Here are the details of Walter Wells release

by Marty Carlson


There was an afternoon session that started about 1:40 PM and basically it was a repetition of the morning session talking about Jason Armstrong and others in the information received concerning Mariposa County and the gravesite in the campgrounds.

But I’m not going to that now there’s something I think you’re more interested in and that is the release of Walter Wells here are the details:

The DA has agreed to drop the homicide charge against Walter, as the DA agreed there’s not enough evidence for a hold order on that charge.

Walter still faces an obstruction of justice and accessory charge.

The judge did say that Walter is attorney does directly deal with her evaluation and how she feels the status of the case, but is not totally exhausted against him.

As she reviewed some of the bail schedules for Stanislaus County she set the bail at $50,000 for both charges, and he is to surrender his passport and not leave the county without permission. In addition his order not to have any contact with any of the witnesses in this case excluding the immediate family members.

Tim Rein did make a statement to the court saying that the remaining charges against Walter are both wobbler’s and he would be facing minimal time if convicted in a trial. That would leave him in a credit for time served status, and he is not a risk to flee the jurisdiction of the court.

He is to return to court on the 19th of this month for updates and to surrender his passport to the court.

That is the extent that the judge orated in court there was no discussion or argument made by the District Attorney’s Office.

Needless to say there was an extremely excited family outside the courtroom and mom advised that his favorite beer is fully stocked in the refrigerator right now waiting for him.

Time to party…….


As most of you know I was not in court today but apparently there was some real excitement some exciting news coming up and be patient Tom’s post will be up in the little bit.

There is some information in Tom’s report that’ll make all of Walter wells his friends and family very happy over the possibilities coming up.

I just talked to Tom Jensen is working very hard to put up a very good report of today as he thinks it is a very important posting that he is writing.

So how patients we will get this up as soon as we can I just want to update everybody.






Last night, a large group of supporters of Walter Wells gathered in Hilmar at a fundraiser. I must say that it was one of the most enjoyable events that I have attended in many years. This fundraiser was the third fundraiser for Walter Wells that has been held so far. It was made necessary by the insane case against Walter, and seven other defendants in the Frank Carson hearings. All of the defendants are losing their life savings trying to defend themselves, while the real killer or killers continue to walk the streets.

The support and love from the attendees flowed out throughout the meeting hall where the event was staged. People from all walks of life were there, including lawyers, school teachers, and to my surprise a national news team that conducted numerous interviews and did videotaping with very sophisticated equipment. The news team was from Dateline, who have been reading our posts on Dawgs Blog for quite some time. This is just the type of publicity that could prompt the Board of Supervisors to re-think what they are allowing to occur.

There is no way that anyone will get convicted of any of the charges in this case by a jury of twelve people. I believe it is quite probable that all the defendants would be totally acquitted. The longer this trial goes on, the more expensive it is going to be for Stanislaus County. Civil litigation following this fiasco could literally bankrupt Stanislaus County. The Board of Supervisors need to engage in some damage control, and stop this thing. Every day it is allowed to continue, their potential financial liability will escalate. The days of political prosecutions in Stanislaus County should come to an end. In the end, the truth will set them free.

Sincerely; William Thomas Jensen (Tom)