby had told him that: “The choices of what you say are going to be told to Marlisa Ferreira.” Woody: “Correct.” Percy asks Woody if the investigators had insisted that he tried to stop the fight at the Carson property. Woody: “No.” Percy has Woody read page 169, lines 9-28 from the transcripts of the interview. Percy asks Woody if DA Investigator Steve Jacobson had asked him if he had tried to help Korey Kauffman. Woody: “Yes.” Percy gets Woody to admit that his “Momma” had said that he had tried to help Korey Kauffman during the fight. Percy: “Did you try to stop the fight?” Woody: “yes.” Percy: “You were told by the investigators that your story should state that you pulled on the shirts of Baljit and Daljit to stop the fight?” Woody: “Correct.” Percy: “You were told by the investigators that the Athwals were going to blame you for killing Korey Kauffman and cutting him up with a chain saw?” Woody: “Correct.”

Percy Martinez asks Woody if his attorney Martin Baker had talked about how the Athwals were going to engage in street justice against him. This was objected to, and the objection was sustained. Percy asks Woody if he told the investigators that he believed that Korey Kauffman was bleeding. Woody: “Correct.” Percy asks Woody if he told the investigators that he had not seen any guns involved. Woody: “Correct.” Percy asks Woody if he had told the investigators that he was approximately 100 feet away when he heard a sound that sounded like a gun shot. Woody: “Correct.” Percy asks Woody if he went directly to Pop N Cork Liquors after leaving the Carson property. Woody: “Correct.” Percy asks Woody if he had told the investigators that Korey Kauffman’s body was not buried at Pop N Cork Liquors. Woody: “Correct.”

Percy Martinez then asks Woody if his attorney Martin Baker had told Woody to “Come clean, your family wants you home.” Woody: “Correct.” This man, in my opinion, would be inadequate to represent a pet rock. Percy asks Woody if he had told the investigators that he had buried Korey Kauffman’s body without cutting off the fingers and the toes. Woody: “Correct.” Percy asks Woody if he had told the investigators that all of the officers were legitimate. Woody: “Correct.” Percy asks Woody if he had told the investigators that he had thrown the fingers and toes of Korey Kauffman into the river. Woody: “Correct.” Woody said that Robin Attenhoffer was with him when the fingers and toes were dumped into the river. Percy asks Woody if his attorney Martin Baker had told him another story about how he had taken the fingers and toes to the mountains where they were dumped. This was objected to, and the objection was sustained. Once again, I think that Martin Baker should not be a lawyer for anyone who wants good representation.

Percy Martinez asks Woody if he told the investigators that he got rid of the fingers and toes after burning the truck. Woody: “Correct.” Percy asks Woody if he got rid of the fingers and toes the same day that the truck was burned, or the next day. Woody: “I think I said the same day.” Percy asks Woody why he waited until 08/14/2015 to say that he was involved with the killing of Korey Kauffman. Woody: “I was waiting for it to all blow away.” Percy asks Woody if he told the investigators that he had buried Korey Kauffman’s body at Pop N Cork Liquors. Woody: “I don’t know.” Woody is asked to step down from the stand, and is taken out of the courtroom. It is at this time that I notice defense attorney Jesse Garcia checking the area that Woody is taken into. I think Jesse was making sure that Steve Jacobson was not being allowed to speak with Woody while he was out of the courtroom.

Woody is brought back onto the stand. Percy Martinez asks Woody about a transportation that was done on 03/14/2014 where he was being driven from Tuolumne County to Modesto by Steve Jacobson and Detective Dale Lingerfeldt. Percy asks Woody if he had been asked by the investigators if he had a chance to speak with his lawyers about being able to speak with the investigators during the ride. I am not sure how Woody answered this question. Woody is taken out of the courtroom once again.

Defense attorney Martha Carlton-Magana speaks up, and tells how Steve Jacobson had told Woody that he would never see his family or children again.

Judge Zuniga states that she sees how the comments Steve Jacobson had made had put pressure on Robert Woody. Martha Carlton-Magana states that Woody had told the investigators that he did not know if Daljit Atwal or Baljit Athwal were involved in the killing of Korey Kauffman. We now take our 11:00AM break.

We resume cross examination on Robert Woody at 11:10AM. Percy asks Woody if he was told by the investigators that his story should state that he had pulled on the shirt of Daljit Atwal and Baljit Athwal to try to stop the fight. Woody: “I don’t recall.” Percy has Woody once again to read the transcript on this. It was page 171, lines 17-19. Woody says: “Correct.” How many times can these investigators cross the line? Who is the criminal here? Percy: “Did you stop in Oakdale while on the drive to Modesto?” Woody: “Yea.” Percy: “Why did you stop in Oakdale?” Woody: “To smoke.” Percy: “Did you tell the investigators that you were not involved.” Woody: “Yes.” Percy: “Did you tell the investigators that Frank Carson and the Athwals were not involved in the killing of Korey Kauffman?” Woody: “Correct.” Woody had told them that he did not know who was involved in the killing of Korey Kauffman. Percy: “Did your lawyer tell you to do nothing and to say nothing?” Woody: “Correct.” Percy: “Did Jake tell you that if you say anything that you will be snuffed out just like Korey Kauffman?” Woody: “Correct.”

Percy: “After the polygraph on 04/24/2014 till your statement on 08/14/2014 did you speak with any of the investigators about the case?” Woody: “Don’t recall.” Percy: “During this time period, did you tell the investigators that you were not involved?” Woody: “Correct.” Percy: “In your meetings with your lawyers, were you ever told that Frank Carson was going to be arrested?” There was an objection to this, and it was overruled. Woody: “Not to my knowledge.” Percy: “Since you began testimony, have you ever been taken to the DA’s office?” Woody: “No.” Percy: “Did you understand that your testimony was necessary for you to get your plea deal?” There were several objections to this, and Percy had to re-craft his question several times. Woody: “I told my lawyers in 2016 that I would testify without a plea deal.” Woody said that he told his lawyers this in July of 2016, after he had made his retraction of previous statements. Percy: “Why did you ask for the transcripts before you testified?” Woody: “Why not?” Percy: “Did you want to review your statements?” Woody: “No.” Percy: “Why did you ask for the transcripts?” Woody: “I like to know what is going on.” Percy: “Why?” Woody: “They are mine.” Percy: “You know you told many lies?” Woody: “Correct.” Woody: “I will know what to answer.” Percy Martinez: “No further questions.” Percy had finally gotten the answer he wanted from Robert Woody. Woody is allowed to step down from the stand. It is now almost time for our lunchtime break.

Defense attorney Hans Hjertonsson states that he wants to do his cross examination of Robert Woody tomorrow morning because of all the late discovery. He states that he is not ready to start cross examination today. Defense attorney Martha Carlton-Magana also states that the late discovery would make a delay necessary.

Defense attorney Robert Forkner states that he has reserved further cross examination on Woody because of the late discovery. He states that he can resume his cross examination at 1:30PM today. Judge Zuniga states that she will let Hans Hjertonsson have until tomorrow to prepare for his cross examination. She states that when an attorney states that he or she is not prepared to proceed, she is bound to allow their request. She states that these kinds of things can result in reversals. Judge Zuniga is going to allow Robert Forkner to resume his cross examination at 1:30PM. It appears from conversation that Robert Forkner is looking forward to his cross examination of Woody this afternoon. Marty Carlson will be reporting on the afternoon session.

Sincerely; William Thomas Jensen (Tom)

FRANK CARSON et al 9-26-2016 (tom)





Once again, Judge Zuniga was late for court. We were supposed to start at 10:00AM, but the judge was once again stuck in traffic. We did not start watching the 7-hour interview of Robert Woody until 10:47AM. This interview was done at the Stanislaus County DA’s Office on 08/14/2015. Everyone is getting frustrated with how she is late every day for work. I am sure she gets paid the same amount every day she works, so getting to work on time is probably low on her priority list.

When we start playing the recorded interview, the investigators are asking Robert Woody about the saw that he used to cut off the fingers and toes of Korey Kauffman. Woody states that he threw it away after burning it. Woody talks about how they drove the body of Korey Kauffman up Hwy 140 to the Stanislaus National Forest where his body was dumped. Woody talks about how he dumped the fingers and toes of Korey Kauffman into a river. It appears that he and Robin Attenhoffer had driven to a river to dump the fingers and toes after they had returned to Turlock after dumping Korey Kauffman’s body in the forest.

Woody talks about how he believes that the finger print on the right thumb is exactly the same as the toe print on the left big toe. I don’t think this is true.

Woody is heard saying that he put Korey Kauffman’s boots back on his feet after cutting off the toes. Woody then states that he dumped the fingers and toes into the river around 2:00AM with his girlfriend Robin Attenhoffer. This would be impossible, since they allegedly left Turlock with the body around 1:00AM for the mountains.

Woody said that he went to a gas station in Turlock to get gas to burn the truck after they got back to Turlock from the mountains. This is just another thing that would make the prosecution’s time line impossible by several hours. Woody has testified that the whole thing was done by 5:00AM, and he was walking home by that time. It would take a minimum of 4 hours round trip to the burial site from Pop N Cork. He then got the gas to burn the truck, then drove to the river to dump the fingers and toes, then drove out East Ave to burn the truck, then returned to Pop N Cork. This simply could not be done by the time he said it was done. Just saying folks.

Woody is heard on the recording saying that Korey Kauffman was not wearing a hat. He said Kauffman was dressed in a light colored shirt with some graphics on the front, regular pants, and was not wearing a hoodie. Woody said that there was a foul smell from the body when he and Robin Attenhoffer dug Korey Kauffman up at Pop N Cork. He said that he and Robin wore water soaked rags over their faces to deal with the smell. These rags and others were burned in pits that he dug in the ground by the gate at Pop N Cork. We are now done with the 7-hour recording.

I must say that everything that Woody said on this recording came after being coached by the investigators. They would give him information, and coach the answer they desired from him. Every single statement was obtained by using leading questions, and providing him with details that the investigators believed would fit their theory. They would not relent until Woody gave them the answer that would they wanted, and Woody learned quickly to satisfy their wishes.

At 11:25AM, Robert Woody is put back on the stand. Defense attorney Percy Martinez continues his lengthy cross examination by asking Woody when he found out that he was going to do the 08/14/2015 interview. Woody could not recall. When asked why he did the interview, Woody could not recall. Woody was asked if he told the truth during the interview. Woody: “I lied.” He always lies, on every statement that he had made. He has actually testified that he has lied on every statement.

Woody could not remember when asked by Percy Martinez if he read the transcripts of his interview that was done on 08/14/2015. Woody denied that he was providing the answers on the interview in order to get a plea deal. Woody denied going to Frank Carson’s property before he gave his interview on 08/14/2015. He said that he went to Frank Carson’s property after he did the interview.

Robert Woody denied talking to DA Investigator Steve Jacobson before he did the interview. Woody was then taken out of the courtroom while this was argued. Percy Martinez goes to the transcripts to show that Woody had talked to Jacobson before Woody’s attorney Martin Baker had come into the room.

Percy Martinez then asks Woody about the three bathroom breaks that he took during the interview. There was a total of around 45 minutes of time that he was allegedly using the bathroom. I am sure this gave the investigators ample time to give Woody the coaching he needed to say the things that they wanted him to say.

Percy Martinez then asks Woody if he spoke with Marlisa Ferreira before his attorney Martin Baker came into the room. Woody: “Don’t know, might have.” Percy Martinez: “Did you talk to Jake before Martin Baker came in?” Woody: “Don’t recall.” Percy Martinez has Woody read the transcript of his interview. Percy: “Did you discuss your testimony with Jake?” Woody: “I might have.” Woody said that reading the transcript did not refresh his memory. It reminds me of Sargent Shultz in Hogan’s Heroes. I KNOW NOTHING. He has been coached to say that reading his own words does not refresh his memory. By doing so, the defense can’t ask any more questions concerning that issue. How can anyone believe anything that comes from Robert Woody’s mouth?

Sincerely; William Thomas Jensen (Tom)

FRANK CARSON et al 9-26-2016 (marty)


by Marty Carlson


The morning session was done by Tom Jensen in he is currently having computer problems so my report will probably go up first as I did the afternoon session.

The afternoon session did not start until 2:00 p.m. court time which ended up being around 2:16 PM real-time. It appears that they are slowly moving to a four-hour workday.

When court finally did go back into session Robert Woody was back on the stand and was being questioned still by Percy Martinez and he was asking about when Woody got to the District Attorney’s Office for the interview it was around 11 AM and he was asked if his attorney showed up around 4 PM. Woody was not sure of the times but knew there was a time gap from the time he got there to when his attorney showed up but stated he did not talk to investigators in the meantime.

He also stated that he did not think that anything he said would ever be used against him, or against the Atwahls in the homicide case.

He stated he had no understanding if he was facing the death penalty or not, he also stated there was no plea bargains mentioned during the interview.

Woody stated that he listened to the audio on the video that was played last week sometime last weekend, and the DA objected as to being on the weekend, as apparently she still trying to coach her witness into the proper answers. Woody then stated that he listened to the audio on Thursday not on the weekend. Well done Mme. DA.

He stated that he never told his lawyer that he did not want to talk to investigators, and he was asked if there is any immunity offered or given in exchange for his statement, his response was I am here am I not? He also stated he had no discussions with Marlisa Ferreira about any deals.

Percy Martinez had in continually reading from transcripts in an effort to remind him of what was said in the interviews. And there were constant objections from the district attorney on that procedure as if reminding the witness of prior statements is a problem in proper courtroom procedures. Percy Morris keenest is stated that showing motive of his willingness to lie and the judge disagreed with the district attorney and did not preclude the defense attorneys from doing it.

Percy Martinez was asking Robert Woody if his intent was to help himself and try to stay out of trouble. Robert Woody’s reply was that he wanted to tell his side of the story.

Robert Woody also stated that he saw the out walls on the date of that interview in the District Attorney’s Office while he was with Jacobson and Domby. He stated he was shackled while he was sitting in a chair but he was not shackled down to the chair.

I noticed this point to Woody was getting a little bit of an attitude on the stand like he was starting to wear down under some of this cross-examination.

Woody stated that he had told investigators that he was a little slow sometimes, and also stated that the cops are appreciated around the store to stop possible robberies, and at one point he had use a pair of pliers to start a Chevy pickup. It was not clear to me if he was talking about the Atwahls pickup or not, but you did want to clarify he did not hotwire the vehicle just use a pair of pliers on the ignition.

Woody repeated what he had said before he told investigators that Frank Carson never wanted anyone threatened or heard and he also during that interview stated that he had denied making threats to Korey Kaufman.

Also during that interview he could not even remember the Korey Kaufman incident where he threatened him.

Again Woody started showing some strange behaviors on the stand in fact he started giggling and I believe he was looking at his sister Mary Branco, who was sitting in the audience. Beverly Woody had shown up and was out in the hallway playing Candy crush.

Again the district attorney objected when Percy Martinez asked Robert Woody to turn to page 57 in the transcript. The judge told Melissa Ferreira there is nothing improper about telling a witness to look at a certain page.

Woody told investigators he was a little bit fuzzy on any threats that may have been made to Korey Kaufman, and investigators kept asking him if he said your ass to Korey Kaufman and he denied it.

Instead of having Woody read all areas of the transcript Percy Martinez gave the judge a long list of pages and line numbers for her to review when she decided to give whatever credibility to this witness. It was an extensive list that he felt were important to review.

Also at that time Percy Martinez asked for stipulation of those statements by the DA, and Matt MDA stated that she cannot stipulate but did not clarify why. Those portions of the video can be used as prior inconsistent statements was a final ruling by the judge.

Woody was reading a transcript of Steve the juice Jacobson asking about going to Frank Carson’s property and Cory Kaufman getting beat down, and Robert Woody stated at that time it was a lie. He was asked about if he lied about some activity going on at the Cooley property and he seemed confused and somewhat perplexed by that question and could not recall.

He was asked if they had stood close the store early that night he said yes, and was asked if it was true that he went to Frank Carson’s property that night he said yes, he was asked if it was true that he saw altercation on the Carson property through the fence when he first approached. Initially he stated he had and then later said that he could not see through the fence, as their privacy slats in the fence. But he could see through the gate.

When they drove up he could see the gate was open, and that gate faces nine Street in Turlock. When he was asked if he could see through the gate at night he said he could not when they drove up. Yes, that’s what he said no it doesn’t make sense.

But he did say he saw an altercation after he had entered the gate.

He was asked about at the time of the Cooley threat if he knew that Cory Kaufman was missing, he stated he did not. Yes, that’s what he said it does not make sense.

He was asked if the investigators told him that his cell phone was at the Frank Carson property at the night in question and he stated that he believed so, and then he stated that they wanted more information that he could produce.

Woody was asked about the bathroom breaks that were taken, especially the first one after the interview had started. And he stated that he had not talk to anybody during the break, which included his attorney. But then turned around and said that he “might have” told the investigators that Bobby was checking out the Frank Carson property.

He was asked about agent Domby throwing different scenarios of what may have happened on March 30, 2012 and Woody stated he did not recall. Again more long arguments started about reading transcripts and long objections and multiple offers of proof.

He was asked about Dom be asking if Bobby told him he needs he met the store, and another statement that he said was that Bobby was waiting for him at the gym.

It was pretty obvious at this point that Woody was having a lot of memory problems of his statements to investigators, and which led to long arguments about Woody making prior inconsistent statements, and there was multiple objection by the DA in that area.

Woody denied at that time that Cory Kaufman being at the Frank Carson property, and he was also asked about Korey Kauffman possibly being buried at the Woody house which he adamantly denied. He also admitted that he stated that Cory Kaufman was not buried at pop and cork, and stated he would be telling a story if he had said that Cory Kaufman had gone from one place to another and he just was not going to do that.

He also stated at that time that he did not know the truck was used to move the body, but it was burned he thought to pay off some credit cards and get some cash out of it.

When he talked about the altercation with Cory Kaufman he initially stated that he had walked home from Frank Carson’s property, and did not know how the body ended up in the forest. He also stated he did not know the Atwals had killed Korey Kauffman.

I made a note about this time that Robert Woody was looking pretty aggravated on the stand and look like he was getting tired of this, and he has several more attorneys to go through.

The last statement that he had made on the stand today was he admitted he denied leaving the body in the forest unburied. That was the end of the day court was adjourned until 930 tomorrows and it was also noted by the judge that on Wednesday morning they have another motion hearing to be heard but did not specify which motion that was.

Tom’s report hopefully will be up soon.

FRANK CARSON et al 9-22-2016 (marty)






by Marty Carlson


As you saw Tom Jensen did the morning report and I am reporting on the afternoon session.

Courts promptly started at 1345 hrs. and continuing with the video of Robert Woody statement.

Just as a side note to this statement agent Domby from the California Highway Patrol who stated that he was there only for the CHP aspect of it was very aggressive and very heavily involved of all aspects of this interview and asked very few questions concerning the CHP officers. He is very assertive in his questions in regards to the movement of the body what occurred on the Carson property, and what occurred at pop N cork when the body was taken near know that information contained any information concerning CHP officers but he was heavily involved in the questioning and in fact giving Woody information about what they were looking for.

Robert Woody said Bobby had driven the truck to the mountains and he was not aware of the spot that they had driven to his he’s not familiar with the area. He stated he was unknown how Bobby knew the spot to go to, and he did not have any idea of the length of the drive but it was definitely too long of a drive. He had no idea of the route taken and Woody stated he was just along for the drive. He also stated it was unknown if Bobby had his phone with him.

He was asked by CHP investigator about Korey Kauffman’s phone, and if Korey had it with him on that fateful night. Woody stated he was not aware if he had a phone or not.

Something very interesting happened at that point, Woody’s attorney, Martin Baker, began asking Woody, in front of the investigators, questions about the garden being rototilled and the removed dirt. Woody started to say something but the investigators interrupted with another question as they were constantly doing. This must’ve been a big disappointment to Martin Baker who want to play investigator at that point.

During that interview Robert Woody, Baljit Atwahl, were in the truck with the body in the back, and there was no Robin Attenhoffer with them. When they arrived at the gravesite they pulled off to the side of the road but was still on the asphalt and the body was dumped on top of the ground. No lights were used in this was all done by starlight.

Woody stated the body was clothed, but when he was asked about the smells, the decomposition, the condition of the body, who is very hesitant and did not appear to know what to say. In addition, they did not use any gloves when they moved the body from out of the truck, but he did state they may have used some towels or some rags. The body was laid face down. They had carried the body approximately 50 feet to where the dumping ground was

When they got back they had taken the Truck Out to the country on East Ave. in Turlock, where was Dan burned use a cigarette and a book of matches as a fuse, they were then transported back in another car into town and he could see the truck burned in the rearview mirror.

Woody’s attorney Martin Baker, again felt the urge to implicate his client some more, began asking Woody if they had stopped anywhere with the body in the back of the truck to get gas or any other services. Woody stated they did not make any stops either going to or coming from.

This question seemed to stimulate the investigators on to more questions regarding the trip and start inquiring if of the street to and from the mountains no stops or carwashes etc. to clean the truck or for gas. In addition, they start inquiring about the route taken.

Steve “the juice” Jacobson had asked Woody how people knew that the body was at pop and cork as that was the word on the streets that was being told to investigators. I noticed at this point Woody was not talking much but listening to a lot of things that were being told to him. They were also asking about Scott McFarlane helping put the garden in where the body was, in Woody stated he has a ranch and knows about these things. He stated McFarland rototilled the ground and then placed fertilizer on the ground and rototilled it again.

And then Woody started talking about that Robin Attenhoffer apparently had talked to his mother Beverly about what happened and that was in large part how word got out about it.

Now I know it sounds like I’m jumping subject but this is how the conversation went in the interview. It was very hard to follow at times as he constantly jumped areas of conversation.

The investigators talked about Korey Kauffman phone again, and what happened to it after he had died, when asked about Walter Wells having it he said “who”? Was not sure at first who they were talking about but then did say after a little bit of prompting Walter Wells pulled up to the pump and cork about 2 AM shortly after the body was buried, and hung out at the store for a while.

He stated Walter Wells was laughing when he pulled up, unknown why, and was still drinking after the store had closed after they had come back. CHP investigator stated there is something in all that that keeps Walter from talking to them. I really do not know what he meant by that obviously Woody did not either.

Woody stated he was not real familiar with Walter Wells on the night that they had killed Korey.

Jacobson began talking about the cell phone tower hits on Korey Kauffman’s phone, Modesto, Delhi, and in the area Frank Carson’s office during that 16 days after his death. Remember this is a time. Before Jim Cook’s intervention in this case.

At this point the video had reached the end of the DVD being played, there was a long delay when they tried to insert another disk and it did not seem to want to play, we heard a lot of excuses, like it’s the wrong program or formatting problem, but the bottom line is it turned out to be operator error.

The CHP investigator was talking to Martin Baker that he is going to be really hard on the officers he feels that are involved. Also note at that time Robert Woody was not in the room. Jews had been talking to Baker about the transportation of Woody back to 20 County jail and was pretending to act like he was concerned about his safety. And then was confirming with the attorney if it was okay to keep Woody in the local jail for that night to continue the interrogation in the morning. And he stated that he just wants to keep them happy and also they need more details.

Woody came back into the room they began discussing the beating by the out walls and Woody was not very clear on who was the one that decided to take the body back to pop and cork.

CHP investigator Domby made the statement that Frank Carson wanted a beating to make an example to others. He went on to say Frank Carson wanted someone to do something that law enforcement could not do. He wanted to know who was on his property and wanted to know when somebody was caught. Woody said that Frank Carson wanted the lazy ass law enforcement to do their jobs. And apparently the brothers have a reputation of taking care of business without cops.

Now keep in mind this CHP investigator says he is only concerned about the involvement of the CHP officers.

Investigator Domby asked if Frank Carson knew that they were checking out his property, and Jacobson was asking if they had keys to the gate for access to the property. Woody stated that Frank Carson tried to lock things down quite a bit when the thefts had started, to keep people out of the containers in such. He was also asked if anybody had placed any nails in any boards or other type booby-traps in the back of the property by the fence, and Woody stated he was not aware.

He was asked again about what happened when they put the body in the back of the truck at the property and Woody stated he was not aware of who actually closed the gate to the property with the tailgate on the truck. He also stated that it was Daljit that did not want to leave the body there. He stated there was obvious he was not in charge as he would not take orders from him and both were very bossy to him but it was Bobby’s idea to remove the body.

Woody stated that Bobby had called his brother to come over to the property, Daljit told Woody to get in the car and never explained where they’re going or why. He also stated he did not know if either brother had checked the property for other subjects after the Korey Kauffman beat down. Woody also stated he heard conversations while the brothers were on the phone later on and using terms like “uncle Frank”

about that time, we took our afternoon break, if it seems that the story is not flowing very well here is because that is the way the interview went and bounced around from question the question, on different subjects and sometimes not waiting for an answer to the previous question.

CHP investigator Domby was asking if making an example of somebody would make Frank Carson happy Woody stated “I don’t know.” They also began talking about receiving “love letters”, which in street slang is receiving notifications of being intercepted on a wiretap, and people were constantly talking about staying off their phones. He was also asked if anybody had bought burner phones, also known as throwaways, he stated he was not aware.

Woody did state that Frank Carson had constantly said to notify the cops, or him, to notify the cops with the information. Woody was asked if Carson wanted to make examples of people that were coming into the yard, he was not aware.

Woody was asked about Frank Carson making statements about people keeping his name out of the situation, but apparently someone had let him know.

They also discussed there had been so much traffic at the back of the property there was foot trails that people had been wearing in after coming through or over the fence near the containers. Again Woody emphasized that Frank Carson had kept saying he wanted “justice done” and CHP investigator immediately jumped in and asked if he wanted “Street justice” done. Again Woody was not aware of anything like that.

The investigators asked if Carson would take care of you if you got in trouble Woody simply stated” yeah.”

Again CHP investigator Domby was dominating the interrogation asking if the brothers told him to be quiet and all would be okay. And suggested that Carson would take care of you, again Woody’s response was a simple “yeah.” He also stated that he heard Bobby on the phone using the term uncle Frank but did not really know who he was talking to.

A couple of private investigators had showed up at the store to talk to people, apparently they were hired by Frank Carson, and Woody had no idea what they were going to talk to the brothers about.

Investigator Jacobson then plays a recording of a wiretap talking to someone about the investigators coming to the store, but it was not clear who he was talking to. The Robert Woody had had no conversations with Frank Carson personally all the information came to the brothers.

Jacobson started asking about some information that had been put on police, and Beverly Woody’s saying that they were going to make money off of this. And Woody stated that apparently he thought Frank Carson was also going to put a lawsuit on the District Attorney’s Office also.

Woody was asked again about Walter Wells appearing at the pop and cork that night and he stated that Walter Wells was inside with “D” after the store was closed and the body was already in the ground. Sometime later he had walked home and he saw Walter Wells drive away from the store when they all left about the same time.

They noted that Walter wells his dad had passed away and they were having a celebration of life on April 1, 2012 and the out walls had attended and in fact had stored food for the event at the store.

CHP investigator Domby said to Woody that Walter Wells had said to Patrick Emery there is a guy from the pop and cork name Woody involved in a missing persons case. They also talked about the brothers had never said anything about Korey Kauffman’s phone any time after.

They then discussed how Scott McFarland had come over and planted a garden about a month later after the body had been moved. But Woody stated he did not feel that Scott McFarland had anything to do with Korey Kauffman missing or being hurt. CHP officer Domby then stated somebody had been following Scott McFarland because they didn’t trust him for some reason.

CHP investigator Domby asked Woody if there’s anything at or that occurred at the store that any of these officers may not want anyone to know about, and he did state that Walter Wells would bring some girls over once in a while. He stated that no other officers had.

About this time investigator Jacobson was called out of the room, and returned just a few seconds later, and he stated to Woody that he was told they may be asking too many leading questions. And he stated to Woody we do not want to put words in your mouth we want to hear from you. I kind of chuckled to myself and felt it’s a little too late now.

Woody stated that he did not have any blood on his clothes after handling the body, and he had no real need to clean up other than washing his hands. He did state that the brothers had to change clothes and that he did take a sheet rock knife to cut up the hands on the body, he said no chainsaw was used.

That was the end of the day, I know it seems a little confusing but they did jump subjects dramatically and it was at times hard to keep up with. It also appeared that the CHP investigator was very aggressive in this investigation and not into just the involvement of the CHP officers. He also noted to Martin Baker that he was going to go hard on these officers in this case and what is exactly has happened.

Court was then put in recess until Monday at 10 AM as is the usual time on Mondays, it appears that there is about one more hour of this interview and then they will restart the cross examination of Woody.

FRANK CARSON et al 9-22-2016 (tom)





Today, I once again am reporting on the morning session of the Frank Carson et al preliminary hearing that will never end. Once again, Judge Zuniga was late to court, and we were able to start at 9:54AM. My God, if she had ever worked for Gallo, like I did at one time, she would have been fired on her first week of employment. Government jobs are certainly the way to go.

I am coming to realize that there are two different ways to look at the prosecution’s case. If you can believe the ever changing testimony of Robert Woody, and disregard the plethora of lies that he has told, you might feel that the Athwal brothers were involved in the killing of Korey Kauffman. I am simply not in that camp whatsoever. His testimony is basically the only thing that directly points to them being involved in the killing of Korey Kauffman. He has been extensively coached to provide his current story, and his own mother has been caught suborning perjury in his testimony. I don’t think she will ever be charged with suborning perjury. The State of California would not want to become responsible for her medical care while she is incarcerated. It would cost them too much money to justify doing so.

We start out at 9:54AM by continuing to watch a video recording of a seven-hour interview that was done at the Stanislaus County DA’s office in August, 2015. I was in error in my last article by writing that the interview was done in 2014. In the room with Woody, is DA Investigator Steve Jacobson, CHP Sargent Kevin Domby, and Martin Baker who is one of Robert Woody’s attorneys. Martin Baker had very long hair, and reminded me of “Meathead” on All in The Family. Steve Jacobson starts out by talking about how Baljit Athwal’s truck was parked a short distance away from the Carson property the night Korey Kauffman was allegedly killed on the Carson property. Steve Jacobson shows Robert Woody a picture of Georgia DeFelippo, which Woody does not recognize. Sargent Domby speaks about how all people have the ability to shoot someone with a gun. He points out how the officers that he works with do it, and that the Athwal brothers certainly could do so. He states that one of the Athwal brothers pointed a gun at Woody.

The investigators then speak about how Woody had seen Baljit Athwal hitting Korey Kauffman in the back of the head, and was slapping him. They talk about how Robert Woody had intervened, and asked Woody if that was true. Woody said that he had pulled on the shirt of Baljit and Daljit to try to get them to stop beating Korey Kauffman. Woody says that Korey Kauffman was bleeding from the face. Steve Jacobson talks about the possibility of a gun being shot, and Robert Woody says that it could have been the sound of someone hitting a piece of tin. There was a lot of scrap tin around the area where the killing allegedly occurred. Jacobson suggests that it could have been a small caliber rifle that was used.

Jacobson asks Woody why Scott McFarlane had left his rifle at Pop N Cork liquors. I really did not hear Woody’s response to that question. Jacobson mentions that Eduardo Quintanar left guns at Pop N Cork as well. CHP Sargent Domby asks Woody if the sound he heard could have been a gun shot. Woody said: “Yes sir.”

Sargent Domby tells Woody that it is much less serious being charged as being an accessory after the fact than being charged with murder. He tells Woody that he was used to clean up the mess. He says that the Athwal brothers had used people. Domby: “They knew the cops were going to divert the investigation. Domby: “This is very different from you driving the bus.” “We don’t believe you were the driver of the bus.” “You got caught up in their bull shit.”

Domby then tells Woody: “Give us a play by play blow of what happened.” “We have to go to the next part.” “I care, Jake cares, you will find some peace.” “They don’t care about Wells; they don’t care about you.” The investigators reminded me of the serpent in the Garden of Eden. Snakes in the grass.

Woody then talks about loading Korey Kauffman’s body into what sounded like a bag, and how the body was loaded into the back end of a pickup truck. Woody says that Frank Carson was not at the Carson property when the killing allegedly occurred. Woody initially denies being involved with the burial of Korey Kauffman at Pop N Cork. Woody’s attorney Martin Baker speaks to Woody about being truthful.

Woody then says that the pickup truck was burned the same night that they had gotten back from moving the body to the mountains. This allows the investigators to work out how long Korey Kauffman was allegedly buried at Pop N Cork liquors.

Woody then speaks about how he dug a grave at Pop N Cork Liquors that was approximately two feet deep.

Now came some interesting statements from Woody. He spoke about when he helped to dig up the body at Pop N Cork Liquors. Woody said that they hauled a large amount of the dirt from the grave, along with the body, to the mountains. Woody said that the grave site at Pop N Cork Liquors had been roto-tilled at a later date. This makes me think about how the cadaver dogs did not “hit” on the site when it was searched.

Sincerely; William Thomas Jensen (Tom)

FRANK CARSON et al 9-21-2016 (tom)










Once again, I attended the morning session of the never ending saga of the Frank Carson et al case. Once again, we do not start on time. You know how I feel about that, so I won’t rant on that today. Speaking of rants, we got several of those by Marlisa Ferreira, and they did not work for her. She gets like a broken record on her rants, and seems to be angering the judge every time. Keep up the good work Marlisa, you are making the defense’s job much easier every day. An angry judge will be ruling against you.

The day started out at 9:50AM with defense attorney Percy Martinez talking about how he wants to play the entire seven hour 2014 interview of Robert Woody that was done at the DA’s Office. This request was immediately objected to by Prosecuting DA Marlisa Ferreira. She objected to Percy’s request based on her claim that it is cumulative, hearsay, that Woody was making truthful and untruthful statements, that Robert Woody was not making a denial and thus does not meet impeachment requirements. She had the gall to mention in her first rant that this would cause the preliminary hearing to take too much time. She and her boss Birgit Fladager are the main reasons that this preliminary hearing has taken 11 months, and the prosecution has still not rested their case.

Defense attorney Percy Martinez counters Marlisa’s arguments by stating that Woody has disclaimed recollection of many of the answers he gave, that Woody has made inconsistent statements, and that Woody’s statements are a product of being coached and pressured by the investigators. Percy says that playing the entire interview will show the judge what he claims to be true.

Marlisa then goes on a very lengthy rant. She gets this weird smile on her face as she is making her arguments. She seems to be so much in love with herself, and her immense intellect. She tries to manipulate the judge by saying there is no exception to the hearsay rule. I think to myself that Percy’s arguments go much deeper than Marlisa Ferreira is addressing in her arguments. She has clearly angered the judge. She goes on another rant, which angers the judge even more. Stupid is as stupid does. She has such an ability to anger the judge.

I notice that one of our regular elderly attendees enters the courtroom. He comes by almost daily, and falls asleep in the courtroom every day in short order. He usually leaves the courtroom after our 11:00AM break. Today was no exception. I must give this person an A for effort. At least he tries. More people should try to watch what is going on in this case. What is happening here is of paramount importance to our legal system in Stanislaus County.

After being angered by Marlisa Ferreira, Judge Zuniga rules that she is letting this recording in for non-hearsay purposes. She states that she is letting it in for the effect, if any, of the officer’s statements had on the statements that were made by Robert Woody during the seven-hour interview.

We start playing the 2014 interview immediately after our 11:00 break. A very thin, and long haired Robert Woody is sitting in a room at the Stanislaus County DA’s office. He is shackled, and dressed in a red and white striped jump suit. In the room with Woody is DA Investigator Steve Jacobson and Sargent Kevin Donby of the California Highway Patrol.

Jacobson and Donby play a tape recording of a conversation that was made between Robert Woody and his brother at the Stanislaus County Jail. It is very hard for me to understand what is being said on this recording. It seems as though Woody is talking to his brother about how CHP Officer Scott McFarlane is upset with Korey Kauffman about how he is stealing things from the neighborhood. Korey Kauffman’s house was literally next door to Scott McFarlane’s house. Woody could be heard saying that Scott McFarlane had told him about his concerns while at Pop N Cork Liquors one day by the cash register. This statement was made at Pop N Cork shortly before Korey Kauffman had gone missing.

Robert Woody told the investigators that Scott McFarlane had been watching Korey Kauffman scrapping metal in his front yard. Robert Woody told the investigators that he had been to Scott McFarlane’s house once when they had to drop him off after he had been drinking at Pop N Cork Liquors. Robert Woody said that officers from the Turlock Police Department would come by after work to drink at Pop N Cork. Woody said that CHP Officer Walter Wells would come by and drink at Pop N Cork after work. Woody told the investigators that CHP Officer Eduardo Quintanar would stop by Pop N Cork liquors after work.

It is at this point in the recording, that I notice just how much DA Investigator Steve Jacobson is trying to manipulate Robert Woody’s statements. Jacobson tells Woody: “We know who’s marching orders you are marching to.” Jacobson then tells Woody: “We know who put this thing in motion.” Jacobson then gives Woody details about the prosecution’s theory on this case. Jacobson tells Woody that a neighbor has identified Woody as being in a black BMW that is owned by Daljit Atwal. Jacobson tells Woody that the neighbor had seen Woody with an Indian male drive by Korey Kauffman’s house, and had heard Woody say: “Your ass is grass.” Woody denies being in the car, or making this statement. Woody gets badgered by Jacobson to admit that he had made that statement, and Woody keeps saying that he did not do this. Jacobson keeps telling Woody that he wants him to tell the truth, but Jacobson’s version of the truth is not what Robert Woody is saying.

It is now 12:00PM, and it is time for our lunchtime break. Marty Carlson will be doing the afternoon report, and we will be doing a podcast this evening at 7:00PM. Please feel free to call in tonight and speak with us.

Sincerely; William Thomas Jensen (Tom)